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'DC Housewife' -- They're Still Party Crashers to Me!

10/1/2010 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Threatening emails be damned -- one of the stars of "The Real Housewives of Washington D.C." says she has no plans to stop calling Tareq and Michaele Salahi the "White House party crashers."

As we first reported, a lawyer for the Salahis emailed the cast of "Real Housewives" ... threatening to sue if any of them use the "defamatory" phrase -- because, according to their lawyer, they technically never crashed the dinner.

Mark Lane, a lawyer for cast member Lynda Erkiletian, tells TMZ the Salahis could clear this whole thing up by just showing off the invitation. Lane says, "After eight months of exhausting the taxpayer's money investigating this issue, she could save everyone's time and money by just producing the invitation."

Lane says Erkiletian plans on using the phrase just the same, but with one concession -- she'll throw the term "alleged" in front of it ... complete with air quotes.

Everyone knows air quotes are an airtight legal defense -- right up there with crossing your fingers or calling "no backsies."


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I thought it was Sandra Bulloock with no makeup

1481 days ago


awful photo, can't argue with that. i'd love to call them alleged white house party crashers in person, if ever given the chance.

1481 days ago


People spend alot of money on a face lifts but forget to do the neck, why not get the neck done to. The turkey neck is always a sure give away on age. This women could use both. She has to be aleast 60

1481 days ago


In other words according to their rationale, showing up UNINVITED and WEASELING and LYING their way in to a dinner at the White House is acceptable adult behaviour?

Right. And of course they're bankrupt and owe thousands of dollars to many. These cretins are amongst others that deserved to be made examples of.

1481 days ago


i believe Harvey said during today's Live that it isn't libel to call these 2 "White House Party Crashers" i go with Harvey!

they are the older version of heidi and spencer, the wanna be social climbers...they don't pay their bills and i only watched this twice but in one episode they hosted a birthday party for one of their friends but contacted his agent before hand and they demanded she sign this do***ent to make sure they didn't have to pay for the party or they will not show up to the party...
now if anyone esp a good friend say they will host the party and all the invites state, Salahi are hosting the party for their friend...i believe they have to pay for the party...however, they did not.
in fact, they came in this long white limo with just 1 bottle of Dom and Tareq made a big show opening it with one of his sword in the front of his room...
these 2 are pathetic losers who make others believe they have this fairy tale lives when in fact, they are up to their eyes in debt and are such pretentious people with nothing...they do not pay their bills and i am surprised that Bloom is even representing them...hope she asked for money up front!

1481 days ago


Looks a bit like Danielle Staub.

1481 days ago


This woman is so jealous it's ridiculous. Not that there is much to be jealous of, but you know when you have a total hard-on for someone and can't stop bashing them ... it's classic jealousy. She's jealous that they get the attention they get when she feels they're losers. Lady, worry about yourself. Get a life.

1481 days ago

Rebecca Miller    

Dang, she's scarey looking! What plastic surgeon did that to her? I don't advocate litigation(sorry Harvey!)but she should give serious thought to the idea of suing the dr that left her looking like that!

1481 days ago


OMG, are the Salahis for real? They should never have been solicited by Bravo, or anyone else for that matter, to appear on TV or sit for an interview. They're a couple of nuts. I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out she doesn't really have MS. They'll do absolutely anything for attention.

1481 days ago

surf city syl    

@think about it

not so...she admitted "forgetting her bra and invitation" last night on RHDC. Earlier in an interview she admitted they stopped them fromactually going into the dinner...they got to the reception room and were ask to leave at that time...

Lynda is not obsessed that I can see all the gals now hate them because they have hurt each of them in some way...see next weeks epi everyone is now against her, she wasted much time with Stacey looking for an 9M home that they had no money to buy...she is a top DC broker, friends do not do that to friends...
Now Michaele wants to strip for playboy? look at her she is very homely, hook nose buck teeth, falsely said she was a redskins cheerleader and was a joke trying to do simple routines

1481 days ago


VERY !!! scary looking critter.

1481 days ago


back away from the botox needle b i t c h....I cannot watch this show because as much as I despise MIchaela...and find her extremely fake and stupid anorexic and ugly...this freak scares me....

1481 days ago


Scarey photo. Is that a Haloweek Mask?

1481 days ago

Throwback kid    

Oh yea, besides the bad plastic surgury, this woman is just plain ugly

1481 days ago

Throwback kid    

Wow! that is some horrible plastic surgery this woman has, she looks like leather face

1481 days ago
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