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'DC Housewife' -- They're Still Party Crashers to Me!

10/1/2010 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Threatening emails be damned -- one of the stars of "The Real Housewives of Washington D.C." says she has no plans to stop calling Tareq and Michaele Salahi the "White House party crashers."

As we first reported, a lawyer for the Salahis emailed the cast of "Real Housewives" ... threatening to sue if any of them use the "defamatory" phrase -- because, according to their lawyer, they technically never crashed the dinner.

Mark Lane, a lawyer for cast member Lynda Erkiletian, tells TMZ the Salahis could clear this whole thing up by just showing off the invitation. Lane says, "After eight months of exhausting the taxpayer's money investigating this issue, she could save everyone's time and money by just producing the invitation."

Lane says Erkiletian plans on using the phrase just the same, but with one concession -- she'll throw the term "alleged" in front of it ... complete with air quotes.

Everyone knows air quotes are an airtight legal defense -- right up there with crossing your fingers or calling "no backsies."


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I didn't know Nancy Pelosi was going to be on The Real Housewives of Washington D.C.

1453 days ago


Can we say...HOLY **** BOTOX!?!?!?!?!?!?!

1453 days ago


This is how I see it. When the went before Congress it was then that they should have, could have produced the invitation but they didn't, they pleaded the 5th like any good imposter would. The level of the security breach shows that anyone could get into a state dinner.

Proving that our national security is still at risk. The embarrassment to the security personnel and the firing of those people.

And let's not forget that it wasn't the Housewives who created that monager "White House Party Crashers." It was the journalist's who first reported the breach in security !

So if Lisa Bloom wants to start suing anyone who uses that phrase, then she needs to start at the source. The newspaper who headlined it.

Under the consitution I am allowed to say anything I want as long as I'm not breaking any laws !

White House Party Crashers, White House Party Crashers, White House Pary Crashers, White House Party Crashers, White House Party Crashers !

Now sue me Lisa Bloom ! That couple needs to be investigated further until they gather enough proof to indict them for going to a State dinner uninvited, period, end of story !

1453 days ago


And one more very disturbing proof I would like to see this couple produce is that she has MS.

To all those suffering with this disease it would be an insult to the highest power to have her slinging that diagnosis around without showing us Americans the proof.

What this couple fails to realize is that they are insulting the intelligence of everyone who actually have the disease.

I have MS and I have paid very close attention to this woman and how she gets around, how she behaves, and while MS is an invisable disease to most, it's not invisable to those who have it.

She says she has had it for 17 years, well with MS its a progressive disease yet she frolicks around in 6 inch heels, is able to saddle up on a horse, run around playing cheerleader, and has the energy of the energizer bunny ! All of that put together is the opposite of the disease of MS and it's progression.

The major features of MS are depression, fatigue, balance or lack of it, trouble walking, never mind trying to climb up on a horse. Muscle stiffness, chronic pain, lack of energy, and the inabiity to walk in high heels because that would be excuriating pain for those with MS.

So I'm calling her out on her MS announcement. Prove it to the American people, show us the MRI, the lumbar puncture, the doctor's reports, the medications your taking, anything and everything that would prove you truly are a fellow sufferer !

Oh that's right she would probably take the 5th on that one too !

1453 days ago


sandra bullock is that you?

1453 days ago


Lynda comes off as a mean and phony person and looks like The Tales from the Crypt Cryptkeeper.

1453 days ago


They "may" be party crashers, but she was definately invaded by the "face crashers".

1453 days ago


Can we call them and of the following: "uninvited guest at the white house", "party poopers at the whitehouse", "whitehouse invaders", "State Dinner swindlers", "Party Poachers", "The Uninvitees", "The Wantabees", "The Try-to-bees",

1452 days ago

samuel bronkowitz    

More Fame Whoring by the Salamis.
Their Lawyer is Lisa Bloom, Gloria Allred's daughter, if that tells you anything.

Join our Facebook page: Tell the White House Party Crashers to Go Away

1452 days ago


All these women have "Issues"..the only one who seems to have it together is Mary . To me ,the Salahis are delusional . Tarq the husband ,seems like a nasty person, the wife might be mentally abused. Why would his own Mother be suing him for winery, and he's living off what's left on the old bottles . The grapes are dried up , seems wants the glory not work for it. I think he tells her lies and she believes him .

1451 days ago


Amazed how white women skin age ..dried up, wrinkle,saggy, baked in the sun,after 30 it's all over the neck on some of those old white chic's is scary as hell.They make the botox and plastic surgery doctors rich living in million dollar mansions..Most have slits for lips..and get stuff shot in their lips look like fish.. their butts start to hang down too hahahhah

1450 days ago


So what if the Salahis crashed the White House shows that security is defective, and maybe they actually helped point that flaw out. It is still less offensive than all of the other bitches coming down on Michaele en masse. Michaele actually was more gracious than any of them and more fun too! Jealous, jealous...shame, shame. Especially that catty "cat" whothinks she is so witty and clever in her malicious way. She was just as ambitious as anyone wanting that Xmas invite so badly and bragging about hooking up with Prince Harry..what a cougar she is!...Mary needs an AA locking up her closet and bragging about being the decendent of a show biz personality...That's real "royalty"?? Then there's the little
lady who salivates over black studs and says very cruel things to people...she needed a bucket of water thrown at her I would say. (forgot her name) The most sensible one was the Harvard grad/real estate gal although she ran friendly, then critical, and was too sensitive about "racial" and "coloured" terms. She is from the south? and coloured was not necessarily derogative, Maybe "white" is not a flattering description..indicating colourless or albinism. Should that be considered insulting as well??

1433 days ago
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