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Salahis Threaten to Sue 'Real Housewives of D.C.'

10/1/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The couple known as the White House party crashers have threatened to sue the girls on "The Real Housewives of Washington D.C." if they dare to call them "White House party crashers."


Tareq and Michaele Salahi have lawyered up with Lisa Bloom, who fired off an email to the cast of the show, telling them there has been an exhaustive investigative study of the famous White House dinner. The conclusion: "The Salahis did not 'crash' the White House dinner, nor the Black Caucus dinner."

Bloom goes on to say, "It is simply a false statement of fact, and defamatory, to call the Salahis 'party crashers,' as it suggests they have committed crimes."

Bloom then threatens legal actions if the girls dare use the words.

The Salahis are turning into White House party poopers. Is that actionable?


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these two are unbelievable...they are robots...there is nothing real there...they actually live in their own world...where nothing is real...i do not believe for a minute she has ms..and i seriously doubt she was a redskins cheerleader...and her pose nude for playboy...i seriously doubt it...where did he come from...she sold make up and he ruined his parents is scary that they were so close to the president the night they CRASHED THE WHITEHOUSE...i wouldn't put anything past them...

1492 days ago

go home!    

Let's see how Ms. Bloom feels when the Salahi's don't pay her legal bill. Bahahahaha!! She and her mother are both pigs and never represent anyone respectable.

1492 days ago

the cable guy    

They were not invited. They were not on the list. They just showed up. 100% "Party Crashers."

1492 days ago


they are BOTH gross and disguisting people, white house party crashers, liars, losers, pieces of sh*t, and on and on and on. She is the ditzy-est blonde I've ever seen. She gives dumb blondes everywhere a bad name. And he likes like a big marshmallow. They are DISGUISING HUMAN BEINGS!!!!! And if you don't like what I have to say, SUE ME! Oh, that's right, I live in AMERICA where we have free speech!!!!!

1492 days ago


"White House party crashers.","White House party crashers.""White House party crashers.""White House party crashers.""White House party crashers.""White House party crashers.""White House party crashers.""White House party crashers.""White House party crashers.""White House party crashers.""White House party crashers.""White House party crashers.""White House party crashers.""White House party crashers.""White House party crashers.""White House party crashers.""White House party crashers.""White House party crashers."

1492 days ago


How do they have any money to sue the housewives individually?
He talks like he owns a vineyard, he is the Polo Club, they are directly responsible for keeping India in the Polo club????????? India??? Really!!!

I believe that he is a scammer/sneaky snake,and not too truthful, spoiled, and evil of everything and anything, and she turns a blind eye which is perfect for him.

They are now known and will be known forever across the entire freaking world as the 'WHITE HOUSE PARTY CRASHERS' go ahead sue me biotch!

1491 days ago


Wasn"t that completly forseeable!!! These "WHITE HOUSE PARTY CRASHERS" (so sue me) live in their magic LITTLE world. I think the should have to pay for their escapades not get rewarded by giving them a part in a stupid tv show!!

1491 days ago


The apple doesn't fall far from the tree...Lisa Bloom is a media whore just like her mother, Gloria Alred. Do either of these women ever get "real" clients as they appear to both very desperate to make a living and get media attention. The Salahi's are 2 of the creepiest, skankiest media whores themselves..I hope the FBI is watching the RHODC and get a case against them..last night they said they had an invitation however when all this broke earlier this year they said they had a "verbal invite" ...I think they have dug their graves and go to prison for violating the national security of our President.

1491 days ago


Pages and pages of post after post all loaded with hatred for these two disgusting people. Don't think for a minute they are not reading all of this. SO, get the message. The party is over. Go away and stay there. Take this Lisa bloom character with you. It's just a matter of time before you both are behind bars.

1491 days ago



1491 days ago

your not all that    

So how they gonna stop the rest of the united states from calling them GATE CRASHERS????? How about FAME WHORE$?????? They should be in JAIL not in reality TV. Who watches this CRAP anyhow?

1491 days ago


I agree # 1

1491 days ago

I'm sayin     

WHITE HOUSE PARTY sue me too you dumb ****s. trying to get money the easy way. How many law suits do you really need to file? Get a life idiots

1491 days ago


Leave it to Bravo to find and bring on 2 more people that are worse than Danielle. At least she pays her bills and isn't sue happy!

1491 days ago

Maria psycho BITCH, I'll call you and your criminal husband "PARTY CRASHERS", so come after me too. You have no home, you have no automobiles, you get dressed in a salon, you're both fame whores. And besides that, Bravo should be ashamed of ever putting people like you on TV. This country is in terrible shape, and people like you, are just trying anyway you can by lies, cheating people, CRASHING parties you ARE NOT INVITED TO, lying about people's children, how low can you actually go, besides selling your souls, which obviously you already have!!! Tareq, has sued his own Mother for something that doesn't belong to him, there is no character in either one of you. BRAVO get this sick *******s off the air. And, with respect to our President, you use his name for your own good. THAT MAN IS THE LEADER OF OUR COUNTRY, GIVE HIM RESPECT. Don't throw his name around like he is your good friend. He has a country to run, he doesn't care about your lies, and he deserves to much better than sick indiviuals like you. You make me sick. President Obama has a beautiful family and is doing what he can to help this country and people like you are just another problem for him, be respectful of the man, and his office. I just can't believe how you can pretend to be something so far from what you really are, take a lesson from some of your "cast" members and our first lady, get some class, get a job, and treat people with respect, instead of lying about them, and making diseases up about yourself for pitty, no one cares about you, except that you should be put in jail.

1491 days ago
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