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Facebook Staff -- Social Outing to See 'Network'

10/1/2010 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If Facebook crashes again today, we'll know why -- we're told a majority of the staff at Facebook HQ are leaving their posts to go check out "The Social Network" -- the movie about the creation of FB.

The Social Network

Our sources inside Facebook -- yeah, we have those too -- tell TMZ "pretty much everyone" at the company's Palo Alto, CA headquarters are en route to a local theater to watch the flick.

We're told Facebook founder/CEO Mark Zuckerberg won't be joining them ...not surprising, since critics have said the movie portrays him as a "vindictive" and "joyless dweeb."


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Okay, I am NOT going to see this movie. I'm NOT impressed. I love facebook, I'm a natural addict but someone who makes an online community and 7 years later gets a movie, is really pushing it. Come on, Hollywood, how about someone in a position of power that has made a difference in the world?

1482 days ago


Re: Majestik

You don't think Facebook made "a difference" in the world? It's the biggest social media website around. You just said yourself, you're addicted. What bigger difference can you ask for?

1482 days ago

o rly    

MySpace also made a difference in the world, like Facebook, it brought us people being fake on the Interwebs (which already existed), but all brought together in one place.

1482 days ago


Majestik - Hey, thanks for the warning. I appreciated it when someone telegraphs their commitment to ignorance. Especially surrounding a social media site that isn't. It's about Mark making a ton of dough at the expense of others, with an occasional, good thing. Oops. I guess this should be a Spoiler Alert.

1482 days ago


I as well will not be going and seeing this movie. It looks corny as hell, what next a Myspace movie? Now I am a big facebook addict but in no way form or fashion does this movie look entertaining I could see myself going in there and being asleep the first 5 min.

1482 days ago


Majestik (previous comment), to say that Facebook has not made a difference in the world is completely untrue. How postive that difference is can be argued, but it has certainly had an impact. Millions of friends use it to reunite, marriages have been born from it, political/social/charity groups use it to organize and countless sites on the web have integrated it into their platforms. In the least, it has and will have more of an impact than most celebrities and political figures will have in their entire carreers, and many of those jackasses have had many movies and books written about them. Look at Obama, he and his administration has done nothing but drive our country further into debt. He has accomplished nothing but their are dozens of books out about him, yet he has been president for not even two years, far less time than Facebook's existence. I saw the Social Network at a screening. It's a good film and people should view it as such. Just don't believe everything you see

1482 days ago


Stephanie, maybe the MySpace movie will be straight to video or made for tv.

1482 days ago

bring back recent posts a FICTIONAL movie...the two main characters are not based on fact..don't know why that isn't advertised.

1482 days ago


Did you guys get paid for this advertisement?

1482 days ago

bring back recent posts    

Hey...peeps r't gonna spend money to c it in theatre...they will just download it..hehehehe

1482 days ago


Hilarious #2

1482 days ago

Ronald RayGun    

a "vindictive" and "joyless dweeb."

this also describes Harvey as well

1482 days ago


Is TMZ going to be a blockbuster?

1482 days ago


This movie is probably about as fictional as Pirates of Silicon Valley

1482 days ago


The hell with facebook! It will be gone like myspace within 10 years.

1482 days ago
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