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Tommy Hilfiger's Son -- Weed Case Up in Smoke

10/3/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tommy Hilfiger's son is free to exhale a smoky sigh of relief -- because TMZ has learned he won't be prosecuted for his felony weed bust.

1001_tommy_hilfiger_son_EX_gettyAs we first reported, 20-year-old Richard Hilfiger -- who dabbles is rap music -- was pulled over in West Hollywood in July ... when cops allegedly found a fat stash of weed in his car and then arrested him for felony possession with intent to sell.

But the L.A. County District Attorney just declined to prosecute Richard -- because our sources say he was only busted with around two ounces of the sticky icky ... and it generally takes a half-pound or more to constitute intent to sell.

And even more good news for Richard -- we're told he also won't even be hit with a possession charge because he has a valid prescription for the stuff.


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Rachel Rothechild    

What I see is a very hurt young man in a lot of emotional pain. If this youngman was a so called black man or spanish speaking or anyone of color or poor caucasian. Prosecution is definate not question. However, the only thing "dad" can do to combat the emotional pain (that is reflective in his eyes) is by making sure his son serves no time. His arrest record will never affect his future in the monetary sense.
Note: Rap is garbage now. Hip Hop died 1996. Look up NYC HIP HOP THEATRE FESTIVAL IN BROOKLYN NYC for real HIP HOP or what was the Rap of Hip Hop.

1484 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

So his son paid off a doctor to get a valid prescription card.
No way. Not in Hollywood. Never. Unbelieveable. (Whatever!!!)
But with a ugly face like his, I am sure he would want to blur reality everytime he looks in a mirror.

1484 days ago

Anon E Mouse    

This is what happens when instead of taking care of your children, you are out chasing money day and night.
They become losers like this kid and Michael Douglas's son.

1484 days ago



1484 days ago


Did the old boy design the tats on the kid?

1484 days ago

Bill Leslie    

What a respectable looking young man. I'm sure he's a benefit to society and a joy for his parents.

1484 days ago


Tommy must be so PROUD of his son what a waste!!!!!!!!!!

1484 days ago

Vote NO Meg Whitman    

He dables in rap music so daddy can tell everyone that his son is not a leach, no talent loser but that he is a "musician" that makes his own money. But follow the money and it leads right to daddys pocket.

And look what else daddy bought him, a valid Rx for pot.

1484 days ago


How much did this cost Dad?

1484 days ago


Wait, daddy doesn't like black people and he didn't mean to design clothes for Negros. But his son is a THUG rapper and gets caught with pot???? WTF is that. HEHEHEH. Oh brother.

1483 days ago


Tommy must be a proud, proud father. Good grief. How do kids with every advantage in the world go so wrong?

1483 days ago


Just an observation - I won't be alive to see it but all these heavily tattooed young folks - your skin will look really creepy when you hit your late 50's - early 60's. And I wonder what pregnancy does to dufus young women who tattoo their belly. Oh well - that's my 2 cents worth. (So when did the cents sign leave the keyboard?)

1483 days ago


First, why does he need a prescription for medical marijuana? Second, what the hell is up with the tattoos? Third, he dabbles in rap? What does that mean?
Tommy you must be so proud!

1483 days ago


Oh WOW --great job raising the kid Tommy!! Dad of the year for sure!!

1483 days ago


It's 2010 and people are still getting felony charges over weed. The world is ****ed.

1483 days ago
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