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Michael Lohan Goes Conservator Shopping

10/2/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan thinks the guy in this photo could save Lindsay Lohan's life.

Michael Lohan is eyeing Dana Cole, a prominent Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer, to serve as the conservator for Lindsay Lohan. 

The two met on Thursday, though we're told Cole did not sign on -- but he listened.

As we first reported, Michael wants to file for a conservatorship, but he knows the judge would never appoint him as a conservator ... for numerous reasons.

But Lindsay is adamant ... she's not going under a conservatorship -- period. 


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Michael has a better chance of being hit by lightning than he does of getting anyone to participate in this half baked scheme of his.
He is a despicable and evil person who is only interested in milking money from Lindsay.
Somebody needs to look him in the eye and tell him that the whole world hates his guts and he should crawl back under the rock he slithered out from under.

1391 days ago


This guy is the s*** of the earth. He will do anything to control everything about Lindsay, very sinister. If he wanted to help her he wouldn't be doing this. Lindsay is in rehab trying to get help, how do you think she feels hearing about this? Her lawyers have an obligation to tell her about it. Is this fame w.hore father trying to deliberately derail her stay in rehab? It looks like it.

Give it a rest Michael Lohan, people know exactly what you are doing, you are a joke.

1391 days ago


Didn't he say the other day he was going to rethink about this course of action? that he didn't want Lindsay to be stressed out in rehab? hahahahaha Well everyone can see now he doesn't care how Lindsay feels. Michael Lohan is the lowest form of human being in existence. He will hurt anyone, do anything to get what he wants, a path to the money. I feel dirty even typing his name.

1391 days ago


Does this DOUCHEBAG work ? Or does he sell crack to his little crack head daughter

1391 days ago


Is he wearing a gun?

1391 days ago


Why do Michael and Lindsay always have to have a drink in their hands? Maybe they should be checked for diabetes.

1391 days ago


Lindsey does not need a conservator, she needs a swift kick in the ass. She is not mentally deficient or unable to make her own business decisions. Because her decisions don't include him monetarily, he is pissed he is missing the gravy train!

I really wish they would give her a restraining order for this *******, he has done more harm than good for his daughter. Piece of crap.

1391 days ago


@4 true. He's only doing this for himself- it's obvious he doesn't care at all for Lindsay , proof of that is in the timing of this action - and it's apparent for all to see. There's no chance in hell a judge will appoint a conservator .Even if the judge had contemplated that, it is now firmly out the window due to Michael's actions and response of Lindsay to those actions.

1391 days ago


What do you want to bet this jerk will try to sue Lindsay next to get more money from her? Can't fathom the reason for a suit but I bet he will or already has tried.
I hope he goes broke giving all his money to ambulance chaser Lisa Bonehead Bloom.

1391 days ago


What she needs is a pimp!

1391 days ago



1391 days ago


He is just looking for a way to get his hands on her money. I am sure he thinks it will be much like Britney Spears dad who gets around $160...00.00 per month for watching her money.
Does this guy even have a job...

1391 days ago


PEDO-Dad needs to shop for a clue!!!

1391 days ago


Where does this bum ex-con lohan get all his money?

1391 days ago


he is simply trying to do right by his daughter so he can get ger home and really see that she is really taken care of...he even has lined up some work for his daughter..shooting a couple of father-daughter porn flicks..
what more can the man do????

1391 days ago
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