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Tareq and Michaele Salahi -- We Prefer 'Alleged'

10/2/2010 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tareq and Michaele Salahi prefer you call them "alleged" White House party crashers -- so today (just to be safe) we can say they are auctioning off the alleged dress Michaele allegedly wore when she and her alleged husband allegedly crashed the White House.

As we first reported, the dress is being put up for auction by The Potomack Company, an all-female owned auction house, with a percentage of the sale to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund.


UPDATE: The dress ended up selling for $7,000. A rep from The Potomack Company tells us the company will be "donating a matching commission to the same two charities." Not allegedly.


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I can't STAND these gigantic low life liars! SO thrilled that Bravo fired their asses! They ARE nothing but fraudsand they make me sick the way they use everybody on that show. Thank GAWD they will soon be gone. Hope I never have to hear or see anything about these losers again, unless of couse it's about them going to jail for all the crap they've pulled.

1421 days ago


Do you ever wonder what Heidi and loser Spencer will be doing in 20 years and what they'll look like? Here's your answer....the "alleged" Party Crashers.

1421 days ago


These two frauds are worthless.

1421 days ago


Sad, Pathetic, useless criminals. "DING" your 15 min are over.

1421 days ago


They are both pathological liars and sociopaths. AND her claim that she has MS is BS!(look into it). They are both very sick. I hope BRAVO has fired them. They are a walking liability to anyone they come in contact with.

1421 days ago


Who cares what these low/no class losers "prefer", they went to a white house party WITHOUT an invitation, they then used the 5th in court so as NOT to incriminate themselves. IF they had an invitation where is it? thats proof they "CRASHED" the party, case closed. Now they're on a jersey shore for grown up idiots? Keep rewarding bad behavior hollywood but don't come crying innocent when the next wanna-bes up the behavior and people get REALLY, REALLY HURT.

1421 days ago


Why continue to talk about these pond s***? They are geting the attention they so crave. To put out a fire dont add fuel. Oh and you make me gag when you put the ugly peoples pics on here.

1421 days ago


I would like to co-sign everything #4 said. You hit the nail on the head.

Also, the only reason they prefer "alleged" party crashers now is because TMZ pointed out in their Questions/Answers the other day that if they were going to sue people (as they threatened) for calling them party crashers, they would have to testify in the investigation going on about it, and not plead the 5th, like the a-hole Tareq did. That man is a walking, talking pile of FRAUD.

1421 days ago


All they have to do id produce the alleged invitation to the alleged dinner they allegedly attended, and this would be a non-issue.

1421 days ago


These losers are like something you scrape off your shoes. Pathetic!

1421 days ago


This SKINNY WHITE HAIRED BITCH & her "FEM" hag ole man are going to put the WHITE HOUSE GATE CRASHER DRESS monie$ in
their stupid ass pocket$! AMOTA!! Does the SKINNY BITCH has
MS or are they gettin' monie$ from the MS Foundation?? IF Bravo dumps their sorry asses, they will turn around & sue 'em, that's allllllll they know how 2 do!! Does the "FEM" hag ole man
try & wear this WITCHE'S clothes???? OH! I just heard the clock go past their 14.5 minutes~~~bye, bye!!

1421 days ago


Radar Online ARE worthless, all they know how to do is CENSOR & they give ya' about 4 characters from which to state your comment~numb nutS!! THANK YOU, TMZ 4 being THE BEST"EST"!!!!
Hooooooray 4 Max, Dax, Mike & Charles!!!!!!!

1421 days ago


they should have asked her about doing a playboy pic. remember when TMZ had a pic of her in a bikini legs spread wide apart riding a horse? someone wrote under comments, "the crypt keeper" this is my image of her now, not the red dress/party crasher......crypt keeper..........i got goose bumps and a chill all of a sudden!

1421 days ago


You are liars. You are thieves. You are snakes. YOU ARE PARTY CRASHERS!! You are worthless.

1421 days ago


With a name like Salahi they should wear turbans and return to their homeland. Sorry, don't trust anything about them.

1421 days ago
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