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Rachel Uchitel: NYC Mosque Too Close to Ground Zero

10/2/2010 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Our photog asked Rachel Uchitel a great question last night -- her thoughts on the plan to build a mosque near Ground Zero -- which may not make sense, until you remember Uchitel lost her fiancé in 9/11.



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The fact is, # 1. Rather you think she's hot or not doesn't make any thing change. She had money and she used it to improve her looks. This isn't about how she appears. It's about what she is trying to do. The person inside. !! Geezo. get a grip.

If it helps or improves the country then fine, if it's all just for her own glory - then shame on her.

1426 days ago


I'll hit it! Even though she has gone overboard with the Lip fattener!

1426 days ago


o show our tolerance, we should go ahead and let them build the mosque
near ground zero . Then right across the street, someone should put a
topless bar, called You Mecca Me Hot. Next to that should be a gay bar,
The Turban Cowboy. And next door to the mosque should be a pork rib
restaurant, maybe Iraq o Ribs?Then the Muslims could be allowed to show
their tolerance.Problem solved.

1426 days ago


this girl would be better looking if she did something with those big ugly lips.why they would want to look like they were stung by a bee,is beyond me.i agree with another poster.they do look like mister potatoe head lips.yuk!

1426 days ago


So the titty bars and gambling areas around Ground Zero, oh...and the Mosque that's been 2 blocks from Ground Zero for 30 something years, those should be moved too? Yeah, typical New Yorkers. To all those who are upset about it, I have one thing to say: You're loved ones don't care, they're dead, get over it you ignorant, bigots.

1426 days ago


to 91 - John DOPE - bigots, who are you calling bigots? I have a few gems for you

Mohammed called blacks "raisin heads" and "pug-nosed slaves"
Sahih al Bukhari vol 662, 256/ Sahih Moslem vol 9 pg 47-49

from the Hadiths (biography of Mohammed)

Also the arabic word "äbeed" used in the koran means both "black" and "slave".

And you are defending these islamic bigots! Priceless!

1426 days ago


She can't even close her mouth because those new tooth implants are so huge! Plastic surgery ho as well as all around ho to boot!!

1425 days ago


She should do some more research on the project (not to mention 9/11) before answering that question. The title "mosque" is misleading in this case, and has been thrown around by politicians intentionally to stir up the less educated/less tolerant among us. In truth, the center is intended to serve several purposes, among which will be providing a center for ALL to worship and pay respects.
Why must we perpetuate hatred and ignorance?
Even if I believed the official line about that day, I know - and I wish many more knew - that the vast majority of Muslims here and around the world are nonviolent and disgusted by the actions taken by the "terrorists".
Please, everyone, anyone, if you're not already, try getting your news from non-American sources for comparison. See our "war on terror" for what it really is if you haven't long since!

1425 days ago


If the "tiny minority of extremists" are truly that, it should be easy for the vast majority "moderate" ones to stop them. They don't, they don't even try.

Where are the protests, the rallies "not in the name of my religion"? Nope, just crickets chirping.

arayal, if you knew anything about islam, you would know that every time islam conquered another land, they would destroy their houses of worship and put up a mosk on that site. Hagia Sophia, Turkey, al-aqsa on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Cordoba, Spain just to name a very few.

Make no mistake, they want a victory mosk at Ground Zero. Commuity centre my ass. They want a mosk on the top fifteenth floor so as they worship their disgusting alla, they will be overlooking their site of victory.

So all American news sites are invalid. What are you, some kind of Americaphobe?

1425 days ago


As of today, there have been 16,144 deadly islamic terrorist attacks since 9/11. Islam the religion of pieces and a big stack of dead bodies.

1425 days ago


"Why is it that of all the races on this earth, it's only White people who can't forgive and move on?"

That's why we still have black people moaning about reparations. Right.... Or screaming about civil rights when they have the easiest ride in the boat into whatever college they want.

I suppose the lives of 600,000 men wasn't enough, right?

*Rolls eyes*

Don't even play that race card. It's worth about as much as whatever is floating in the bottom of a public toilet restroom on a Sunday evening.

1425 days ago


Sad, she's managed to lose both her fiance and her dignity.

1425 days ago


What a stupid lady.

1422 days ago
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