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Tiger's Half-Bro -- Dad Would Be 'Disappointed'

10/2/2010 9:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' half-brother sure knows how to kick a guy when he's down -- telling a local TV station he thinks his father would be "very disappointed" with Tiger and his recent scandals.

Earl Woods Jr. sat down with KSAZ in Phoenix and talked all things Tiger -- particularly his affairs and subsequent divorce. Stating the obvious, Earl told the station, "It cost him a family. He'll never have the same relationship with his kids."

You can check out the full 18-minute interview on myfoxphoenix.com.

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Yes, I do think that Tiger's dad would be disappointed by what has been going on. I also think that if Tiger's dad had not died none of this would have happened. I think that Tiger relied upon his father for guidance and support his whole life and when his dad dies he was cast adrift and spun out of control.
Tiger has made a lot of mistakes but why don't people realize that most of this was done when he was grieving for his father. Maybe he was just trying to cope or to forget. It happened. Tiger is not the anti-christ. he is a guy who made some wrong choices.

1482 days ago


The funny thing about these comments, especailly the negative ones, that you all are still thinking about TIger Woods, 15 min sex scandal is still going on.... Wow! that tells me what life you all have??? He's human at the end of the day; he eats, sleeps and ****s like the rest of us .... Stop wasting your time in which you can be dedicating to something more productive . There is only one GOD, so leave that inperfect human alone..... Instead of you focusing on his personal life why don't you mind your own business and look into your own lives, I'm sure you will find some kind of insecurity, hate, or skelatons in the closet... Stop being so quick to judge, that's GOD's job not yours!

1482 days ago


This sounds like nonsense. Tiger's father had challenges with infidelity, harming his marriage with his wife, Tiger's mother, so he may have been disappointed, but it would be the pot calling the kettle black. Next!

1482 days ago


#32 "Tickles," oh please....now you're blaming Eldrick's slimey behavior on his father's death?!? What a lame excuse. What next? Everyone's father is going to die sooner or later, and that doesn't mean we are supposed to go completely off the beam and blame our misbehavior on his death! We are supposed to act like adults and honor his memory by acting honorably.

1482 days ago

Jane (England)    

Oh my goodness, that photo of Earl, does anyone else think that he looks like that guy from the "Nutty Professor"
Just Sayin!!

1481 days ago


Why is everyone critizing TW's brother for telling the truth? Tiger's father taught him nothing more than how to master the game of golf. It is sad that he forgot to teach him how to be a person of good character and trust. Even the most ignorant person knows that having sex with other women while your wife is home raising your children is wrong. Remember when Blacks tried to claim Tiger as our own and he made it clear that he is not Black? Thank God he didn't own us then and we are not owning him now.

1481 days ago


In response to post 13......WHAT did Elin ever do to you that it got your BALLS all twisted? Your spewing an awful lot of venom at someone you don't know..Rest assured LIL TIGER Will never have a woman a tad as hot and good looking as Elin is.Maybe TIGER should have tried dating a BLACK woman..I'll bet this with you,if he would have tried that jive on a black woman he would have had his BALLS mailed to him.You make it like that POS PHONY had the right to go and screw every hoe in town.
You sound like a black man that tried to date a white woman and got what you deserved.

TIGER is getting what he deserves now..KARMA baby KARMA

1455 days ago


Rachel knows Tiger used Poly Max Extremes on the golf course and got paid 10 million to keep quite about it..
Come on Rachel tell us the truth all golfers want to know.

1252 days ago
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