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Jermaine Commands Michael Jackson Army

10/4/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine Jackson squeezed into one of his old Jackson 5 costumes to perform a tribute to Michael in Vegas this weekend -- but the whole thing could ignite some serious family drama.

Jermaine Jackson
While cameras rolled, Jermaine performed a series of Michael Jackson's classics to a packed house at the concert hall at the Planet Hollywood Resort.

Here's the rub -- Jermaine is legally allowed to cover the MJ songs in concert, but if he uses the recorded footage to create and then sell a DVD, album or TV special -- he would need to go through the Michael Jackson Estate to secure permission.

So far, it's unclear if Jermaine did get the green light -- but if not, the MJ Estate could bring legal action against Jermaine to protect its most valuable asset ... Michael's music.

FYI ... Michael's kids -- Prince, Paris and Blanket -- were all at the show.


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This is hysterical. He talks about going back to Neverland and reliving his childhood. Are you kidding me? All those young men did was talk about what a rotten childhood they had at the hands of thier father. Couldn't Jermaine find another way to earn a living. His poor brother Michael is dead and the family is still trying to earn a living off him. This is just wrong - no to mention pathetic.

1424 days ago


My son had 2 free tickets, I turned them down because I just couldn't stomach it.

1424 days ago


I don't know where Jermaine went off the rails. At one time he was as big as Michael, and I understand that MJ underhandedly derailed Jermaine's career by spreading lies and making threats, becaus J was a threat to his career. But I don't know how he got so far afield by not continuing in music anyway. He wrote and sang some big hits. He discovered DeBarge. he's so wacky. And a fake to the thrown.

1424 days ago


Please leave these poor kids alone!

1424 days ago


Jermaine is dispecable using Michael's name and music to make money. I cannot believe some MJ fans not only support this crap, but think Jermaine can actually pull it off. I bet the whole concert SUCKED and I'm sure bringing in Michael's kids to "watch" was only another part of his scam to make money. I'm sure when Michael left his children in his mother's care that he never thought she would allow them to be exploited as they have been or would have thrown them in the public eye. What ashame the person he trusted the most has in the end betrayed him as well. Jermaine has been jealous of Michael all along and is just another disgusting example of how skanky most of the Jackson clan is. Does anyone still wonder why Michael was the way he was or why he turned his back on that family so many times? It's just sick and his children are now caught up in the middle of the who mess. I hope Jermaine does something stupid so MJ's estate will sue the pants off the loser!!

1424 days ago


Nope Jermaine had a nose job also, nope MJ didn't derail Jermaines career he did that by signing his life over to the Gordys and the group he and hazel managed was Switch not Debarge.

1424 days ago

patricia adler    

please no more jackson!`

1424 days ago

Real Report    

C'mon guys! The concert sold less than 1,000 tickets for a venue that holds a minimum of 7,000!!! Producers lost their shirts on this so-called concert, and you all report "packed house"... Really, I mean "Really", no seriously, "Really"???

1424 days ago

Joanna Ako    

Michael Jackson is alive and TMZ knows it. beLIEve

1424 days ago


LOSER! Fake muslim ,Michael hated you. and your no talined asses.

1424 days ago


Good thing celebs don't read these comments! Sheeesh - get a life people. What the Jackson family does, who they are, Jermaine's motivation, what he feels. Do you know him personally? Did you have coffee with him and then was able to determine what a horrid s***bag he supposedly is. Or wait, are you basing it on stupid tabloid trash? Did you know his brother, is it possible he might not agree with you trashing his family. You know it's one thing for a family member to talk about family. But, knowing this personally, when strangers do you get mad. It's clear on TMZ most people who make negative bashing comments are pretty closed minded and believe what they want to believe because it makes them feel better in their otherwise miserable lives. Be well and stop judging.

1424 days ago


Michael Jackson was a good man.He wanted to help the kids that didnt have a family or people who were abused when they were a kid.Thats why he built a thing for kids to go to.Im doing a reach paper on him and he was a great man to everyone who liked him.He never had a chance to say bye to his kids and he truely loved them.
You should get to know him over line.Reach him so u can see what a great man he is.

1424 days ago


Come on Jermaine, Michael is gone, he cannot be replaced. Find your own way again.
Posted at 7:44 AM on Oct 4, 2010 by melliemel

Jermaine Jackson should try to showcase his talent without using Michael's name. He should do 'Dancing with the stars' and he should record a new solo album with his own songs instead of singing Michael Jackson's old songs. Jermaine is an excellent singer and I don't understand why he never managed to have a succesful solo career in America.And one more thing,Jermaine should try to have his own sense of style.Dressing like the king of pop is only cool when you are the king of pop.

1424 days ago


Woohoo Jermaine you rock!!!!

1424 days ago
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