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Jermaine Commands Michael Jackson Army

10/4/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine Jackson squeezed into one of his old Jackson 5 costumes to perform a tribute to Michael in Vegas this weekend -- but the whole thing could ignite some serious family drama.

Jermaine Jackson
While cameras rolled, Jermaine performed a series of Michael Jackson's classics to a packed house at the concert hall at the Planet Hollywood Resort.

Here's the rub -- Jermaine is legally allowed to cover the MJ songs in concert, but if he uses the recorded footage to create and then sell a DVD, album or TV special -- he would need to go through the Michael Jackson Estate to secure permission.

So far, it's unclear if Jermaine did get the green light -- but if not, the MJ Estate could bring legal action against Jermaine to protect its most valuable asset ... Michael's music.

FYI ... Michael's kids -- Prince, Paris and Blanket -- were all at the show.


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What a leech - the whole family are leeches - I kind of wonder if anyone of his family - aside from his kids have ever LOVED him or just used him all of his life since he was the star of the Jackson Five - it is no wonder that he ended up the way that he did - "SO SAD" & "SO TALENTED" and yet they still use his fame for their own benefit! What greed and averice! Sickening to the max!!

1479 days ago


Look I am not going to spew hate at Jermaine. After all he is Michael's brother. And I am sure he loves/loved him very much. Maybe he wanted to sing his brothers songs because he felt most of the audience went to his concert to really see an MJ tribute and they were not really there for him. I think though he may be good its hard for anyone to sing an MJ song b/c frankly the only one that can do justice to any of his songs was MJ himself. Michael was a perfectionist. But the one thing that makes me think that what he is doing not to remember Michael is the fact he told TMZ that he is broke it kind of makes me think if he is trying to draw in the MJ crowd for money by using Michael Jacksons name. I just think its okay to sing one of MJ's songs just as a memorial but then stick with either Jackson 5 songs or your own please. But again I may be wrong he might of just did it b/c Michael's kids were in teh audience for them. RIP MJJ

1479 days ago


Jermaine can NOT sing! LMAO he should work somewhere that does NOT involve him singing & that damn jacket was a joke HA! nice try but FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1479 days ago


If anyone should be allowed to sing Michael's songs it should be Jermaine.Jermaine sings the most like Michael. They sang lead together for all their young lives. He IS the closest thing we have left to Michael. I think he has a great voice and those that don't think so maybe aren't good judges. Look what they are comparing him to, some of what is considered music today is just talking and technology to cover people that can't sing.

1479 days ago


As reported on TMZ - this site - Jermaine cannot afford child support!! Next thing a Las Vegas act?? What is the deal?? Someone does not know what truth is?? or is the almighty dollar the "new god" of life?? - Where is morality?? Probably like an empty parking space that needs occupied - someone up or it??

1479 days ago


Hard to know how good or bad this show was based on this tiny clip but I thought his voice sounded nice.
Of course there will never be another MJ so you can't compare Germaine to MJ. I wish him luck. Seems whatever he does people attack. At least he is working!

missing you always

1479 days ago


TMZ why did you delete my comment ???
I just wrote People who went on concert should ask their money back.
Was that further from the truth ???

1479 days ago


The problem is marson, that Jermaine still wants to BE like Michael.

Now Jermaine is not the worst singer, but he is definitely not the best either. There are plenty of great vocalists left in the world, unfortunately IMO Jermaine is not one of them.

I don't like "Tribute" bands. Never have. And that is exactly what Jermaine is going after here. Now if the other bros want to get together and do a Jackson reunion concert that is a little different.

But the songs will never sound the same without Mike.

1479 days ago


Where's that Magic Eraser?

Ding Dong

That was not even my comment.


1479 days ago


The show was good, and on some songs Jermaine sound very much like Michael (sorry to disappoint) you could tell they were related. I would much rather hear him sang his brother's song rather than the Fall out Boys with John Mayer or Justin Timberfake

1479 days ago


After being on the creditors claim list along with the other four and their sister he sings his brother's songs

MJ did start off as a Jackson 5!!!!

Posted at 8:19 AM on Oct 4, 2010 by HumanNature

I didn't know he filed a creditor's claim.

1479 days ago


Why don't we banned anyone other than the Jacksons from singing MJ songs, no Miley, Justin Bieber, Barry Manilow, Bee Gee's, Paul and Ringo let's just shut this down right now no fakers. Michael songs are money makers and if you cannot sing don't try, just let the brothers or Janet do his stuff, they know

1479 days ago


Only Gay People Like Gay People
And Yes, It Is Wrong To Butt Plug.
Posted at 1:00 PM on Oct 4, 2010 by OhWell

Only gay homophobes hate gay people. And yes, it is wrong to think out of your butt, Ohwell.

1479 days ago


Facts about the concert- we went and there were more than 1000 (the Jackson family is at least 200) the show was good; sorry to disapoint the haters but Jermaine has a very good voice. If you don't like him that's okay but the guy can sing and sing better than some of these other so call entertainers that you spend your money on

Just saying

1479 days ago


OhWell,please don't twist any of my posts making them COMPLETELY DISGUSTING!!!

1479 days ago
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