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Jesse James' Ex Calls BS on Threatening Emails

10/4/2010 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James' ex-wife Janine Lindemulder claims he manufactured a threatening MySpace post in order to prevent her from seeing their daughter Sunny.


In new legal documents filed today Janine says Jesse took 6-year-old Sunny out of school early last month in Austin, TX and kept her away when Janine came to visit.

Janine claims Jesse was reacting to a post on her MySpace in which threats were made about abducting Sunny. In the papers, Janine says she did not write that post or a similarly toned email -- but instead believes Jesse made it all up.

In the filing Janine states, "This is not the first time [Jesse] manufactured evidence against me to prevent me from having custody of Sunny." She also claims she has forensic evidence her computer was hacked the day the MySpace post was made.

Janine is asking the court to maintain her current visitation rights.


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If you really cared about Sunny you would not be bringing her name into the media all the time like you are Janine.

1293 days ago


Someone must have had a clearance sale on green ink!!! Absolutely horrific cover up work, . . . there are better methods, I am fairly certain. That quirky British guy from American Electric, Craig, has done far better cover up work than this on the show, LA ink. Yeah, it's likely that Jesse and Janine are probably both immune to antibiotics by now. Science experiment in progress . . .

1293 days ago


Jesse will lie to get his Daughter away from the birth Mother - he wants Sandra to have the responsibility. Too bad the Courts cannot see this as he is denying the birth Mother her rights. I am not even sure why the Judge (Courts) would allow Jesse to take them out of the jurisdiction of California Court. Money talks!!

1293 days ago


Just to remind all of you Janine haters this guy came into his dauthers pictures life just 2 years ago after Sandra Bullock suddenly wanted kid with him but coudnt have one and they decided to put her in jail and set her up and took her the child.
One of the MAIN reason Jesse also did that is caouse he didnt wanted to pay her full child support since she had full custody. She is doind now the same trying to get control over so he can pay less child support.
Janine moved to Texas since one month ago and she hasnt seen her child since than. And the dude is doing everything so he can cut off their relationship and he could gain full custody of the kid with no visitation rights.
He is trying to make this woman bad to the kid the same woman who he trow up from his house while she was pregnant with the kid and he started to date Sandra during that time she was pregnant and they weresnt even divorced.
Just a small reminder for all of you Janine haters.
I donr care if she is porn actor and tat freak.
Why do you think those people cant take care and give love to their kids and peoplöe like Jesse who are screwing everthng that has pule can?

1293 days ago


Oh, yea, I have been wondering how Jesse James and ex-wife Janine Lindemulder have doing.
Jees, TMZ, who really cares about these sorry A$$ people.

1293 days ago


Jesse, you slut! You need to get HIV tests done every month; I bet Sandra does! Get over her, she is not coming back and you have to stop using your daughter like a carrot and stick. Sandra is not coming back leave her alone. I am tired of him using his daughter to get back at his ex. Try co parenting like an adult, the rest of the country can manage it, maybe a moron like you could too. It starts by respecting your ex. Had you respected Sandra, she would still be with you. You don`t learn very quickly, do you.

1293 days ago


I feel bad for Sunny. I, like many others whose eyes are burning STILL, have seen some of your [Janine] work, and from my standpoint, until you get your crap together, she [Sunny] is better off having limited visitation with you. Good luck, mommie, get your act together so your daughter can be proud of you and her dad ain't got sh** to say.

1293 days ago


He doesn't need to manufacture ANYTHING against you. You're a druggie and a whore. Like he needs more to keep that poor kid away. And just because you can probably run your porn site doesn't mean you have anywhere close to the brains to get "forensic evidence" that your computer was hacked. Just leave the poor kid alone. She's way better without you and with someone like Sandra Bullock.

1293 days ago


cannot child social services step in and take this child away from both of these loosers??? these two should put tats on their foreheads that read POS....

1293 days ago


Good thing Sandra got away from this white-trash circle of people; Jesse, Janine, Kat.

1293 days ago


Jessie is only pissed janine doesnt want him....all the chicks he cheated on sandra with were just like if janine is so bad why does he bring more just like her around? give her the court ordered visitation jessie its not like your a saint.

1293 days ago


I think it is disgusting what these two immature idiots are doing. Claims and counter claims and accusations and every underhanded thing anyone can think of. Put your own feelings aside and let this child be with both parents - you make not like each other but you are both parents to that child - don't keep that child from her biological mother or father.

1293 days ago


Sunny will one day know how her Dad kept her from her Mom & there will be some resentment towards him. He will eventually get what is comming to him. Karma is a B**ch.
Bye Bye Looser. & your skanky girlfriend too.

1293 days ago


I wouldn't put it past Jesse to hire a hacker.We all know how big of a jerk he is.Sunny's Mom may have a troubled past,but that does not mean that she doesn't love her daughter.After we've all seen how badly he treats women,Jesse would be the last person who should raise this innocent child!!!!He moved right on with ANOTHER skank whore-KAT VON DOUCHE!!!!Poor kid,I hope someone helps her.

1293 days ago


Really Jesse you didn't foresee a bad mom in the abusive porn star you choose to marry. And while I'm added, you didn't foresee being bored with America's sweetheart, God your stupid.

Better work out your issues before you make a poor choice for you kids again.

1293 days ago
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