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Oprah and Oksana -- Ebony and Ivory

10/4/2010 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Imagine this ... Oprah Winfrey the most powerful person in the history of television -- and now the tool of one Oksana Grigorieva ... who is using the talk show queen to jump start her music career.

Sources tell TMZ ... a camera crew from the "Oprah" show rolled over to Oksana's home in Sherman Oaks on Friday to shoot some footage for Oksana's upcoming appearance ... but there was a secret agenda.

As we previously reported, Oksana agreed to do an exclusive sit-down with Oprah and spill her guts about Mel -- but in return, Oksana wanted to showcase her musical "talents" on TV ... and Oprah caved.

As for the sit-down part of the interview -- we're told "Oprah" producers are trying to push it to happen ASAP ... but so far no firm date has been set.

No comment from Team Oprah.



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Yea, I didn't think they had taped it yet. I think they are still in the gathering info stage, before they sit down with her for an interview.

I think it's very telling Oksana demanded to perform, making that a condition to granting the interview. This is a trainwreck waiting to happen! If anyone wants to see the emails Oprah's show sent out, I got one & will copy & post it if you are curious. Just let me know.

1448 days ago


WOW... Oprah is really selling out for Oksana... really sad

1448 days ago


like I said, they might have taped footage but until all the legal do***ents are signed it could be cancelled (???). We know that Oprah production has the video sessions setup for the two ladies here.

Truman, why don't you call anyway and see if it really is too late. In my office I do the "reguired by:" thing before I need it for a deadline because no one ever makes the deadline date I move it up.

1448 days ago


Who's the bigger s***? Oksana or Oprah? They both look equally s***my... losers do usually pair up. Sad, I thought Oprah had more class than this. Oksana's lawyers quit, her dentist changes his story, she's leaked the tapes she told Mel she wouldn't... oh yeah...and we're supposed to believe she's a victim.. tell that to the other baby daddy in her life - Timothy Dalton's got NOTHING nice to say about this whore....

1448 days ago


What's the big deal?!? They do this ALL the time!!! Mostly, it's peddling guest's books, but sometimes they show clips of singers singing.

1448 days ago


it's ashame Oprah will never ask about all this convicted felon stuff that's come up today. Now that would be news..

1448 days ago


Note to Oprah; retire already. Any cred you had is long gone. Dip****...

1448 days ago


I cannot believe that TMZ has not posted one of her music videos...she is amazingly bad..its like the rich kid whose dad funds a CD for him. The whole video is over-produced and thens he open her mouth to sing and wham...perfectly awful. It is FABULOUS. Check it out.

1448 days ago

Chubby Cubby    

Oprah is the tool........she will do anything for ratings and anything to remain "relevant"'s too bad so many people idolize this woman......I think this woman has many skeletons and pays a lot of people to be quiet.......

1448 days ago


this really is Oksana's only way to dig herself out. Basically to get out ahead of the media and try to use sympathy to cover up her extortion.

1448 days ago


TMZ is the pot calling the kettle black. You are the largest and most influential celebrity gossip site. You are publishing stories on her non-stop. You've helped create this nonsense.

1448 days ago


lol... this woman has a way of making people do what she wants. Careful Oprah, if you've got money... youre on her radar.

1448 days ago


Shouldn't this be in Maury - you know - you are the baby's father - you are not the baby's father or how about Jerry-Jerry-Jerry - Love to see a duke it out fest - since these goings on seem to qualify them all that those shows criteria present!!

There's a sucker born every minute. (P.T.Barnum)

Since their lives are a side show why not!!!

1448 days ago


Orapah really needs those ratings points. She's fallen below 'I Love Lucy' reruns. This should be a nauseating hen pecking, the two lying hos, lying to each other about men.

1448 days ago


I have never liked Oprah Winfrey. She is so insincere and she sells out women regularly. This is her last season and therefore, she can do whatever she feels like with no consequences to an already sizable fortune. She is just nasty.

1448 days ago
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