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Danielle Staub's Ex to Sue Over 'Naked Truth'

10/5/2010 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Danielle Staub's ex-husband is already picking another legal fight over statements made by the former "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star ... but this time, he wants someone else to pay.

It's all over Danielle's tell-all book "The Naked Truth" -- in which Staub allegedly claims Kevin Maher was "incarcerated for 18 months" for "criminal activity relative to Danielle Staub."

Maher tells us the claim is "patently untrue" -- and insists that before the book came out, he warned the publisher, Simon & Schuster, that if they published the book ... he would fire off a big, fat lawsuit.

But they published it anyway -- and Maher is pissed ... telling us he's getting ready to hit them with a $10 million lawsuit.

As we previously reported -- Kevin just settled his defamation lawsuit with Danielle over some pretty nasty things she allegedly said about him ... and we're told he walked away with a pretty nice payday.

Calls to Simon & Schuster were not returned.


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Swimmin' Thighwear TM    

Am I the only one tired of all of this malarky???

From Swimmin' Thighwear TM

1448 days ago


I hope he sues her out of every last fork and spoon and dish towel and bra and dustrag she has. I detest this hideous freak of a bitch more than probably he does with her square fake tits and her hacked up plastic face. She was the worst thing I ever saw on TV and I was thrilled when Bravo canned her ass (finally) when obviously they realized that not only did every cast member detest her, but so did all of New Jersey, and all of America. I couldn't POSSIBLY hate her any more unless she personally did something to me, and then I'd happily murder her gross ugly ass. Wish somebody would anyway...hope they do!!

1448 days ago


she has the face of a reptile

1448 days ago


This turd needs to go away. 15 mintues over.

1448 days ago


Danielle Staub is a big fat stinky pile of garbage. Watch her spin this and say that she didn't lie, that she only paid him off to keep it from going to trial because her "work" would be harmed by the time the trial would take. Please... you LIED your a$$ off and everyone knows it Danielle Beverly Murrell Staub.
She is pathalogical.

1448 days ago


Also, I hope her ex sues and gets custody of her kids. NO KID should have to deal with this piece of trash, agreeing to release a sex tape. Can you imagine the horror those kids are living with having this tramp as a mother?
How long until her oldest kid goes to a party or something and walks in to a bunch of kids playing her mom's nasty sex tape where it looks like she has a penis? Her poor younger daughter will have to deal with it much longer.

1448 days ago


She looks like Jafar from Aladdin

1448 days ago


She's STONE , MUD ugly.

1448 days ago

Prince Eugene von Saxe-Coburg-Gotha    

The face of an aging drag queen with the hand of an 80-year-old woman. And the really crazy thing is that she thinks she's hot as hell.

1448 days ago


Where is her money coming from to pay him a big, fat settlement? My guess it is a moral victory only because I don't believe she has a pot to piss in.

1448 days ago

artie help    

danny pro is the man , he's the reason this suit got tossed.

1448 days ago

youdrink toomuch    

...please don't blow us kisses with your wrinkly-assed granny hands, granny...

1448 days ago


Is anyone really going to buy this book? What kind of lame freak would spend time reading anything that skank had to say in a book? She is just like those pieces of trash on Jersey Shore...famous for being a disgusting pig. I cannot believe these people get rich off of being dirt-bags.

1448 days ago


Beverly Merrill AKA Danielle Staub is a PROSTITUTION *coke* WHORE. I think it is hysterical that she claims to be a 'mob princess'. How could she possibly know that she is the spawn of 'mob royalty' if she doesn't even know who her biological parents are?!? This woman is a WHACK JOB. 'Lie 'til you die' is the motto this bottom feeding maggot lives by!

1448 days ago


Translation "remember to give mommy money" Who the F does that? She stirs up trouble then plays the victim.

Michelle, Dina Lohan does the exact same thing =)

1448 days ago
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