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Dr. Ryan Patient Drama -- Medical Board Alerted

10/6/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Bev Hills doc who tried to cyber-solicit patients of late celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan has been named in a formal complaint lodged with the California Medical Board ... TMZ has learned.


The patient who filed the complaint tells us many patients are still furious that Dr. Gary Motykie obtained contact information for Dr. Ryan's patients ... and used the info to swoop in on them via email.

In the complaint, the patient states, "At no time have I given authorization to anyone to release information I supplied to Dr. Ryan."

The patient wants the Medical Board to investigate how Dr. Motykie got their private information.

A rep for Dr. Motykie has told us before ... "The assertion that Dr. Motykie has illegally solicited Dr. Ryan's former patients is untrue."



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(THE GRIM TWEETER) Dr. Ryan's Tweet from The Grave: "Dr. Gary Motykie, how dare you lay your hands on my patients Mammary Glands... lalala..."

1475 days ago


Talk about a bunch of patients overreacting! Why not simply say no thanks or IGNORE the damn email. I don't think Dr. Ryan would care for their actions. It's so far over the top it's glaring.

1475 days ago


It was sleazy and if not unethical, it was right on the borderline. He had no right contacting another Doctors patients, even if he's not alive patient information is private. Obviously the complaint is real and people are unhappy, so the only thing this doctor has is a PR nightmare. I doubt many patients contacted him for new business, it's just tasteless behavior.

1475 days ago


I just wonder how Barbie's face expresses outrage?

The examples of Dr. Ryan's patients, like Heidi, look as plastic and phony as a Barbie. He might have been a nice guy but he was an unethical doctor IMO. He should have said "no, I will not participate in making you a freak."

What do these people think? That Dr. Ryan's estate cannot sell his practice or his patient list? It sounds more like Dr. Ryan's estate has a beef with Dr. M. Some employee's stole the list and used it to get a new job? There's all kinds of wrong there.

1475 days ago


OMG, have you seen Dr Hotyke.. He can have my info anytime!

1475 days ago

Quincing Snuff    

This just proves how DELUSIONAL and WARPED Dr Ryan's patients are. As if what they had him do to their faces wasn't proof enough that they and he are deranged, they are now so outraged that this other Doc. merely used their contact info to offer follow-up care. They are grotesque freaks created by a freakish looking , gay version of Dr Frankenstein himself.

Dr Motykie, did nothing wrong. Let it go. Just because the monster maker is gone, stop lashing out like a bunch of typical Hollyweird spoiled brats. You're even uglier now, if thats at all possible.

And my advice to Dr. Motykie. Let theres people go. Turn them away. They are all obviously warped in the head, that they would walk around looking like amphibious creatures and worshipping a monster maker like Dr Ryan.

1475 days ago


I don't think anyone cares the Dr. solicited business, it's more about how he got their email addresses and if any other confidential infomation made its way to the other doctor when the staff took Dr. Ryan's patients info.

1475 days ago


I don't think Dr. Ryan would be all happy and gay about his patients being contacted by another physician. OK, well, maybe gay....

1475 days ago


Nobody cares.

1475 days ago


Sounds like Anonimo might know something we don't know. Hmmmm? First off,Dr. Ryan was not gay. Second, it wasn't his job to tell his patients what type of cosmetic surgery to have on THEIR bodies, they are individuals who make that choice for themselves and he needed to remain neutral.Third, there are HEPA laws people! That little paper you sign everytime you go to the doctor that says your information is kept PRIVATE and only the people you authorize can see your medical records. Last and certaintly not least, quit bashing a man you didn't know.He left behind a grieving mother and many cousins,aunts and uncles who loved him as you love your family. He gave so much back through his foundation to under priviledged youth, if we could all follow his example this world would be a much better place.Think before you write people.

1474 days ago


Lorie Lara is the cause of all this drama.Everywhere she goes she leaves negativity.She has been investigated by the Riverside County Welfare Fraud Department, Riverside County D.A.'s Office, CPS has taken her kids away from, She has about 12-13 AKAs,She was fired from Wells Fargo Bank in Indio for getting into customer's accounts, She is under investigation for Identify Fraud, She owes over $33,000.00 to one of her ex-husbands for child support monies she received fraudulently knowing that the kids were not his. She lied to her kids and ex-husband for over 13 years, so what makes anyone think that she wouldn't give up Dr. Ryan's patient info to make buck?

1473 days ago


Obviously, the patients (such as myself) are still grieving and are lashing out at anything that stirs their memory. It's most probably not about this alleged doctor scheming or his antics, but more than likely it is about their missing one of the most brilliant surgeons and one of the nicest and best friend one could have. Let it go and let his patients be.

1472 days ago

Vern T    

Yes, I agree with the comment that it was Ms. Lara and two other former employees of the late Dr. Frank Ryan who released patient information to Dr. Motykie. Ms. Lara had only been working with Dr. Ryan for a few months and forgot what "loyalty" means to a former boss. Fine I understand that Ms. Lara needed a job. But she had NO right and business taking information from former patients of Dr. Frank Ryan's to Dr. Motykie's office. Ms. Lara had the nerve to say that Dr. Motykie was better that the late Dr. Frank Ryan because Dr. Motykie was younger and was in touch with the lastest surguries! She said that he would also give you a better rate than Dr. Ryan. Of course Dr. Ryan is no longer here with us. I am sadden of this nasty plot that Dr. Motykie and the 3 former employees of Dr. Ryan's had planned out. Dr. Motykie claimed to have been a good friend to Dr. Frank Ryan. I found it difficult to believe that a friend (Motykie) would do this to such a generous, giving,and nicest individual that Dr. Frank Ryan was. I was very fortunate to have had Dr. Ryan as my doctor. Shame on Dr. Motykie and his "3 new employees"!

1469 days ago

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