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New Claim: Michael Jackson Supported His Dad

10/5/2010 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson secretly supported daddy Joe Jackson ... according to new legal docs.

In legal docs filed in Joe's wrongful death case against Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael's former alleged manager, Leonard Rowe, wrote a sworn statement in which he claims Katherine acted as Michael's agent, funneling money to Joe for support. 

And Joe's lawyer, Brian Oxman, wrote his own declaration in which he claims he prepared financial docs for Michael during his 2004 custody battle with Debbie Rowe.  In those declarations, Oxman claims Michael disclosed he was giving Katherine $50,000 a month in the early 2000s and later it went up to $66,000.  Oxman says Katherine used part of the money to pay for Joe's living expenses.

The legal docs are being used in the wrongful death case to prove Joe has standing to sue -- in other words, he must show Michael had been supporting Joe during his lifetime.

Michael's camp had no comment.


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I think I love you.... I've said the same thing from day #1... I agree w/ you 100%....

I will also say, IMO, I think JOE JACKSON, JERMAINE JACKSON, RANDY JACKSON, LEONARD ROWE & BRIAN OXMAN are CULPABLE in MJ's death.... more so than ANY corporation.... & these GREEDY FOOLS had been squeezing MJ financially FOR YEARS.... these MORONS just didn't count on MJ leaving his affairs in the control of a team of HIS OWN choosing.... They REALLY BELIEVED they were going to run the show when it came to MJ, his legacy & his money upon his death.... LOSERS!!!! MJ may be dead, but boy, did he get the last laugh.... Personally I think all the talk about how MJ "forgave" & "loved" certain family members is BS... One of the MANY things MJ told the press because he thought it sounded good & he felt was good for his image... Fans seem to equate the Jackson family dynamic w/ their own, & that's an injustice to MJ.... the poor guy had been USED his ENTIRE life & never knew any different... I think MJ just tired to COPE w/ the hand he was dealt.... & the ONLY "Real" love he ever experience was between him & his kids... This story is SO MUCH SADDER than corporate greed.... It's about a "FAMILY" willing to EXPLOIT one of their own at ANY COST for their own SELFISH motivations & comfort...... JOE JACKSON, JERMAINE JACKSON, RANDY JACKSON, LEONARD ROWE & BRIAN OXMAN, their is a SPECIAL place in HELL or you, gentlemen....

Posted at 10:54 AM on Oct 5, 2010 by fast freddie

LOL! Another very good point made 'freddie' about MJ 'forgiving & all this nuttin' but love for ya' stuff! I think it probably pissed MJ off to no end, the extent to which he was used, used, & then used some more. How could it not, right?! He'd have had to have been a complete saint not to get fed up with all that 'materialistic gimme-greed' in the house of Hayvenhurst! And again, if MJ bailed that compound out of foreclosure once then Kath dug a big financial hole for herself causing the property to once again slide into foreclosure then MJ must have been LIVID!! That is beyond ridiculous! Now everytime I see Katherine & listen to her 'syrupy' moaning & groaning, I want to be sick. Not only that, I truly worry about the safety of the MJ3's inheritance. Know what they say: "Where there's a will, there's a way" & if there is ANY 'way' the Jax clan can get their greedy paws on ALL of MJ's money, I fear those children will be left in the wind to twist. When the time comes for them to get their fair share, there will be all the Jax clan lined up in a row, standing in front of them with their pockets all turned inside-out with this look on their face like: "Well, huh....we just don't know where all that money went"??!!

1424 days ago


That means that Katherine was supporting him, not Michael.

Posted at 1:10 PM on Oct 5, 2010 by ManiacalZebra


if it's michael's money and he tells hismother to give his father some then that eman michael is supporting them both. If katherine doesn't get joe's michael's money they're both screwed

1424 days ago


A,i definitely agree with you,the kids would be better off with their own mother because the clan is too busy looking after themselves.When the grandmother who was appointed the guardian of Michael's children doesn't care for them,will the uncles and aunts?

Is that what Michael wanted?His children in a house with countless uncles,aunts,cousins?

None of them really cares for Michael's children,just his money as they are on the creditors claim list.

Poor Michael,only he loved his children and stood by them and they were lucky to have him as their father.

Children need a lot of love,understanding,encouragement,a shoulder to lean on and only an adult who is willing to devote time and a caring heart is able to take care of them.

1424 days ago


Michael would not be dead people if he did not spend his life supporting his dead beat family. The financial burdens he acquired during his short life were made heavier by the bull#@@$ money he had to give his family. And these vultures continued to accept it knowing that my dear Mike was in such financial turmoil. Greedy bastards. What kind of mother would accept that kind of money from her own son and then allow her home to go into foreclosure. What the hell was she doing with all that money. No wonder Michael could not sleep at night. As far as I'm concerned those financial worries along with all the bs media hype about him being Wacko contributed to this poor mans torment. He could not even find solace in the arms of his own mother. God Bless your soul Michael. You are in Jesus's arms now because the world knows you were living in hell here on earth. Anyone who contributed to this mans sleepless nights will one day be sorry. What goes around comes around. It was too much pressure for any human to withstand. You are an Angel now. May you rest in peace sweet Michael. I love you more and can't wait to meet you in heaven.

1424 days ago


Michael loved his father and forgave him.

M.J. Oxford Speech 2001

I love you Michael.

1424 days ago


Las Vegas, Joe Jackson (lv mafia he's so buddy with), Joe coldly stating MJ worth more dead then alive.. now this LV hologram show... no WAY is JJ not in the middle of all of this LV doings concerning MJ. I have always had the gut feeling that JJ was a ring leader behind the scenes, "instigator" intentionally and otherwise, in MJ's long term, and final demise. LONG before MJ's death. Sociopath. He can't help that (fact: NPD/sociopaths are incurable), nor do I believe he would, if he could.

Valid question, though: Why WOULD (did) MJ have bought (did buy) that 'palace', and furnishings for that mansion in LV ... LV of all places - "Joe Jackson's" town? (Furniture designed and made exclusively for Liz T. to go into her own suite he created for her - even after her stating that she gave up on MJ when the '05 trial came about, because she was "too old, and tired, to go through this with him again) He was trying to lure her back into his life - essentially begging her to be his friend again using that suite, and custom furniture, as enticement?) After TWO years in Bahrein which he only came back to the U.S. to pay respects to one of his all time (admired, and admirers) that had passed, James Brown. ETC.

All Q's rhetorical, of course.

Those, as well as the VAST majority of answers will only ever be speculation at best -- isn't that their point? IMO, of course it is... profitable ta boot you must admit, let alone cruel (to those so vulnerable to it) at/on the same level. Very reminiscent of all that surrounded JFK, and his death, and to this day. (Yanno... like TMZ just HAD to throw that date into their 'reporting' the release date of MJ's "Visions" CD) -- I sincerely wish the 'vulnerable to all of this speculation, to the extent they can't gain perspective' fans well.

I loved this man, deeply... always will... but, he wasn't anywhere near perfect -- which is part of why I love/d him!... I believe he could be QUITE difficult to deal with in an every day life, intentionally on his part, and not! -- and the memory of him, let alone the tremendous beautiful legacy he left to ALL of us globally.

1424 days ago


Now his book can't be all bad stuff about Michael because if it is bad he'll burn his relationship with the jacksons and he can't afford to do that.Rowe remains a close confidant with the family's patriarch jj.

Posted at 1:12 PM on Oct 5, 2010 by sofi

I noticed that TOO when I read LR's book. He definitely pledges his allegiance to old JJ & your right indeed:) He'd NEVER burn that bridge would he?! Many good points on the board today guys. Everyone's got their 'thinking caps' on today I see :) :)

Poor MJ. I don't think he ever knew whom he could really trust. Can't even imagine growing up in the spotlight, in that bubble of fame. Don't think he ever was really able to develop a good 'compass' when it came to that instinct of whom he could & could not trust. No wonder he sounded so paranoid sometimes. I've wondered whether that was 'substance induced' paranoia but I forget sometimes that he didn't 'come up' like us normal folk, yet we tend to use ourselves as a measure of just how 'normal' MJ should or shoudn't have been when we really can't. There just was nothing 'normal' about being raised in the atmosphere he was reared in; first the Jax family home, then that smothering, isolating 'super-stardom'. Must have been a life he both cursed AND was grateful for but definitely NOT an easy life. Sometimes it nearly breaks my heart to think of all he went thru in his 50 years.

1424 days ago


** #71. Posted at 1:49 PM on Oct 5, 2010 by susie **

Michael loved his father and forgave him.


Yes, he did. But, ever trust him, NO. Forgiving is something one does for themselves, it's necessary in order gain healing. But in no way does forgiveness require that you TRUST that person you've forgiven. It only means that you can let go of past transgressions/trespasses against you, not INVITE them to repeat them through having forgiven them. MANY assume such (not saying you do). Pity.


.......... M.J. Oxford Speech 2001


Literally, a brilliant speech in context, and content written and given by MJ. Bookmarked it the moment it hit YouTube back then, simply for it's message. Stellar.

Sad, how few actually know of it's existence let alone purpose. Thank you for linking it into your post... perhaps some that hadn't been aware will now be so and appreciate it's and his message he imparts of it's own accord... finally. Can always hope....

1424 days ago


I loved this man, deeply... always will... but, he wasn't anywhere near perfect -- which is part of why I love/d him!... I believe he could be QUITE difficult to deal with in an every day life, intentionally on his part, and not! -- and the memory of him, let alone the tremendous beautiful legacy he left to ALL of us globally.

Posted at 1:53 PM on Oct 5, 2010 by Roseilicious

Absolutely:) I think MJ was 'difficult' the way a child is 'difficult'. Think he acted out this way because he had little or no control as a child. It was 'Joe's way' or the highway in that house. Then as he grew into a man, it was 'MJ you've gotta do THIS, MJ you've gotta go HERE...etc, etc. I think it made him dig his heels in sometimes & say, "NO! Your not going to tell me what to do"! I think maybe even if it was a 'wrong choice', at least he felt like it was 'HIS choice' is how I see it. This is why I never envy celebrities. We tend to think that because of their financial resources, they have 'choices' but I think quite the opposite is true. Their time, their mind, everything really seems to always be spoken for by some commitment they have to fulfill. I've always felt like, what good is all that money if your life really isn't your own?

God Bless MJ for being stubborn! Makes me smile to think that whether for the right/wrong, good/bad that he at least had some say in his own life:)

1424 days ago


After all, Michael really wouldn't have been the King of Pop had in not been for his daddy!!
After all, his father did show up at the trials to support Michael, so he can’t be all bad!!
Posted at 1:49 PM on Oct 5, 2010 by WillOTheWisp

God gave Michael Jackson his genius and his talent not Joe Jackson. Joe Jackson pimped his sons into stardom that's all.

1424 days ago


And YES, JANAL...heart breaking, can't imagine having to live his life. I wonder if he did in fact believe it was both a blessing and a curse. I'm sure he just did want to disappear...!

Posted at 2:32 PM on Oct 5, 2010 by katie10

Uh, huh. You know, I listen to these people giving interviews, people claiming to have the 'real story' about the last years of MJ's life; some say he DID want to perform again, some say his happiest time was the relative 'private life' he enjoyed with his children. One person says one thing, one says another. Think I have to agree with the person above who says everything at this point & forever more will be only 'speculation'. I find the more time goes by since his death, the less I understand as far as what's fact & what's fiction. Was MJ really psyched about doing these concerts? Did he really only agree for financial reasons? Did he just want a quiet life of obscurity with his children? Did he enjoy 'life' & have the desire to see his children grow into adulthood or was he so tired of it all & just want it to be over? Those are the kind of questions that bother me the most. I know it's silly but like the poster above said, "...when I get to heaven & get to meet him..."(oh, I hope we all get to do that!) If I could ask him anything, I think it would be.."Was it all worth it in the end & were you a happy man"??? The more that goes by since his death, the LESS I know what to think.....

1424 days ago





1424 days ago


I understand why Michael helped his mother he loved her.

Michael had said, He was tired of being the bread winner for the family. That's why he ended it on the Victory tour. When did Michael ever get a break? from moochers of the family. If they all have talent why aren't they using it? Janet did! My prayers go out to Mother Katherine and MJ's kids. They aren't broke.
Miss ya MJ:(

1424 days ago
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