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New Claim: Michael Jackson Supported His Dad

10/5/2010 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson secretly supported daddy Joe Jackson ... according to new legal docs.

In legal docs filed in Joe's wrongful death case against Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael's former alleged manager, Leonard Rowe, wrote a sworn statement in which he claims Katherine acted as Michael's agent, funneling money to Joe for support. 

And Joe's lawyer, Brian Oxman, wrote his own declaration in which he claims he prepared financial docs for Michael during his 2004 custody battle with Debbie Rowe.  In those declarations, Oxman claims Michael disclosed he was giving Katherine $50,000 a month in the early 2000s and later it went up to $66,000.  Oxman says Katherine used part of the money to pay for Joe's living expenses.

The legal docs are being used in the wrongful death case to prove Joe has standing to sue -- in other words, he must show Michael had been supporting Joe during his lifetime.

Michael's camp had no comment.


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Glenda in Texas    

The financial situation within the Jackson family is none of you people's business. Worry about your own family.

1445 days ago


All I can say is BS! If Katherine gave Joe money out of money MJ sent her,it was HER keeping him up not Michael,Cause I am 99% positive that MJ had no Knowledge of this.If he did he probaly looked at it this way it is her money she can do what she wants with it.Joe Jackson is a money hungry leech.

1445 days ago


Well, isn't that the only important thing, was he happy, did he have love and happiness in his life? The trial, all the BS, just so painful, who could recover from that...? No one! That's, I guess, what keeps me coming here or trying to find more information about him, to try and get some so-called closure from this (it's so odd, I usually could give a crap about any celebrity), but with MJ, I don't cuts down to the core. To see this happen to this man, I want to understand. Guess I (we) never will, everyone lies and the media is right there behind them, it's all yellow journalism anyway.

At least there is no more pain for him. That's the only way that I can think about this. It bothers me deeply. don't know touches something deep in all of us who have compassion, empathy, can see through the lies and BS, i suppose. Such a talent, gave so much his entire life and look what his family is doing, look what was done to him. Shame on this country. SHAME..shame, shame!

Posted at 2:51 PM on Oct 5, 2010 by katie10

Same here. Plenty of 'shame' to go around isn't there? I've got zero respect for any newspaper, magazine, or any of these 'news shows' whatsoever anymore. Gone are the days when 'facts' mattered. All money driven for the 'biggest attention-grabbing headlines' anymore. F'k em all-hehe. That's the problem...too many questions & not enough 'truth' where MJ was concerned. That's why I suppose if we are really looking for truth then the best place to find it is with MJ's 'own words'. The interviews he did give, things he told us with his own words. Nothing else we can put much stock in where Michael Jackson was concerned. Schmuley may have not demonstrated much ethical responsibility where MJ was concerned but I am glad he put out the 'MJ tapes' book because I think that told me more about who MJ was than anything I've read, other than those books written by MJ himself. Touching, heartfelt memories & confessions; raw stuff that was sometimes hard to hear but so 'real'. "I don't like the way I look. I look like a lizard". Aghhhh! Found myself thinking..WTH??? Is he kidding?? Did this man NOT understand just how beautiful he was?? How 'WE' saw him? Just unbelievable. Now for THAT, I do blame his father. Who else could have done such a number on that mans self-image? To achieve all he did, to have women screaming at your feet yet still he thought these things? If that isn't anything but pure childhood damage...well, I don't know then.

1445 days ago



(Furniture designed and made exclusively for Liz T. to go into her own suite he created for her - even after her stating that she gave up on MJ when the '05 trial came about, because she was "too old, and tired, to go through this with him again) He was trying to lure her back into his life - essentially begging her to be his friend again using that suite, and custom furniture, as enticement?)
Posted at 1:53 PM on Oct 5, 2010 by Roseilicious

HUH...well, now you're just making crap up, where did you read this nonsense, some UK tabloid, give me a break. Stop posting BS!

Posted at 2:32 PM on Oct 5, 2010 by katie10


Spend the countless hours of research into it as I have, and find these facts out for yourself. Simple as that.

Now, if it's a matter of your not wanting to believe those facts (Liz T's own words in videoed interview, and the auction of the furniture MJ had made for her, for the suite he had designed for her etc), then I understand that. Why you wouldn't is your business, and not of my concern. I respect your right to not do so.

1445 days ago


I've put this article up once before but thought I'd re-post it in case some of you missed it. Found it on the 'Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait' newletter I receive in my email. It seems to explain the difference between those of us who seem to 'get it' & those who don't:) Anyway, I really loved what it had to say & how this lady said it.

Why We Love Michael Jackson

With the passing of Michael Jackson, fans all over the world have joined together in a common purpose; to do justice for a man who experienced so much injustice. For some reason, this tends to baffle those outside of the MJ Community. They mock our loyalty, our dedication, and sometimes even our sanity. I’ve seen several references of fans being labeled "as crazy as he was."

They think we are crazy for loving a man who they criticized for his changing appearance. Maybe they don’t understand that the color of a man’s skin doesn’t make the man. We loved him when he had the appearance of a black man and we loved him when he had the appearance of a white man. His skin color was irrelevant to us. They don’t understand that we didn’t care how many plastic surgeries he did or didn’t have. That was a personal matter for him.

They don’t understand that we weren’t bothered by his eccentricities, and his love of animals and children wasn’t strange to us. They don’t understand why we didn’t convict him in the court of public opinion. It’s because our opinion of him was based on his character, not lies. In the words of John Wooden "Your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are."

They wonder how we could still be caught up in "Michael Jackson." They can’t believe we still think about him every day. They are blown away by the fact that we can still get emotional about his death.

The love we have for him goes deeper than the admiration of an Icon. It has developed into a genuine respect for the man. Apart from his music, which speaks for itself, we admire the strength and resilience he exhibited in the face of challenges he encountered. His kindness, caring and compassion for humanity is something we all now strive to emulate, but most of all we love him because of how he made us feel.

Have you ever had anybody show you unconditional love? Have you ever been told directly and repeatedly that you are important? Have you ever had anybody dedicate their entire life to you? That’s what Michael did for us.

He understood the power of expressing love. It was his emotional interactions with us that made us feel like we mattered. Whether it was an excited wave outside his hotel window to a sea of fans, a heartfelt "I love you more" during a concert, or him singing so intensely that he broke down in tears on stage; those things had an impact on us.

Michael spoke the tenets of what he referred to as a "Children’s Bill of Rights," in his Oxford Speech in 2001; the first of which was "The right to be loved without having to earn it." He may not have realized it, but that’s also how he treated us.

He understood the significance of appreciating fans in a way that few other entertainers have grasped. It helped him become very successful, but the sacrifice that came with it is one that most others are unwilling to make. He couldn’t leave his house without being mobbed by fans, yet he didn’t let that stop him from showing love to them. Here are some examples:

At a trip to Disney World in 2002, he was mobbed after exiting the Peter Pan ride. With his entourage in tow, and his son Prince by his side, he took the time to stop and acknowledge some fans and sign autographs for them.

Another time, he was shopping for a birthday present at a mall with his daughter Paris, when he suddenly had a trail of people following him, all feverishly trying to get near him. Still, he was gracious and loving, reaching out to shake the hands of several fans, and once again expressing his love to them.

When he performed, he constantly expressed his appreciation verbally and physically to his fans. With a sweeping gesture of his arms and a hand held close to his heart, he would declare his undying love to us. He would let one girl come up on stage and spend a few minutes showering her with affection. A passionate embrace, her head supported with the palm of his hand, and a love song sung directly to her, was a move so poignant that some girls would faint in his arms.

He didn’t only show his love to fans on stage. There were many times he expressed it in writing. In an excerpt in one such letter released to his fans via various fan clubs, he wrote: "I would like to thank you for the beautiful cards, photographs, messages, videos, and gifts sent to me on my birthday. I was overwhelmed by your kindness. Your continued love and support means so much to me. I really love and appreciate you all... from the bottom of my heart."

Even at his trial, he took the time to acknowledge the presence and love of his fans, much to the criticism of the press. One of his last gestures to his fans was during the planning stages of his concert This Is It. He wanted to sing the songs we wanted to hear, so he put up a website and let us decide which of his songs would be included in the show; a great way to illustrate who really mattered.

He gave so much to his fans, that we now feel an obligation to honor him with love. How each fan goes about that is different. Some feel they can best show their love by making sure the truth is told. Others feel a sense of responsibility to ensure justice is served in his death. His humanitarian work is carried out by fans who feel they can honor him best by continuing his work with children. Some fans simply want to spread his message of love. I feel I can honor him best by keeping him alive in the hearts of fans through my articles and videos. Jerry Biederman felt he could honor him best by organizing a tribute. David Ilan felt he could honor him best through his artwork. That’s why the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait exists today.

To those of you who wonder why Michael Jackson’s fans are so loyal, it’s because he was loyal to us. If you question why we are so dedicated to him, it’s because he was dedicated to us. His constant love, acknowledgment and appreciation of his fans, has made a difference for people all over the world in ways outsiders couldn’t possibly know. Some fans have even credited him with saving their lives.

His sincerity in those gestures has created a bond with him and an allegiance to him that is unbreakable. It is a testament to the power of Love and it has left us with a feeling of gratitude that we will never forget.

That is why we love Michael Jackson!

Linda Higgins

Director of Community Development


Incidentally I too read that MJ had purchased furniture for a room(s) in his home for Liz Taylor as well for what that's worth. Like I said before, never know what to believe that I read in print these days anyway though. There were even pics posted of some of the items. Can't sit here & quote the source for this info so who knows? Like I said, what's fact, what's fiction r/e MJ??

1445 days ago


Is Guitar still posting here anywhere? Haven't seen you in a LONNNGG time? where are you?

Let me know if you are still around? Anywhere. If you are here, in another location if you read this and see me somewhere.. ok?

Thanks.. buh - bye..

1445 days ago


And than people wonder why the parents had to make appointments to see Michael and the body guards won't let them in without one. There are so many times that Michael really did not want to be involved with them at all. His endless love for his MUM and his concern for her, was just wasted by the looks of it. Everything happens for a reason, though it was suppose to be a close knit family, he still did not wanted to be associated with them on several occasions, because all they always came up with was pressure on Michael, A Reunion, a new live show with the siblings and so on and so on, he had enough of them from the time of the VICTORY TOUR, he did not even want to do this either, but MUM and DAD persuaded him and made him feel BAD, AS USUAL. So with this all in mind and in the open just tells you what kind of Man Michael Jackson was, a Man that was considerate till it hurts to everybody not just family, what did he get in return H A T E AND A B U S E, NOT JUST FROM HIS FAMILY BUT FROM THE WORLD! I for one am glad that his suffering is over. But his children will not be spared from the same suffering as we so often see on these comment posts.

1445 days ago


Ah oh! Here's an article talking about 'Liz's furniture'. Is the source reliable? Who knows. I just wanted to post it because of all the pics. That MJ sure had some interesting taste:) I like most of it & would be happy to have it in my home. Might look a bit funny since I don't have a mansion in Kent but what the heck! Top photo appears to be the mansion he would(or rather that AEG)would be renting while he stayed in London. Beautiful!!

1445 days ago


I will tell all of you something. If Michael wouldn't have went out on his own when he did, he would of been washed up right along with the other brothers from the Jackson 5. Michael is a self made man. His dad didn't make Michael the most popular person in the world. Michael did. His dad didn't write the songs. Michael did. His dad didn't come up with all of Michael's signature moves. Michael did. His dad didn't get his ass on stage and make Michael what he is today. Michael did. Michael did it all and I am sure by now that all the money made from the Jackson 5 is long gone so the whole family is living off of what Michael has made himself not what Joe made him make. His dad didn't go to hospitals to visit sick children. Michael did. His dad didn't donate over $400 million to charities. Michael did. His dad isn't in the Guinnis World Book of Records. Michael is. His dad didn't win all those awards. Michael did. His dad didn't poor his heart and soul out to humanity to try to save the world and to try to make L.O.V.E. mean something to people worldwide. Michael did. Koodos to Michael forever more. He is a self made man inspite of his dad.

1445 days ago


So don't they have to pay taxes on this money? Just show them the tax forms where you declared this money on.

1445 days ago


OMG, this is just too funny. Hey ya'll, scroll down this page & look at some of the icons people are using. Check out 'Bedsprings' & 'Go to bed Joseph'! Hilarious:)

1445 days ago


tmz just likes to stir the pot . jermaine said right after mj died and he was sitting at neverland with lkl and saying he wanted mj to be buried there...
larry asked if joe and the siblings were upset because they were not in the will and jermaine said no becasue katherine is and if she is then joe is and so is everybody else.
it is not like it just slipped out. this is the way they feel.
evidently it is common knowledge.

1445 days ago


i like that picture that went with the heading ..bedsprings...nice :)thanks jan

1445 days ago


MJ fans, don't forget:

Lisa Marie Presley is going to be on the Oprah show tomorrow, supposedly talking about Michael Jackson's death and the parallels to her own father. (Let's hope it's not like Janet's interview, which turned out to be self promotion, primarily.)

October 7, 2010 - Joe goes to court in L.A. to contest the will and the estate executors. It's gonna get kicked out, but interesting nonetheless.

1445 days ago
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