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Lisa Rinna's Banged Up Boutique

10/5/2010 1:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The pictures tell the story -- Lisa Rinna's boutique in Sherman Oaks was burglarized this AM, courtesy of what looks like a crowbar.

As we previously reported, Rinna and hubby Harry Hamlin were about to go live on "Today" when their phone rang and they learned someone had broken into their Belle Gray boutique in Sherman Oaks.  We're told the thief/thieves made off with a bunch of clothes -- including jeans, jackets, sweaters and dresses.

The alarm went off at around 7 AM PT. 

No suspects, but be on the lookout for a possible male suspect wearing a really stylish dress.



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Something is fishy in Denmark.

1478 days ago


Seems to be real to me. They may not have the best door handle/lock but, reason they have security. When the security companies alarm goes off, they are supposed to notify the police to send a car over and investigate. Harry said on the show, the companies name because he was mad at them for not notifying the police and to send a car to investigate. Also, they were notified by the company asking if they had tripped the alarm before they went on Live TV and when he told them, "no" it was not them tripping the alarm, then did the security alarm company follow through. A little too late. Also, reason Harry had his phone, waiting for them to call back and let them know when the car got there and if indeed they were broken into or was it a false trip of the alarm.

It amazes me how many of you would think this was a scam or staged for ratings. Obviously, none of you have or had a security system through one of these companies or you would have a concept to how they work. If it was staged, I doubt Harry could call out the name of the company on Live TV and not expect to be sued for slander. He did it because they pay them to do a job and they didn't do it.

1478 days ago


all i can say is that its all too convienient that they were on the today show at the exact same time.

1478 days ago


All in all, it was just bad timing. It happens.

1478 days ago


Please if I was told I might have been robbed I would postpone going on until I was finished talking to ADT. This is as phony as Lisa's lips.PUBLICITY STUNT for sure.

1478 days ago


Too bad she got rid of the clown lips...she could have repaired the knob herself...

1478 days ago



And, maybe they did want to postpone but, the TODAY show said, "no" this would be good for OUR show!! If anyone got ratings or publicity, it was the Today show.

1478 days ago


Who the f*** is Lisa Rinna, and why should we even care?

1478 days ago


Ummmm do any of us really care??? These two are NOBODY'S at this point -- must be a slow news day!!!

1478 days ago



1478 days ago


If it's real and not a publicity stunt, I feel bad for them. But, seriously, they really aren't anybody, and I think it's a plan to get the attention. Perfect timing, wouldn't you say. And, if this is an upscale boutique, why such a cheap door knob and lock? That to me is a red flag also...not enough money to spend of protection?????
Change of content. God Bless Jamie Leigh Curtis. I saw pictures of this woman at her father's funeral, and she was so full of class and grace. Though it was a very sad time for her, she shows all of us what "True Hollywood Class" is all about. It is so sad that the so called "Hollywood celebrities" of today, are so out of touch with what is real. It's not as it was when her father was an actor or what ones thinks of as a “true movie star”, or how she herself is. These people now, think they own the world, rather for their indiscretions, sex tapes, drug addiction, buying frenzies, or being on reality TV, and on and on. The era of great Hollywood is long gone, and instead, it’s a pit of drugs, narcissism, and self-indulgence, just to make money. Never do they think of their legacy, it’s only about what they can get fast, and right now. I sometimes wonder how they can live with themselves, but it’s not for me to judge, they will be judged by a higher power. When you see people like these two (Harry and Lisa), the Kardashians, the Lohan’s, and the Hilton’s, etc. You have to wonder, does materials items, like $100,000 worth of handbags really make you happy, does it take the horrible mistakes they have made go away? I guarantee you, it doesn’t. Final thought, if these people think for one minute, they are envied by the majority, they are so sadly wrong. No one want to have to look over their shoulders each and every day to see if there is some crazy nut out there to harm them, or have to have so much plastic surgery to feel somewhat human. I guess in the long run, we should pity them. There obviously is mental illness involved or they would not act as they do. But in the end, we normal humans just wish we didn’t have to read such insignificant information about people we really don’t care about, but do enjoy a good laugh at their expense.

1478 days ago


Fake fake fake. They are terrible actors. It's not believable.

Nothing newsworthy with them so here we go plus she had lip reduction recently. I guess that is the most excitement in their lives.

1478 days ago


TMZ....why do you fall for this stuff? For a long time, I could count on you to get juicy scoops on celebrities that nobody else had all you seem to do is fall prey to them. Stop letting the 'celebrities' control some investigative reporting before posting ridiculous set-up stories like this.

Count of hands....who even knew they ran a clothing store before this stunt. I'll start counting 1, 2, 3, 4....100, 101....

Come on TMZ.

1478 days ago


The rest of the story:

"The Los Angeles police department confirmed Tuesday that the store was broken into around 6:30 a.m. local time, and that the burglars stole nearly $10,000 worth of women's clothes off the racks. The burglars set off the store's alarm."

1478 days ago



you are a real jerk of!!

1478 days ago
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