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Lisa Rinna Learns She's Been Burgled ... on Live TV

10/5/2010 1:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin just interrupted their live interview on "Today" to take a phone call on the air ... from someone who informed them that their L.A. clothing store had just been burglarized.

Lisa Rinna
The couple had just begun to promote their books and reality show -- when Harry received a call on his cell phone about the burglary at the Belle Gray boutique in Sherman Oaks, Ca.

Harry was visibly P.O.'d when he learned the bad guys took "piles from the first two racks."

Hamlin informed Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb that no one had been injured ... but he clearly wasn't happy with his alarm company.

UPDATE: The alarm company -- ADT Security Services -- has responded to Hamlin's criticism of their work ... claiming operators took "appropriate action" after the incident and had notified cops within 2 minutes of the break-in.

ADT also claims they have a guard service available -- but Hamlin and Rinna don't pay for that level of protection.


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1446 days ago


Really a robbery and called live on tv. Such a set up so people will watch their show. Two over the hill actors looking for fame. Shame on anyone who watches this show. Hopefully it will be canceled after the first show.

1446 days ago


Faker than "Milli Vanilli" & a pigasskartrashian!! If this is the best they can do, it's no wonder they are broke & out of work. Get your plumped, pulled & tucked tired asses back in acting class before Harry kicks the bucket & your lips completely resemble a cooter that's been worn out!!

1446 days ago


That was all set up!!!Talk about a shameless plug for their new reality show!

1446 days ago


Fake, Fake, Fake, Fake and Fake. Oh, and no one wants to watch your bullcrap show. And The Today Show just lost a ton of credibility, as if it could afford to do that.

1446 days ago


Silly and ridiculous.

1446 days ago


Couldn't be more fake. They're not very good actors.

1446 days ago


That was the fakest **** I've seen in ages! stupid do they think the public is? Like they'd be coming on the set with their cellphones. And this would have been, what, 7AM in L.A.? What was the manager of the store be doing there so early? Neither of them are good enough actors to have pulled this stunt off. Fake Fake FAKE! Freakin' Hollywood publicity crap....this is reallly scraping the bottom of the barrel.....

1446 days ago


ADT? Oh that explains it, they notoriously hardly EVER monitor their alarm systems. They ruined one Christmas because the phone line went down and we forgot our password and ADT wouldn't shut the alarm off, thought they never sent anyone or did anything when the alarm was going off. After 2 hours of hell we ripped the system out of the wall and cancelled ADT. I told them I knew they were not monitoring the system, and they didn't even argue.
S***my company!

1446 days ago

Pound Sand    

Yeah this not right. No celebrity would take a phone call in the middle of a live interview. Give me a break!

1446 days ago

Pound Sand    

TRUTH you are so right! I have heard countless stories with that company! They monitor NOTHING!!!!

1446 days ago


....If you fell for this poorly prearranged gimmick, to sell some dreadful reality television show as being real, consider yourself stupid.

......This is the thing about having a multitude of expensive vehicles, two thousand pair of shoes in the closet, eight bedroom houses, the so called-- (American Dream.)

Most Americans will sell their wives, young daughters, mothers, and great aunties, to a second hand pimp, in order to keep all their material garbage.

You see, the American Dream is not a dream at all, you have all been thoroughly bamboozled. In reality the American Dream is more like a nightmare, a nightmare that gets worse with each passing day.......Artofwar

1446 days ago



Your stupid. You forgot your OWN password YOU set up, how would ADT know it was you and not some burglar who cut YOUR phone line and broke into YOUR home, then picked up the phone and couldn't identify the password YOU set up. Seriously, imagine if that had been a real break in at your house and they just said "oh ok I believe you I wont send the police".,...6 hours later, FAMILY MURDERED ON XMAS...ADT failed to verify the caller. I would rather be safe than sorry, and its not their fault YOU forgot the password YOU set up.

Also, you ripped the system off the wall, so yeah ADT can't monitor if you ripped it out stupid.

1446 days ago

really now    

To comment # 64 by tlynn ....... That was so funny !! lmao !! Thank you for making me laugh !

1446 days ago

time to relax    

Don't believe this one bit, staged.

1446 days ago
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