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Legal War Over Mel Gibson's 2006 DUI Arrest

10/12/2010 5:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The County of Los Angeles is asking a judge to throw out the lawsuit filed by the deputy who arrested Mel Gibson for DUI in 2006.


TMZ broke the story that James Mee -- the deputy who arrested Mel in Malibu and witnessed his anti-Semitic rant -- filed a lawsuit against the County of L.A., claiming he was retaliated against after the L.A. County Sheriff's Department alleged he leaked the police report to TMZ.

Now the County is firing back -- asking that the suit be dismissed -- claiming the assertion that the Sheriff was retaliating against the deputy because he was Jewish is simply unsupportable.  In legal papers, the County says, "Simply receiving a directive to proceed in one manner with respect to a police report cannot in and of itself be considered discriminatory."

As we first reported, Mee was ordered to take out all references to Mel's anti-Semitic comments.

As for Mee's other allegations -- that he was "unjustly" denied a promotion, got a negative performance review and was forced to transfer to a less prestigious station --the County claims Mee's religion had nothing to do with it.


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Your Aunt Bea    

Am I really the first one here? And does this case really have anything to do with Gibson anymore?

1437 days ago


That cop sounds like he has a huge chip on his shoulder.

1437 days ago


And this happens four years after the incident?
Let´s take a guess WHY......

1437 days ago


Isn't this a standard practice to ask for a dismissal if you feel there is no merit to the claim by Mee?

1437 days ago


Maybe Mel was just being a prophet and predicting the Biblical apocalypto. The Bible talks about nations warring with Israel at the end times.
He was filled with the spirit wasn't he? Different spirit - but still...

1437 days ago


He was shut down because he is a liar... there is ZERO proof Mel said what he said.

No other cops
no bystanders
no cop car recording
not even cop radio to dispatch (recorded)caught Mel yelling anything

Only person in this whole world heard it was this cop who in turn sold it. He was made to retract all this bull**** from Mels arrest report because it made LA sheriff liable for slander. Mels lawyer warned them and Mel still could have sued this cop but he didn't. He admitted he was to wasted to remember and took it even when his lawyer advised him to sue to clear his name since there was no way this cop could prove anything more than dui.

funny not even the paps with radio scanners recored this...

pure bull****.. he needs to be fired

1437 days ago


Hertzhog is paying Mee to pursue this - puts more bad light
on Mel, takes it away from Ox.

1437 days ago


Did anyone notice that TMZ live was edited today? It was very odd. Isn' this half of the story? Did the County file a response with the court? Or was there a court hearing? If there was a hearing, did the judge rule?

1437 days ago


I don't know if the cop is telling the truth but anyway alcohol is not veritaserum nor any truth serum.

1437 days ago

Your Aunt Bea    

Disagree Christy. Has nothing to do with Mel now and Mee is entitled to his gripe if he feels he has been maligned. Mind you, he sure did some maligning himself. TMZG... Still hard to say whether it was real or not real, legally. An apology is often used as an option. I have seen people apologize and walk away from battles often in private and business life. Some times it is just the smarter thing to do when you are never going to win the battle. I have never equated an apology with guilt. That's not to say that guilty people don't apologize. It's to say that you don't have to be wrong to 'admit' you are wrong. It's just the smarter option, even if your fingers are crossed behind your back.

BTW, your posts are often funny and are talking points. There is no argument without opposition and generally it is an adversarial process that eventually leads to the truth, so keep it up.

I do, however, dislike your use of the term 'retard' in the form of 'sweet'tard'. 'Retard,' used an insult if highly offensive, so perhaps to might reconsider this? In saying that, I have already posted that this Sweetheart person needs to either slow down on or lift up the meds. And yes, I know he / she is likely the most offensive person on the board. Just don't like the 'retard' inference. Never have, never will.

1437 days ago


Well, how was Mee's performance or did he spend his time on the phone with one, Harvey Levin?

1437 days ago


@ John

and yet, Gibson has admitted in numerous interviews that he lost control and spewed his anti-semetic remarks.
He also issued 3 different apologies for his outburst

claiming he didn't make the remarks is nonsensical

Posted at 2:08 PM on Oct 12, 2010 by TMZgossip

That was a result of the jewish factor. If the officer had claimed anything else WITHOUT PROOF, it wouldn't have been a big deal. However, mention jews and you're automatically an anti-semite and it's all downhill from there. I doubt Mel remembered anything he said that night becausre he'd have to be pretty wasted to say the things the jewish officer said that he said. However, this is hollywood, so that's all she wrote.

1437 days ago


I am waiting for Team Oksana supporters to show up and say "SEE!! He is really all powerful!!"


1437 days ago


@tmzgossip perfect name... more gossip no facts..

He took ownership and said he didn't remember what he said. He didn't have to do anything he did to make up for it. Most of the stuff he did a court couldn't even order him to do and his lawyers told him he didn't have too.

Still zero evidence he said it.

Cops love to record crap like that to use it on you in court and I know this for a fact. Thats why they have cam's in cars and mic's in back seats and dispatch and can record as well in which you will hear people yelling in back ground.

I listen to it everyday and there is no way a drunk man in a rage knew when and when not to talk in fear of being recorded.

so keep on believing one cop who no one believes in his own damn dept. Till there is REAL proof he said it then he didn't say crap and thats why its not in his report anymore. Hell people could have gone to jail for covering up or destroying evidence.

1437 days ago


It's sickening and pathetic to see people defend this washed up, Hollywood has-been. Face it. He's a freakin' loon. Get the g--damned stars out of your eyes you sickening sycophants!

1437 days ago
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