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Legal War Over Mel Gibson's 2006 DUI Arrest

10/12/2010 5:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The County of Los Angeles is asking a judge to throw out the lawsuit filed by the deputy who arrested Mel Gibson for DUI in 2006.


TMZ broke the story that James Mee -- the deputy who arrested Mel in Malibu and witnessed his anti-Semitic rant -- filed a lawsuit against the County of L.A., claiming he was retaliated against after the L.A. County Sheriff's Department alleged he leaked the police report to TMZ.

Now the County is firing back -- asking that the suit be dismissed -- claiming the assertion that the Sheriff was retaliating against the deputy because he was Jewish is simply unsupportable.  In legal papers, the County says, "Simply receiving a directive to proceed in one manner with respect to a police report cannot in and of itself be considered discriminatory."

As we first reported, Mee was ordered to take out all references to Mel's anti-Semitic comments.

As for Mee's other allegations -- that he was "unjustly" denied a promotion, got a negative performance review and was forced to transfer to a less prestigious station --the County claims Mee's religion had nothing to do with it.


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AMERICA welcomes descent ! She welcomes diversity! What's the f.. problem???? Gibson is NO threat no anyone. He has multiple friends with Jews, Blacks and even Russians. Be honest - Jews buried the Jesus Christ! It's a fact that nobody can deny. Jews are very smart but tricky people, and the Bible is very clear on that. This is why the entire Book is about the relationship of the Jews with the World and the world temptations that they have HARD time to deal with.

1435 days ago


It's a free country. He can say whatever he likes. If he doesn't like Jews he says so. If Jews don't like him they are free to speak. Why wait 4 years to complain? Personally, I believe there is a common reason of why people have little like for Jews. A lot of guys don't like Russians, or Irish, or Germans, or Americans, and they say so, nobody goes to court to capitalize on what has been said.

1435 days ago


Congratulations on your 5 years sobriety Mel!!!

Easy does it!!!

1435 days ago

Ben from Baltimore    

We all know that the Los Angeles Sheriff is in bed with A-Listers and others who live and work in Los Angeles with $$$$$$. That is why the south side of Los Angeles, known as Southland, is so bad that just walking down the sidewalk is risky. He provides free security via a sheriff's deputy in a sheriff's car outside some of their homes. I hope that Mr. Mee wins so that the Los Angeles Sheriff's office might clean up their acts.

1435 days ago


2006, Gibson got CAUGHT by police and was pulled over. DUI. Rightfully so. You have a person drunk and mad, mouthing off and pissed off because he got caught.

I still don't understand how can a cop, deputy, sheriff, can be "Offeneded" by a "drunk" guy mouthing off being called jewish?

1435 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

why do you doubt he could remember it?
he blew 0.12 -- that's not drunk, it is impaired (and there is a difference, especially for an alcoholic like Gibson)

he didn't remember the Jewish rant, but he remembers that he didn't call the Sargent "Sugartits" 45 mins later?

funny, when he was drunk and ran a red light and rear-ended a car in Toronto, he also blew 0.12 and recalls all of that accident.

but hey, it's far more logical to say he blacked out and cant remember his transgressions

Posted at 2:41 PM on Oct 12, 2010 by TMZgossip

WHY do you TMZG doubt he might not have said those things?? WHY is it so hard for you to see what everyone else sees?

1435 days ago


Good Evening Everybody,

If this was pointed out earlier sorry for the repeat. Mee says "Sugar t i t s" not Mel. In fact others from his precinct said he was known for calling females "sugar t i t s" all the time. Mel has never once been known to use that term.

1435 days ago



I have never ever said that Oksana was lying. I have confined my comments on all threads to what I know of the legal system, and how it works. I have no proof that she is, just as you have no proof that she isn't.

I do know however, that she does change her story from time to time. Whether that is lying or just a poor memory, I have no information, and neither do you.

However, I do think her approach to these issues are totally reprehensible. And I do applaud Mel for keeping silent as I am sure he would just love to contradict her publicly. What I am seeing in the public forum, shows that Oksana has no class, no grace, no sense of fair play, no conscience, and you know what, in the end there will be no bucks. She has screwed the pooch. And legally speaking, other than child support for a bastard child, Mel owes her not a F**king Farthing! JMO.

1435 days ago


Oh, And TMZGossip,

Like I said, putting what drunks say/rant into a police report "just isn't done". He was not asked to file a false report, he was asked to remove inappropriate content.

Like my source said, he's an Adam Henry. My source wouldn't even cop to the euphemism. He calls 'em like he sees 'em.

1435 days ago


Interesting spin on this story.

It's not about whether Mr. Mel said dirty words, it's about Officer Mee having a tantrum because his poor performance record - which dates back LONG before the 2006 DUI arrest as posted by V - cost him cushy jobs.

So he tried suing, playing the religion card, and the County ain't buying it. Why should tax payers have to pay for Officer Mee's lawsuit when his own performance record speaks for itself?

1435 days ago


And the award for the longest whine recorded in all of history goes to: Officer Mees!

Somebody give this guy Gloria Allred's phone number so they can call a press conference.

1435 days ago


Hey Curious, Hello. Guess What? I'm out of cheez-its again, and consoling myself with pretzels. Too Salty. :-)

1435 days ago


Hiya Realist -

Say it ain't so! I can only imagine the torment you must be suffering. I say this as I clutch my beloved gouda to my chest. Ahem.

1435 days ago


Speaking of cheese -

Dinner beckons. I'm off.

Ya'll be well and stay frosty.


1435 days ago


Hey Curious, Hello. Guess What? I'm out of cheez-its again, and consoling myself with pretzels. Too Salty. :-)

Posted at 4:13 PM on Oct 12, 2010 by realist

Now that I'm over my coughing fit on the ACTUAL cheesies I'm devouring LOL. Realist, you need some chocolate covered pretzels, much better.

1435 days ago
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