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Betty Ford

Sends Michael Lohan Packin'

10/5/2010 3:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan knows how hard it is to make it in the big city -- he can't even get into rehab.

We're told Michael headed for the desert last Thursday ... to Rancho Mirage, home of the Betty Ford Center and temporary digs of Lindsay Lohan.

Michael was turned away by security.  He was told visiting hours were over.  Michael tells us he asked if he was on a "no contact" list and they told him no.  But we're guessing his name is right under Osama's.

Michael says he's been on the horn with people at Betty Ford, asking them to please involve him in family therapy with Lindsay.


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People are pretty harsh on him. Come on, she likes Mum because Mum enables and parties with her and makes excuses. She hates her father because he has been there and knows what it is like.

1448 days ago


People are pretty harsh on him. Come on, she likes Mum because Mum enables and parties with her and makes excuses. She hates her father because he has been there and knows what it is like.

Posted at 1:29 PM on Oct 5, 2010 by Lex

No Lex. She hates him because he beat up her mother and threatened her, her mom, brothers and sister.

1448 days ago


The only reason he is trying to contact her is because it gets him publicity! See? It worked! TMZ is showing his picture and reading his story. He's like a little kid, trying to get attention, even if it's bad attention. She is not his daughter. She is his meal ticket and free pass to fame. Famous for WHAT? Does he sing, dance, read poetry? He's worthless. He's so full of himself he doesn't get it! I would love to see the media nix him as worthless, which he is!

1448 days ago


the best thing daddy dearest can do now is stay the hell away, opps i forgot she is your $$$$ ticket.

1448 days ago


hey michael...she wants nothing to do with you...and its not gonna make things better by you trying to force yourself on her.

1448 days ago


Smart move on Betty Ford's part to keep that criminal away from her. He and his idiot wife need to leave the girl alone or she will end up in the grave.

1448 days ago



It's it a bit late to be a positve influence in your daughters life. It seems as if that ship has sailed. If she has any hope of recovery you should just leave her the hell alone. I would bet that your involement in her life is partially responsible for her being there in the first place.

1448 days ago


At least they can make him go away unlike us poor readers that have to keep looking at him.

1448 days ago


This man is stalking her. Its not helping her recovery. If she wanted him involved in family therapy she would have invited him personally. The facility cannot sneak him in over her say. He really needs to get a life.

1448 days ago


He could have saved himself the trouble by simply visiting the BFC website. It is made abundantly clear on the website when visiting hours are and it's also made abundantly clear they never ever "bend the rules ". For no one.

Another website was also very funny in making huge news out of one of the normal steps in the "12 steps program ".They splattered it all across the frontpage "Lindsay Lohan has to admit she is addicted !!!! " while affirmation and acknowledgment is a normal step in that program. BFC doesn't change a program because the patient in question is a celeb ( no self respecting rehab center does that ) .

First 3 weeks are "no visitors allowed " anyway in the BFC treatment ( at least according to website )

1448 days ago


@ 49 Lex

Your sick in the head! he stole her personal diary from one of the rehabs she went to and tried to sell it, He has publicly accused her of being HIV +, and secretly recorded her phone conversations with him and tried to sell them.
Michael Lohan is a sick, twisted, s***bag who is addicted to publicity and feeds off getting the tabloids to write about him and his involvement in her life.

1447 days ago

Jurgen Brul    

Hello Friends, Lindsay Dee Lohan and Family WHERE ARE WE RUNNIN’ (Lenny Kravitz)? Lindsay Dee Lohan should Now be living in a Sober House, which is managed by dr. David Drew Pinsky (dr. Drew)! Because Drugs( LSD, Heroin, Cocaine, Marihuana(Cannabis) and Prescription Drugs(medication) Addiction) is Destroying Our World and Our Babies Futures! Advice: Greetings, Jurgen R. Brul

1447 days ago


Actually Heather, HIPAA=Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, and it went into affect in 1996. There is no such thing as the HIPPA act. Other than that, your assumptions are correct. They can not legally release any information to her father unless she designated that they could on a Release of Information form.

1447 days ago

South Beach    

Not a snowballs chance they'll do it. Ford is the best out there and his a "serious" rehab center, not a country club.

They've dealt with the worst of addicts and the many screwed up relatives that often come with such. Daddy better back off, he's out of his element.

1447 days ago


He does not want Lindsay to have any peace. He wants her to let him control her money. This man is one of the main reasons Lindsay started on drugs.

1447 days ago
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