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Faces Public Shaming

in Foreclosure Case

10/6/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If it's even humanly possible ... the guy who owns the note to Octomom's home is now threatening to publicly humiliate Nadya Suleman ... if she doesn't pay off her massive debt in three days.


Amer Haddadin tells TMZ, he's sick of being jerked around by Octo and her lawyers ... and if they don't settle her gigantic debt by October 9 -- dude says he's going to hold a news conference to tell everyone about how terrible of a resident she has been.

Of course, Nadya has nothing to worry about if she meets Amer's deadline -- but as we previously reported, that's one big if ... because girl still owes over $450,000.

How long does it take to shoot a porno?


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I should feel bad for this chick, but I don't. She's full of it. And Mr. Amer, IMO, is right to out her for being a deadbeat. She's received a lot of kindness and generosity from people, including him. She's taking people's generosity for granted, and taking advantage. He's given her more than one much does one expect this guy to take?

Mr. Amer, be strategic about this. You can easily recoup your $450K by doing interviews. Do what you gotta do.

1477 days ago


I forgot to mention the fact that she was having expensive IVF treatments while on welfare for her first 6 kids, and living with her mother who was supporting all of them on her retirement check. She lost her house to foreclosure because of it.

When octoslut came in to money after the octuplets were born, she told an interviewer who questioned her about her mother being homeless "it's her (her mother) problem". Nice going octoslut.

Amer needs to tell the world what a POS she is. There are still a few out there that don't know.

1477 days ago


If Octomom can turn down all offers of porn despite her dire financial situation, what excuse is there for other people who choose to make their living as porn actors?

Further, her landlord should perhaps consult his legal counsel about his choice of words in threatening to hold a news conference. There is a fine line between exercising one's legal rights and actual blackmail. If he's not careful, could he end up actually owing Octomom money, or even expose himself to criminal charges for blackmail?

1477 days ago


I don't blame the guy. There was no reason for her to have IVF which is quite expensive and pop out a litter of kids. Thats insane.

1477 days ago


It does sound cruel if it's true that Octomom caused her mother to lose her own house while the poor woman was trying to support Octomom and her first 6 kids, and then Octomom seemed unconcerned about it. But what sometimes happens (I don't know if it did here), is that a mother whose daughter is collecting welfare for several children actually benefits for the daughter and granchildren to stay with her. It is their welfare income that actually contributes to the grandmother's retirement income, and not the other way around, and of course if helps of the grandmother also contributes babysitting help. But very often it's a two-way street. In another instance, I know one woman with 3 children who is on the welfare-to-work program, where the state helps her with job training and child care, as well as a low-income apartment. So now the woman has a job she likes, and since the state provides child care, it pays this woman's own mother to live with them and take care of the granchildren. It's still cheaper for the state to pay that than for daycare for each child outside the home. So the grandmother actually gets income for staying home to take care of her grandchildren. So maybe Octomom is angry at her mother for being so controlling or something like that, when in fact her mother also benefitted financially. Maybe Octomom would not give her enough of the welfare payments to stop the mother's house from going into foreclosure. Maybe Octomon felt her mother was taking too much money and not using enough of her own retirement money. We just don't know (at least I don't).

1477 days ago


The only cruel thing is she got IVF and had another 8 kids when she couldn't even take care of the 6 she already had.

I don't blame this man 450k is not chump change. He tried to help and she blowing him off. His house is probally destroyed to boot.

1477 days ago



1477 days ago


If you can´t feed them - don´t have them!

Amer is certainly doing the right thing!! I am behind him all the way. Why should he let her steal his money? That´s basically what she is doing. He could have let the house to someone else.

1477 days ago


i cannot for the life of me understand why she keeps insisting she has no internet and doesnt watch tv. is that supposed to endear you to the public somehow? she seems to spend every waking moment online!

1477 days ago

SERIOUSLY !!!!!    


GET A FREAKING JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1477 days ago


Don't know if she can collect welfare if she's been offered a job (porno) and turned it down. She may not qualify for public assistance if she refuses work.

1477 days ago


What kind of legit businessman sells a house to a woman with 14 kids and no job. It appears that he did this simply to get nearly $100,000 from her and forceclose on her later, he should lose the house completely. So your going to publically embarrass her, what a true humanitarian! I think your an @$$ who needs to lose this home to teach you a lesson in ethics.

1477 days ago


You can have your opinions about her all you want.
I think that the home owner is a piece of **** for what he is doing now.
There are 14 little kids involved.
How those kids came into this world is questionable I agree but they are here and did not ask for all of this.
That bloody doctor that placed so many eggs back should pick up the tab here.
I think the kids should be protected, and I do believe that she loves her kids.
And they seem alright in her care , well fed and playful happy.

I don't get it why she has to sell her body it's like being raped for her.
Would you ask your wife or friend to make a porn movie for money?

I thought so.

1477 days ago


she should sell the kids,she can make a few extra bucks, that is if they are not little brats,which they probably are cause you can see she probably does'nt disipline them.

1477 days ago


This piece of sh*t thought she was going to get a house free and clear and not have to pay anything and everything was going to be "Free" to her. Well I guess she thought wrong. The only one who are going to lose are her children. When she is put out in the street her children are going to be put in "Foster" care. She should've thought about this when she was on her back. She has no one to blame but her self.

1477 days ago
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