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Judgment Day in 'Sister Wives' Polygamy Case

10/6/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The fate of the polygamist family featured in the TLC show "Sister Wives" is now in the hands of county prosecutors ... TMZ has learned.


The Utah County Attorney has confirmed ... the Lehi Police Department has completed their felony bigamy investigation into Kody Brown and his gigantic family -- and the case has been turned over to the Utah County Attorney ... who will ultimately decide whether or not to charge the family with a crime.

In Utah, bigamy can get you 5 years in prison ... though it's rarely prosecuted.

Kody Brown -- who has 3 wives, a fiancée and 13 children -- claims he was aware of the risk he was taking when he decided to put his family on the TLC reality show ... but insists it was a "risk worth taking."


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1476 days ago

Lynn M    

The only thing that could make the bigamy charge stick is the fact Utah has common law marriages. However, I believe I read he just recently moved from Wyoming so I'm not sure how that would affect the case.

He's probably hoping he is charged and can take the case beyond the state level. Personally, I think this a waste of taxpayer money when you consider the limited resources in today's economic climate.

1476 days ago


He's only legally married to one wife, spirtual wives are not recognized as lawful marriages. So he's not a bigamist in the eyes of the law.

1476 days ago

Brigham Young    

If this guy lived in Hollywood, he would be considered a real "player". In Utah, he's a criminal. Where he sticks his **** is his business, and the ladies he considers his wives must be okay with it as they are all staying by his side.

Leave these people alone!

1476 days ago

Toronto 99    

They all should be prosecuted! The men in these families are just lazy and selfish, these women are just brain washed! You might as well be Charlie Manson!

1476 days ago


Hey I didn't know he had two wives pregnant...thought it was just one. This guy is just a horn dog. Did you get a look at his latest wife ? Lemmee tell ya she doesn't look anything like the other three..tho in about 10 years she will

1476 days ago


Leave these people alone and stop wasting taxpayer's money trying to prosecute them.

1476 days ago



its simply a time wasting aspect and more other things need to be discussed!

1476 days ago


This man is a Mormon pig. He is a narcissistic man whose sense of entitlement is out of control. Why have one wife when you can adorn yourself with as many as you want? He's like a kid in a candy store-he just can't chose one. I hope they apply the law and jail him. With regard to the women involved, have you ever seen such a lack of self esteem? They are being used by this man for his pleasure. My God, it's sickening. TLC should have never aired this situation.

1476 days ago


That was whose day which days is going to judgment of her sister
Killer .
That is the Reason of her sitting in a place in a exact time.

1476 days ago


Today was the day which one day is going to clearify of our sister .............

1476 days ago


Well this is where America is heading. As soon as gays have the right to marriage, every other creature will come out of the woodwork riding their coattails. Then polygamist will have a forum to fight for recognition and insurance and health benefits, beastiality folk will fight to marry their dog and have health benefits extend to their dog, or horse,sheep, or cow. Adults marrying underage kids will have a forum, and so on and so forth. And everybody was so called born that way. Scientist will spend money to find a genetic link to this BS to rationalize it. America is heading toward a moral hell literally! We will no longer resemble a powerful nation, but one weakened and diseased by immorality. This is not entertainment but brainwashing to accept the unacceptable. Abomination squared. Disgusting.

1476 days ago


@JLS.....what does Mormonism have to do with it? I watched all the episodes last night online, and he clearly states that he isn't a mormon. (I believe his example was comparing his church to the mormon church was like comparing catholics and protestants....they're completely different!)

1476 days ago


What's the difference between this guy, who is sleeping with three/four women, and someone like Tiger Woods, who was sleeping with so many women?

The difference is that he is actually taking care of these women, their children, AND not to mention, the other women know what is going on and are okay with it.

How could you say this should be against the law because the women are brainwashed? Isn't any women in a destructive/manipulative relationship potentially "brainwashed" for sticking around with whatever loser she is with?

So my point is.....don't waste anyone's time or insult anyone's intelligence by pretending like this is different or somehow worse. In fact, it is better, because he obviously cares about these women enough to not hide them.

1476 days ago


It is interesting however that in legal terms, polygamists use the EXACT same arguments as homosexual parterns in same-sex "marriage" cases: right to free choice, right to privacy, right to equality. And for all of those people hating on polygamists but in favour of same-sex "marriage" it looks like your not as tolerant or liberal as you thought. In fact, it would seem you don't even believe in the arguments that homosexuals are using.

1476 days ago
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