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Judgment Day in 'Sister Wives' Polygamy Case

10/6/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The fate of the polygamist family featured in the TLC show "Sister Wives" is now in the hands of county prosecutors ... TMZ has learned.


The Utah County Attorney has confirmed ... the Lehi Police Department has completed their felony bigamy investigation into Kody Brown and his gigantic family -- and the case has been turned over to the Utah County Attorney ... who will ultimately decide whether or not to charge the family with a crime.

In Utah, bigamy can get you 5 years in prison ... though it's rarely prosecuted.

Kody Brown -- who has 3 wives, a fiancée and 13 children -- claims he was aware of the risk he was taking when he decided to put his family on the TLC reality show ... but insists it was a "risk worth taking."


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Many people have asked and nobody has provided an answer....what does this man do for a living? How does he support his family?

Posted at 4:46 AM on Oct 6, 2010 by jjmom22

He has a reality show on TLC called "Sister Wifes"

1441 days ago


C'mon leave these people alone, if their happy and it works its all good!

1441 days ago


I thought he was legally only married to one of them. So what if he has 3 others women living in his home if they all aren't married he didn't break any laws.

1441 days ago


Its no secret that he's in sales, he clearly states that on the show. Its not like he can give out the company he works for information which is typical. Also if you don't like what you see turn the channel. Nobody is forcing anyone to watch the show or any other show for that matter.

1441 days ago


C'mon leave these people alone, if their happy and it works its all good!

1441 days ago


Where are the Mormons now? Oh is OK for multiple wives and children with different women, just not same sex marriage, because that is a sin.

1441 days ago


Don't anybody take this the wrong way as I truly love my wife, but why in the world would anybody want more than one wife? Isn't one enough? (The Al Bundy part of my brain wants to say that one is too many as it is).

1441 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

they obviously wanted to get caught

either that or they are complete idiots

1441 days ago


"The difference is that he is actually taking care of these women, their children, AND not to mention, the other women know what is going on and are okay with it."

Tiger took care of his family just fine. Elin has enough money to support her and her children for many generations to come. Plus,those sluts got plenty of money for their services.

1441 days ago


I'm sure with 4 wives and 13 kids, it would be worth the risk. He needs the money. Maybe now his wives can stop collecting welfare checks. Putting himself on TV isn't a matter of public education because last I checked, the American public doesn't want this kind of education. One could almost take it as a plea for help, in more ways than one, the first being Somebody please stop me; I'm out of control.

@flower--Good one.

1441 days ago


The world is on a downward spiral with this and other reality
tv shows. Old Kody boy is no different than all the baby daddies on Maury who have multiple children with multiple women and we have to foot the bills for all of them.
Kody might have a "job" but no one knows if these women are collecting monies from the government to support the families.

1441 days ago

My two cents ;)    

I'll say it again..This family is not evil.. They are ok with it.. Kody is not lying to anyone.. They all know.. It's nobody's business except theirs.. I like seeing how other people live.. There is more teamwork in this family than normal families.. If u don't like it don't watch it..

1441 days ago


He actually has 4 wives and 16 children. His 4th wife came into this situation with 3 children from a previous marriage.

These women grew up in this kind of life style so that is why they don't see anything wrong with it.

I find it totally wrong.
You watch if Gay Marriage is approved, then they type of people will want their rights to marry as many people as they want to.

1441 days ago


Only one wife was pregnant, and she already had the baby. Do people actually watch and read about them before you make comments, or do you make things up to suit yourself?

1441 days ago

moe l.    

Fat chicks don't mind sharing their men but do mind sharing their food. Go figure.

1441 days ago
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