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Judgment Day in 'Sister Wives' Polygamy Case

10/6/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The fate of the polygamist family featured in the TLC show "Sister Wives" is now in the hands of county prosecutors ... TMZ has learned.


The Utah County Attorney has confirmed ... the Lehi Police Department has completed their felony bigamy investigation into Kody Brown and his gigantic family -- and the case has been turned over to the Utah County Attorney ... who will ultimately decide whether or not to charge the family with a crime.

In Utah, bigamy can get you 5 years in prison ... though it's rarely prosecuted.

Kody Brown -- who has 3 wives, a fiancée and 13 children -- claims he was aware of the risk he was taking when he decided to put his family on the TLC reality show ... but insists it was a "risk worth taking."


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The only thing I can say that this is not like a cult type thing. All of those woman grew up in polygamist families themselves. They are not being forced into this in anyway. There are no 13 years being forced to marry 35 year old cousins like in the FDLS group. The children are not being abused and the go to regular school. Why put them through a trial? We all know in many countries it is customary to have multiple wives. Why is the US so against it, especially when it isn't doing ANYONE any harm?

1440 days ago


well said bebefj123! marraige should be between a man and a woman, not 2 guys, not 2 girls, not a guy and multiple girls, not a human and an animal, not an adult and a child, etc, etc, etc...

1440 days ago


I don't really have a problem with this, because no deceit, fraud, or coercion is involved. Not like people who cheat on their spouses with wild abandon, lying all the time about it, or guys who think it's grand to have 20 kids by 20 different women scattered around the country (making each one of the women chase them for child support). I may find it rather strange myself, but I find a lot of things people do to be strange... Doesn't mean it's bad. Any relationship is bad only if people are treating each other badly, doesn't matter whether it's same-sex, different-sex, multiple-partner-sex or whatever particular details are involved in what they do behind closed doors.

Deceit is bad. Fraud is bad. Physical or emotional abuse of a spouse or children or anybody is bad. Neglect of children is bad. But a guy with 3 or 4 wives - well, I don't see it as automatically bad. Only the spouses and God know for sure in this case, and they obviously aren't hurting anybody else in the community by their arrangement.

Fact is that various cultures and times have indeed approved and encouraged polygamy (one man, more than one wife) and polyandry (one woman, more than one husband). There are many places today where it is legal and acceptable, and it's not confined to one particular religion. It wasn't considered bad in biblical times, either. The law should only focus on the real abuses found in monogamous and polygamous relationships, not this benign stuff that just doesn't hurt the community. Just because our culture went in the direction of one-spouse-at-a-time doesn't mean that's the only moral choice. But regardless - everything that is immoral does not have to be illegal, just as many things that are legal are immoral.

1440 days ago

Lynn M    

Where are the Mormons now? Oh is OK for multiple wives and children with different women, just not same sex marriage, because that is a sin.

Posted at 6:09 AM on Oct 6, 2010 by rjinchi

First off, the name "Mormon" is a nickname for those who believe in the Book of Mormon. It is my understanding it was created by outsiders and used much in the way as the "n" word. Instead of allowing the word to harm, the LDS embraced the term, taking the power out of it. Anyone in the LDS (mainstream Mormon)church practicing polygamy is excommunicated.

Second, many LDS in Utah and surrounding states have roots from polygamous families that practiced prior to Utah becoming a state. These families were forced to break up when the US made the abolishment of polygamy a condition of statehood. I am from two of those families and no one in my family tree has continued the practice (nor do they want to).

I believe this is why there is a "tolerance" among some in Utah. It doesn't mean they agree with or want to be a part of it. Its just a fact of life that polygamists are there. Just as Hollywood and SF has more gays than many other areas of the country, therefore those around them are more tolerant/accepting of the gay lifestyle than those in less gay saturated areas. There, I said it.

It is telling that my 27 yr old daughter will defend gay marriage to the death but gets emotional and upset when I try to debate polygamy with her. Its called "indoctorination" and we all are affected by it. Just like the abortion issue, the gay/polygamist marriage issue is not going away soon. I predict my daughter's children will be making fun of her anti-polygamist "values" someday, too.

1440 days ago


this man is disgusting and the children in this family are going to have psychosocial problems for the rest of their lives! This man and the women who are 'married' to him whether its legal are not, have serious issues. I feel terrible for the women yet at the same time they are making women look TERRIBLE. This is 2010, we are equal human beings and teaching those children the way they are, those kids (especially the female ones) will never understand how they should be treated. THIS SITUATION DISGUSTS ME. I CANT BELIEVE TLC AIRED THIS- but im glad it has led to negative outcomes for the family

1440 days ago



1440 days ago


If you do something illegal and you flaunt it on TV, seriously, did they NOT think that they would get prosecuted? The law is only one spouse. It is against the law, TV show or not. They can't just ignore this. Seriously. When I saw the commercial I said "That won't be on TV long, they will be going to jail instead." Duh!!!

1440 days ago


Wouldn't put it past this guy to be having sex with his daughters.

1440 days ago


I've watched the show and I have to say that my heart is breaking for the current wives. it is hard to watch the obvious heartache that they put themselves through to satisfy his needs and desires. It is obvious that women's emotional needs are not truely met every fourth night. However they choose this lifestyle for whatever reasons and I dont believe they should be prosecuted particularly since they are working and raising their family without government aid. I would much rather see the government go after all of the welfare fraud and people who continue having babies for extra money in their checks.

1440 days ago


Who pays for all these wives and kids? Not him.

I bet it is welfare paying for his special right to have many wives and children.

They should be convicted of welfare fraud!

1440 days ago

Mrs T    

I think polygamy is sinful and crazy, but in this case, at least they are consenting adults.
My problem is that usually polygamists take advantage of the welfare system. The "wives" who are not married collect welfare and other benefits for their vast families.
I DON"T WANT TO PAY FOR THEIR NONSENSE!! Welfare is your tax dollars, my tax dollars, it is wasted on people who don't deserve it!!

1440 days ago


interesting to say the least !!! let them just live their lives!!!

1438 days ago


The fact of the matter is, this lifestyle has been around forever. TLC has just brought it to the public eye with it's show. They want to live this way and have made it work for themselves. Who are we to judge them. It may not be what we believe or how we want to live but again it's their lives. If you don't like it then don't watch it. Pretty simple. Try and keep in mind that they are a family and the children involved are innocents.

1438 days ago


you call them disgusting or bad. but there are just in love now i am married to only one man and i am the only wife but i believe that every one has the right to be happy in love

1435 days ago


The FLDS often practice what they call "bleeding the beast." This means that the wives that are not legally wed to the polygamist guy play the state and local governments for food stamps, WIC funds, and welfare for themselves and their children.So we all get to play a part in supporting these big happy families. Aside from the expenses involved, do we really think the earth can sustain so many people? After all,one man can bring any number of children into these marriages -- the more the better, according to their religion. I know this is true of many religious groups, but most are responsible for supporting their throngs by themselves. What ever happened to having a sustainable world population? This kind of unchecked reproduction only makes sense to the religious zealots who would have hordes of followers to promote their own religious ideals. This is how Joseph Smith added to his flock when LDS was just starting out, but even the Mormons now realize that polygamy is no longer feasible.

1435 days ago
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