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'Sister Wives' Polygamist Husband -- 4 Dates in 2 Days

10/5/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kody Brown -- the head of the polygamist family on "Sister Wives" -- had a busy 48 hours ... going out on a date with each one of his 3 wives ... and the new fiancee ... while finding enough time to clean up after his 13 kids.

It started on Saturday, when Kody took wife #3, Christine, on an ice cream date.

The next day, Kody grabbed his motorcycle and went for a ride with wife #1, Meri ... before squeezing in some quality time with wife #2 Janelle (the one in the purple).

The new woman in Kody's life -- Robyn -- also got some face time with her man this weekend .... during a his-and-hers grocery store run in which the couple picked up an 8 pack of paper towels ... which will probably last about 10 minutes.

FYI -- authorities in Lehi, Utah have announced they launched a polygamy investigation into the family after seeing "Sister Wives" .... but the Browns claim the show is "worth the risk.".


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This "family" is simply disgusting and shouldn't be showcased on television.

1482 days ago


Screw these people TMZ! I want to know what is happening with Lilo? Did she take her first rehab dump yet? Did she have to make her bed? Is she now whiter than a stick of glue or is she allowed to tan? Get on it! So far Lindsay has tweeted this from rehab, looks like she is not having fun:

"Time for din din then its scary movie night! I suggested a Prairie Home Companion Luv my room its so fancy but I still cant find the mini bar!"

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She later tweeted this:

"#twothingsthatdontmix Lindsay Lohan and sobriety. In other news after days of searching I found out my room does NOT have a mini bar WTF????"

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1482 days ago


another POS "family" that the tax payers of the state can support.....

1482 days ago


They are all consenting adults. I dont think there is much he authorities can do anyway. It will be argued under freedom of religon. Regardless of that whats the big deal, if you have watched the show they all seem happier then a lot of conventional married people i have encountered.

1482 days ago

artie help    

what kind of hollow soorry sheel of a person would get involved, never mind procreating like this.

1482 days ago


Stepford Wives.

1482 days ago


@Jen.....i don't think these people are on state assistance. Granted there are A LOT of poligimists that are. they all work except for Christine who is about to give birth and she cares for all the kids while all the others work.

1482 days ago


This is a great example of four women having the lowest self esteem ever!!!! I hope they make "Cody Boy" shower in between romps!!! Gross!!!!! Also, these women are not a very good example for the young girls growing up in that home. Is there a religion that supports women can have multiple husbands????

1482 days ago

moe l.    

Guy's got a thing for fat chicks.

1482 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

He is a pig, and the ladies are STUPID.

1482 days ago


All I see is a Man who loves to cheat!!Seeing it is only his first marriage that is legal!The others were commitment ceremonies, and are not legal. He cheats his wife is ok with this, his girlfriends are ok with this so leave them alone, and worry about that SOB, who rapes little girls!! I am not in favor of this, but guess what, that's not my life style choice, so North America Deal with it!!

1482 days ago


This is just effed up.

1482 days ago


Dear TMZ,
I think you're great and everything, but the coverage of "Sisterwives" should end. Nobody cares. They're creepy. And too bad "Sisterwives" sounds more like a show about lesbian incest. At any rate, I'd rather scroll past another Speidi story than run for the eye bleach after accidentally passing my eyes over those people.
Love, Emma

1482 days ago


The day I share my man with anyone, let alone a bunch of fat and ugly gals, I love when the one said, "oh, but, I'm cute too"
Really? Where? There is one pretty gal in the bunch, and she isn't in 'the family' yet.

This is a joke, no way are these women happy, no way. They are liars, they figure, and wrongly, that all men cheat, I'd rather have him in my house, at least I know what he is doing.

Sex must be nothing but a competition between them all. He can get a nob job from one, maybe some azzzz sex from another, and maybe another will shove a finger up his azzzz for him.

HE has it made while all these dumb women let him get away with it!

The day my man is dating while is married. Or thinking he is going to get another one thru dating!!! He is going to have a house full of them if they keep letting him.

There is truly an epidemic of stupid women in this country.

1482 days ago


TMZ, you gotta do something about the SPAM. It's really getting out of hand lately. Doesn't anyone on staff bother reading the comments? Or is someone shirking their job?

My comment on the story is- these women are not worth watching a show about. They belong on a therapist's couch not on a TV show. The husband belongs in jail.

1482 days ago
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