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'Sister Wives' Polygamist Husband -- 4 Dates in 2 Days

10/5/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kody Brown -- the head of the polygamist family on "Sister Wives" -- had a busy 48 hours ... going out on a date with each one of his 3 wives ... and the new fiancee ... while finding enough time to clean up after his 13 kids.

It started on Saturday, when Kody took wife #3, Christine, on an ice cream date.

The next day, Kody grabbed his motorcycle and went for a ride with wife #1, Meri ... before squeezing in some quality time with wife #2 Janelle (the one in the purple).

The new woman in Kody's life -- Robyn -- also got some face time with her man this weekend .... during a his-and-hers grocery store run in which the couple picked up an 8 pack of paper towels ... which will probably last about 10 minutes.

FYI -- authorities in Lehi, Utah have announced they launched a polygamy investigation into the family after seeing "Sister Wives" .... but the Browns claim the show is "worth the risk.".


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Proof that they will put any ole sh*t on TV!!

1482 days ago


Why in the hell are women so STUPID??? And can’t they at least be sterilized so they don’t raise any more kids to be just as stupid as they are? Can’t understand why anyone would let themselves be treated like a piece of property...then I actually looked at them and I guess they’re so grateful that any man would look at them they’d let themselves be owned like a dog...WOOF.

1482 days ago

Y do he got    

SOME MORMONS have 100`s of wifes and no one cares.Do jews have muti-wifes? or do they just lock them away somewhere?.Most countrys of the world have muti wifes and legal whore houses and china bashes in the heads of female babys.There are over 100 million females missing in the world as in DEAD but TMZ is just trashing mormons still..who cares? no one stays married in american anyway why does a fake jew..ish hollywood not look at itself? in the satellite sound scan image projections

1482 days ago


Stories need to stop referring to the three other women as wives. They are not wives, the are nothing more than insecure women who don't mind sloppy seconds, thirds and fourths. Only one woman is his legal wife. I'm sad that these woman don't have more self esteem and accept this life style. Would the so called husband allow any of his "other" wives to have another husband? I think not.

Because the other three are single moms I wouldn't be surprised to find out they are having their families subsidized by the taxpayers.

TLC has sunk to a new low. I have not watched this show and have no desire to.

1482 days ago

Y do he got    

MORMONISM sucks been there done that sucks,I would`t wish that upon anyone.NO human rights what soever and I was humping every chick I was told too at age four.Had my first child at age six..had 36 kids by age 12 plus sperm banked.I left the breeding grounds at age 12 but I was told I was 14.Never saw most my of my brothers is my son hidden and he hates me.Lies all the way around no mormonism should be stopped no human rights there in a anti-american act just as frats do anti-american actives so do the mormons and anyone who doesn`t abide by internation human rights

1482 days ago


if this lifestyle is allowed to slip under the radar, it'll be yet another destructive defiance to enter into the destruction of the American family... then we'll have all sorts of crazy permutations to contend with (e.g. bisexual polygamists and their children)- I know that wasn't PC, my bad. Get pissed, you'll get over it. The genie is out of the bottle, and it's has no intention of going back in.

BTW, it's a mighty good thing that POS has all those wives, I noticed that he had four change of clothes in 2 days, doing the wash for him must be monumental task.

1482 days ago

always amazed    

I feel sorry for the daughter who said she would beat the crapt out of a womean if she touched her man. Shes the only woman in the house with a btain.

1482 days ago


I think people should watch the show before they judge and come to false conclusions. 1 of the wives work and one goes to school, the husband works and the fiance works so they are certainly not on any type of assistance.

From what I have seen so far they are a very loving and tight family who have raised there kids well.

One reason why they wanted to do the show is to show people that not all polygamist families are bad. People hear about the compound in Utah where they marry children at young ages to men old enough to be there grandfathers and even to people related to them and because of this people assume that is how all polygamist are but that is untrue. You should not judge someone because they have bad seeds in there religion or faith.

Lets take black rappers as an example. You see them with gold teeth, pants falling off there butts, talking slang, etc. Now because these black rappers are doing this are you going to just assume all blacks are like this? That is basically what you are doing when it comes to this polygamist family.

Do not assume you know this family because of the news you have heard on other polygamist families. Take some time out and actually watch there show and get to know them before judging and if you do not like them after watching it then okay , atleast you took some time to educate yourself on them before shooting off your mouth and insulting them. One thing that I have just never been able to stand is people who run there faces but are to lazy to educate themselves on the matter so they have no idea what they are talking about. You midst well not speak/post because everything you are saying/writing is crap you know nothing about

1482 days ago


I guess some people will believe in anything. Such a shame there are so many ignorant women who need guidance from a coward hiding behind religion! Not completely surprised though. I work with a mormon whose husband is a deacon/bishop/loser, she works everyday, of course he has no job (hides behind the church), gives 10% of her paychecks to the church and is controlled by the church. What kind of woman pays for a man, pays a church and expects her 2 teenage sons to respect her or him. One son moved out, the other is on his way out. How can you expect your kids to respect a man who has no job, lays up on their mother and thinks he can say one word to those boys. I personally think she's just as stupid as these women here. But again, I guess some women need that kind of guidance. Her and these women are nothing more than MORONS and deserve this lifestyle! If they are stupid enough to get involved, than stupid is how you are treated. Ladies, get a backbone, an education & career, if he isn't bringing what you have to the table or more - what's the point!

1482 days ago

always amazed    

Can they bring home a man or would that be cheating. Id bring home a man and throw his ass out.

1482 days ago


Actually wife #3 had a date with kody Friday night because i was walking behind them after they came out of the Cinemark movie theater in American Fork Utah. He acts as strange in real life as he does on tv. Is his life even a "real" life? NO

1482 days ago


I find it quite eye opening into the heavy girls personality that she is the only one not complaing thinks she is insecure about her weight so to offset this- she pretends to be all hunky dory with everything. The first wife looks miserable and so does the pregnant one except she is just more lively.

1482 days ago



1482 days ago


He has one legal wife & one leagal kid. There are 3 un wed mothers & a dozen kids collecting welfare, food stamps, medicare & lord knows what else. Polyamist communities account for 65% of the welfare compared to 6% of the general population. Polygamy is a scam.

1482 days ago

Ur Gay    


1482 days ago
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