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Terry Bradshaw -- Back on Roethlisberger Bandwagon

10/6/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pittsburgh Steelers legend Terry Bradshaw is finally saying something nice about Ben Roethlisberger -- keep him on your fantasy football team.


The Steelers legend was in DC yesterday -- and when TB was asked for some fantasy football advice ... he totally had Roethlisberger's back.

A little surprising, considering Terry publicly ripped Big Ben just last month -- saying the Steelers should've "dropped" Ben's ass during the off-season for all of his controversial off-the-field antics.

Then again -- in football ... and fantasy football ... winning fixes everything.

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Ben is a PIG!!!!!!!! Big man thinks ALL the ladies want him!! HELL 2 the NO!!!! Your $$$$$$$$$ doesn't empress me `` B!TCH!!

1487 days ago

Lynn M    

What happened to my post? You take the legitimate posts and leave the spam?

I guess we'll see how the Utah common law marriage law plays into this case, because, without it, I just can't see a case. If they do get charges, you can bet this will be challenged all the way to the top. I think that is what Ben hopes happens. Basically a waste of taxpayer dollars, as I see it. One giant money hole.

1487 days ago


I don't know what is going on with Big Ben, but he has not been back to play just yet to garner this kind of support, imo... When Ben comes back, there is a good chance he will not do so good...Just because he won a cpl Super Bowls, that does not matter, a lot of stuff has happened this past year and I think him smashing his head on Grant Street a couple years back in that motorcycle mishap also messed him up more than we know.....plus he seems to think he has this entitlement thing going on, and he is really not a kid anymmore to walk around like that....Oh well. Hope he comes back and proves Terry right! But I am not holding my breath....:/ Quite honestly I am surprised the Rooneys kept him...whether he is guilty or not of those charges, it is obvious his off-field conduct is embarrasing....:/ Ben settle down and find a good girl and have a couple kids....Stop playing hide the weinie with every drunk -ss skank you see....:/

1487 days ago


HEY TMZ...way to get to the REAL story!! Is that a wedding band on ol' Terry?? Tell me he found a FOURTH woman to be his wife!

1486 days ago

Dave In Tulsa    

Loved the 70s Steelers and still do, but the QBs of the 70's cared more about their image than they do now. I remember seeing them on TV shows, and in movies. Now it's frat parties, and strip joints. Terry was right even though Ben didn't like hearing it.

1486 days ago


Bradshaw has the brain of a tse tse fly, who cares what he thinks?

1486 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Bradshaw is a clown. He's just jealous that Big Ben is more popular than he was as a Steeler. Team Ben. NO charges ever filed. Only reason why he was suspended is because the players union bows down to some jack off like Roger Goodell. Here we go Steelers, Here we Go!!

1486 days ago


The only one who cares what the bald headed "has been" has to say is himself. Lets hear you start rippin on Ray Lewis, Santonio Holmes, Stallworth, etc....... The man made a mistake, he said he is sorry. Let hime prove that, until then SHUT THE F(@K UP ! Why are you holding this over his head ? Oh that's right. he is better than you. He doesn't have the luxury of having 2 of the best receivers in the league making outstanding catches on wounded duck throws. That good ol boy s#$t went out with your hair. I would love to see Howie bitch slap you. Maybe Jo Jo got something to add, unless you paid her to be quite. We all know you never did anything wrong, huh. Go away you hair club for men reject.

1486 days ago


Bradshaw is a jealous azz. Period. Ben has broken just about every one of his team records and is better than Terry ever was.

Ben was guilty of nothing other than poor judgement. He was in a bar drinking, saw a cute girl who was also drinking, and he gets blamed for "hitting that azz"?? Then she gets pizzed because he didnt kiss her or want to snuggle afterwards, and she saw the opportunity to milk him for money? WTF, hes a young straight male, and just about any young straight male wouldve done the same. No charges, guilty of nothing.

1486 days ago


Ben is plain and simply a PIG. He has made more than one mistake. He has given our Steeler team, our City, and our fans a bad name. Now when the Steelers take th he field sports fans all over the country are calling us the team with the "Rapist" for a quarterback. He wasn't charged because he had enough money to "make it go away"; but he can't ever erase the filth that came out of the DA's records that were released. Unless you've read them, please don't defend him. He is and always be a PIG.

1486 days ago


"He wasn't charged because he had enough money to "make it go away"

Awesome how the whole innocent till proven guilty thing applies to some people, yet not others.

"If they do get charges, you can bet this will be challenged all the way to the top. "

What charges would those be exactly? Last I heard there have been no charges that have ever been brought up against him. I don't count the the hotel lady who bragged to all her friends about having sex with a NFL Superstar. Then claiming one year later he raped her in civil court trying to get money a real legitimate case.

Don't get me wrong I think hes s***, and needs a huge lifestyle adjustment, but people picking, and choosing who they want to demonize is pathetic.

1486 days ago


Dustin, The only one who demonized Ben Rothlisberger is Ben Rothlisberger. He doesn't need any help in that department.

1486 days ago


Maria, go snuggle with your girlfriend. Spose Ray Lewis bought his way out too. You are one of the ones that wants God taken out of the pledge right ? Go drink your coffee or latte and maybe you'll wake up to the fact NO CHARGES WERE FILED ,END OF STORY. If you don't like him, don't watch him, lots of us think he was wrong. But the truth of the matter is, he still recognized he did wrong even W/O BEING CHARGED and is trying to make ammends. I suppose you were present at the nightcub ? And I gaurantee someone has done you wrong at least once in your miserable life, and you forgave them, burn your glass house !

1486 days ago

mr connecticut    

Ironic isn't it that Merril Hoge becomes Big Bens mentor? Who better than the man who sits in Southington, CT bars and restaurants and non stop hits on and takes home peoples wifes...lol isn't he married? I have seen him eat dinner in inappropraite manners and "fratenize" with at least a dozen different women... You say only 12 or so, well I don't go there very often...lol. During Football season he stays here near ESPN. He was working my buddy's wife so hard he was texting her at like 3 am all the time until my buddy told her to get out or get a new #... what a douche... go bang your wife or divorce her you tool, either way bang single chicks, there are tons.

1485 days ago


Learn to spell before you hate people. lol

1485 days ago
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