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'Transformers 3' Stunt Victim Sues Studios

10/5/2010 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The "Transformers 3" extra who suffered brain damage in a grisly on-set accident just slapped Paramount and DreamWorks studios with a lawsuit for negligence.

Gabriella Cedillo

The lawsuit -- filed in Cook County Court of Illinois -- alleges the studios and location managers for the film were negligent in coordinating and executing a stunt last month in Indiana. 

Gabriela Cedillo was an extra on the set when, as we previously reported, a tow cable being used for a stunt snapped, causing a piece of metal to slice through her skull.

The lawsuit claims a long list of failures on the part of the production team ... among them -- failure to use proper materials and proper welding, failure to provide adequate safety precautions, and failure to keep personnel on set at a safe distance.

The suit also claims the production, "Allowed untrained extras to drive their own vehicles within close proximity to a violent stunt involving large vehicles." Cedillo was driving her own car when the tow cable snapped.

Cedillo's attorney tells us she is completely paralyzed on the left side of her body, and she is currently at a rehabilitation center.

Cedillo is suing for unspecified damages in excess of $50,000. Paramount and DreamWorks did not immediately return our calls for comment.

UPDATE: A rep for Paramount says, "We are all terribly sorry that this accident occurred. The production will continue to provide all the help we can to Gabriela and her family during this difficult time."


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"She's a stunt person."

No she is not. You either can't read or are purposefully lying and trying to mislead tmz readers

1447 days ago


If that one lady was tired of defending Obama, then I am totally tired of defending Michael Bay. Sorry man, you pulled a John Landis (the Twilight Zone movie segment he directed where Vic Morrow and two undo***ented kids got decapitated because of his shoddy oversight) and you got someone hurt forever. You owe this girl an apology like you made those two guys apologize to you. And then you have to fork over AS MUCH AS IT TAKES for this girl to go through rehab and life. Send this guy to Director Jail and throw away the key. It's just a movie.

1447 days ago


see megan fox told us this director was wild and look what happened now no wonder why she left!

1447 days ago


What is even worse is that she has to sue in order for them to help her. They should immediately be paying to take care of her!!!

1447 days ago


She's not suing for $50,000. She has to state that she's suing in excess of $50,000 so that the court has jurisdiction over her lawsuit (probably filed in federal court). She's no where near totaling her damages and when she settles, it will be a HUGE figure - unless (I think) she somehow contributed to her damages (her own negligence, etc.).

And, she was a bank teller that paid something like $25 to use her personal vehicle in a movie. She was an extra trying to get into the business. Sounds like she won't be working anywhere for a long time, if ever again.

1447 days ago


It looks like she a good person she just want a little money not millons say alot about a person.

1447 days ago


She was was NOT a stunt woman. She was a paid extra, who along with other paid extras, drove their cars in the shot. The lawsuit allows for a check box of over $50,000 on the paperwork. She's sue for a lot more once the case gets going.

1447 days ago


I agree with everyone else. $50,000? If what the lawsuit says is factual she could get more than 10x that, the studio who is probably going to make 100 million off that film would probably pay the 50,000 right away in order to avoid her realizing she could get way more and up the damages. Her lawyer needs to be fired ASAP. Harvey, why don't you take over the case?

1447 days ago


WOW TMZ READERS ARE PRETTY STUPID. Why do the majority of you not know what in excess of $50,000 means? Why does everyone keep saying why is she only suing for 50,000. she's not. what's wrong with you people?

1447 days ago


22. see megan fox told us this director was wild and look what happened now no wonder why she left!

Posted at 4:09 PM on Oct 5, 2010 by Monica

She didn't leave. They didn't want her in the movie.

1447 days ago


more details on her injury

“It looks like she has vision loss in the left eye, which is sewn shut because there’s a paralysis associated with that and they don’t want her eye to dry out.”

and why the paperwork says in excess of $50,000
“In Illinois you’re not allowed to ask for a specific sum so ultimately the amount of money in this case will be determined by a jury.

1447 days ago


This was a freak accident! Nobody is responsible! Pathetic sue happy people..

You are whats wrong with this world.

my heart goes out to here, it is a terrible accident!
How do you think our injured soldiers feel?

They carry on without lawsuits.

1447 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

Everyone you're looking at this the wrong way. The amount she's suing for shouldn't be applicable because this sort of thing is usually covered by Worker's Comp. I don't know what the law is in CA, but where I live, the only recourse she would have would be WC. The only legal exception is gross negligence resulting in death.

1447 days ago


Popeye this was not a freak accident she was on a job site without proper safety measures taken.

She deserves to be compensated and it has nothing to do with being Sue happy she did not get a hangnail. She is 1/2 paralized and has lost use of one eye and brain damage for the rest of her life for what $50.00 to be in a &^%$# Movie. Charge everyone $1.00 more a ticket for her or take a few million from the actors, directors and etc. That are going to make millions from this movie. Geez, why are some people so selfish.

1447 days ago


you all should go back and sue your schools and teachers. Obviously they didn't teach most of you how to read & comprehend English!!!!!!!!!

1447 days ago
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