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'Transformers 3' Stunt Victim Sues Studios

10/5/2010 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The "Transformers 3" extra who suffered brain damage in a grisly on-set accident just slapped Paramount and DreamWorks studios with a lawsuit for negligence.

Gabriella Cedillo

The lawsuit -- filed in Cook County Court of Illinois -- alleges the studios and location managers for the film were negligent in coordinating and executing a stunt last month in Indiana. 

Gabriela Cedillo was an extra on the set when, as we previously reported, a tow cable being used for a stunt snapped, causing a piece of metal to slice through her skull.

The lawsuit claims a long list of failures on the part of the production team ... among them -- failure to use proper materials and proper welding, failure to provide adequate safety precautions, and failure to keep personnel on set at a safe distance.

The suit also claims the production, "Allowed untrained extras to drive their own vehicles within close proximity to a violent stunt involving large vehicles." Cedillo was driving her own car when the tow cable snapped.

Cedillo's attorney tells us she is completely paralyzed on the left side of her body, and she is currently at a rehabilitation center.

Cedillo is suing for unspecified damages in excess of $50,000. Paramount and DreamWorks did not immediately return our calls for comment.

UPDATE: A rep for Paramount says, "We are all terribly sorry that this accident occurred. The production will continue to provide all the help we can to Gabriela and her family during this difficult time."


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O.K., for those of you who think we "didn't read the article". Look at the wording! The amount clearly states $50,000 plus. That MEANS she set her minimum at $50,000. So she has left the door open to ONLY be awarded $50,000. Yes, it could go as high as infinity - but she should have started with a higher number as a MINIMUM.

Dumb a--es.

1425 days ago


Hey iamsuperdan. Change your name to iamstupiddan. she wasn't a paid stunt woman. She was a paid extra making $8/hr. HUGE difference, dunce.

1425 days ago


I knew this was bound to happen, obviously those involved were in a rush to do things the cheap way out and make a profit. I feel extras should be paid more than they do, they should also have the right to have benefits should something happen beyond their control like in this case.

1425 days ago


What the hell is an extra doing driving a car in a scene of a multi-million dollar movie?? Sorry, but these guys need to pay big. This is 100% negligence. Hopefully, next time the people will be more important than the deadline.

1424 days ago


I cant help but agree with everyone, 50k seems much to low. Judging from how much money Dreamworks and Paramount have ALOT more than that in their wallet. I think I can speak for all of us when I say SUE FOR MORE. My best of wishes is with you!

1424 days ago

John Etter    

My understanding is, she wasn't a stunt woman. She was a non-union extra working for low wages driving her car in the scene as they told her to do. A cable snapped and got her. I do extra work under SAG/AFTRA contract and know that sometimes you are put into hazardous positions.

1421 days ago


"50k plus" is a classified legal term. This indicates that the final agreed upon settlement can range MUCH MUCH higher ...

1417 days ago


Stunt people are exstas hire to do these dangerous stunts and also personally responsible to check out the situations before performing that peticular job. Did she do this? Take it from there.

1348 days ago


Don't worry people. They ended up getting 350,000, not 50,000. But I honestly think they deserved way more than that.

1187 days ago


@iamsuperdan, you're an idiot, she's not a stunt-woman. She was simply an extra and was in no way trained to do stunts in an capacity. That's why this is an issue. They should never have had her anywhere near this. Next time read the article before you post moron.

1142 days ago

Joe donner    

So clearly the First A.D Should be fired. How can he continue to work when people actually got injured. Double standard?

1096 days ago

jat nano    

The brain is a tricky thing

1096 days ago


You know, After reading all of these comments have shown me how much stupidity there is in the world. However I would like to put in my opinion which I might add was never mentioned. First off the majority of you really need to go back to elementary to re-take English. Secondly, Is it not common sense to NOT drive onto a stunt set were they are dealing with extremely dangerous things? I honestly think so. To me (after reading up everything about it) has shown to me that this is both paramount, Dreamworks and her own negligence. Why would someone in the right mind drive onto a stunt set already knowing the dangers? If it was me I would be far away as possible until I am needed. Any how I do still agree that she should be taken care of and get the money she will need to continue surviving through out her rehabilitation and continue to receive payments for her medical expanses. There is a fine-line between greedy and what is needed to survive, So I believe she should only get what is needed to take care of her.

1022 days ago
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