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Benardo to 'Idol' -- I Survived Two Suicide Bombings

10/7/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ian Benardo ain't backing down from his $100 million lawsuit against "American Idol"-- in fact, he's so serious ... dude is comparing the "Idol" legal ambush to terrorist attacks he survived as an Israeli soldier.

1006_ian_benardo_TMZ_EX "Idol" lawyers want Benardo's lawsuit tossed out of court -- but the former contestant ain't taking the "Idol" counter-attack sitting down.

Dude just fired off a letter to the judge in the case claiming, "As a soldier who served in the Israeli Army and survived two suicide bombings, I hold equality close to my heart and won't back down due to intimidation."

As we previously reported -- Benardo is suing "Idol," claiming the show's producers "exploited" his sexual orientation by asking him to "gay it up" on national TV ... and "Idol" is fighting to dismiss the case.


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Shocking!! Isreali? I don't think they have a "don't ask don't tell" policy.

1486 days ago


Israel policies allow gay men and lesbians to serve openly and without discrimination or harassment due to actual or perceived sexual orientation. I guess I'm wrong Israel is gay.

1486 days ago


Is this a joke? Bernardo stop wasting your money filing lawsuits. What are the names of the producers who "Exploited your sexual prefrence?

You claim to be an Israeli soldier, survived 2 suicide bombings. You are such a drama queen.

1486 days ago


I really like number 5 picture
I have not seen anything like that since I was in highschool in 1987. We used to have those computer cards.

Anyway, those producers unfortunately are very well trained. They know the market. There was a dancer on so you think you can dance. He seemed a bit gay but sometimes not so much. The public simply was not voting for him even though he was a really good dancer. The judge said to him, the best advice I can give you is that you didn't get the votes because of your androgynous look. In the 1970s you could do it like David Bowie. Now, people want you to have the balls to choose. I guess now there will be a bisexual outing revolution.

If Bernardo was really talented like Adam Lambert he could still make millions. Adam did not win American Idol. Kris Allen did. How many people have heard of Kris Allen? He is just not quite as popular as Adam Lambert. Nice dude though. Truth is Bernardo is not talented.

My advice to Bernardo - change your name. In Canada, Bernardo means ONE thing only - sex craved pervert who killed at least 2 girls, raped dozens of girls and has been linked to at least one other death and watched his girlfriend kill her sister so that he could have sex with her sister. It is a name with bad karma.

He should try a stage name like Iza Singing Soldier. lol

1486 days ago


OH, so he'd never seen the show? What did he think they were going to say? Well, you know what they tell you to do in a bombing situation, duck and cover. No wonder he survived. Hey Ian, burst into flames!

1486 days ago

Sin D    

He will go away soon like a FITW. Yes...a Fart In The Wind.

1486 days ago


I wish this guy jumped off the bridge instead of that other guy in Jersey

1486 days ago


Hey, more power to him.

1486 days ago


This idiot is obviously shell-shocked from his soldier days and needs some serious psychiatric help!

1486 days ago


Sorry twinkle toes, but sucking dix is all you are good for. Well maybe taking a banana up your arse is another talent, but that's about it because you are ugly too, you little queebie.

1486 days ago


A biological error.

1486 days ago


He also claims the song Alejandro by Lady Gaga is about him and is suing her for not titling it Bernardo.

1486 days ago


we get it dude. you wanted a moment in the spotlight and you got it. now please go away. This isn't going to make you a star. you have the personality of a slug.

1486 days ago


Wow your gay!!!

1486 days ago


So have any of you guys actually audition for AI? Just curious I had a friend who auditioned and the producers dismissed her becuase they weren't really going for country this year! and then he proceeded to shoooo her away and this girl could I am honestly not surprised about this..The producer's shouldn't be allowed to treat people like that. I get they want ratings but to make it all for show is ridiculous. I mean come on now..JLo as a judge she cant even sing...she is a much better dancer than singer..yuck...Te show is goind down hill anayways no one really cares about the show...there not looking for talent they are honestly looking for people they can exploit for more publicity...This guys lawsuit will end up dismissed and hell be out of plenty of let him fight for what he feels is right and for people to talk down on him because of where he's from its people like you(racists) that make this country so hated. Get over yourself and leave him alone if he feels like they wronged him then they wronged him...remember the lady who sued McDonald's over coffee(we all know coffee is hot, just like she did)however she played the role of a dumba** and she ended up winning...she was probably just a stupid fat, lazy chick and im pretty sure shes still that fat lady and still goes to McDonald's. So either way hes sueing what does it matter to you anyways...They shouldnt have treated him that way and I believe they told him to gay it friend said her experience with AI was horrible to where she would never do it again. AI can suck a BIG ONE!!! IS THAT GAY ENOUGH FOR YOU AI?

1486 days ago
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