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'Dexter' Star Sues -- Medical Prop Almost Killed Me

10/6/2010 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brando Eaton -- who recently starred on "Dexter" -- claims he needed counseling for some terrifying flashbacks ... but not because he played the son of a killer -- it's because he was on "Miami Medical."

Brandon Eaton sues.

Eaton claims he was the victim of a horrifying prop mishap on the set of the failed medical show last year -- when he played a character who was supposed to be shocked with a cardiac defibrillator ... but the prop medical device wasn't really a prop.

In a lawsuit filed in L.A. County Superior Court, the 24-year-old claims the prop company failed to inform the actors that the defibrillator on set was a "real working device" -- so when another actor applied it to Eaton's chest for a scene ... it sent real electrical charges through his body.

Eaton claims he had to be rushed to the hospital -- and afterward, needed "treatment and counseling for the anxiety, flashbacks and apprehension from this incident."

In his suit, Eaton claims he could have been killed -- and wants the prop company to fork over some serious cash for the alleged mishap.


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Although a normal defib shouldn't send a shock if it can detect a heartbeat, there is always the chance it malfunctioned or was used improperly. The article did say it was another actor and not a trained professional applying it to him. I think he has every right to sue since he could've easily been killed.

My question is why the hell were they using a REAL one and not an actual prop where there would be absolutely no chance of injury? That defeats the purpose of it being a "prop". Apparently, film crews have learned nothing from tragedies like Brandon Lee's death.

1447 days ago


what a wimp - awhhhhh - stressed out

1447 days ago


It really happened! I know the guy. He is not a money hungry kind of guy. And we all know if this happened to the son/daughter of a rich, famous movie star they would sue the ass off of everyone involved! And get a good settlement in the process. But because it happened to a "nobody" everyone is deciding he doesn't deserve to be compensated for something that could have killed him! Believe me if it happened to anyone of you no one would "suck it up" and move on.

1447 days ago


So I've been shocked with one of those while alive to reset WPW, an abnormal arrhythmia. After, I also had recurring dreams of the shock. The shock itself felt like I ran into a brick wall and then everything turned bright freaking orange. I also had rectangular shaped burn marks on my chest!

In regards to this guys lawsuit, perhaps its affecting him more than i.

1447 days ago


An AED is different from a defibrillator used in a medical setting. While an AED is designed not to shock when there's electrical activity in the heart(due to a lack of training of lay people), there are many times that a doctor or paramedic needs to shock a heart when there is activity. Unless it's set to a special setting called synchronized cardioversion (which the actors wouldn't know about if they couldn't even tell it was the real thing), it very well could shock the heart at the wrong point in it's electrical cycle and stop it completely.

1447 days ago


In reference to my last post, if there are any medical personnel reading this, I do understand it's actually organized electrical activity I'm talking about an AED not shocking for, I just don't feel like holding an entire cardiology class to explain the difference. :-)

1447 days ago


He should sue and they should have to fork out big bucks. This type of mistake in unacceptable period. Yes he absolutely could have been killed so they need to be taught a lesson. In situations like this certain things need to be checked,double checked and triple checked to make sure everyone's safety is a number one priority. The prop company dropped the ball.

1447 days ago


While a defibrillator will only "shock" certain heart rhythms, a monitor/defibrillator is controlled by the operator and "shocks" as demanded. Defibrillators DO NOT "shock" when there is no heart beat. They "shock" certain rhythms in an attempt to "shock" the rhythm back into a normal heartbeat. A monitor/defibrillator relies on the person who determines the rhythm to "shock" or not. Being in the medical field, I can see a working monitor/defibrillator being used as a prop. As long as the batteries were charged and the settings were correct, it would "shock" no questions asked.

1447 days ago


If this is for real, then he's not really doing anything wrong by suing. If charged high enough and used on someone with a normal heartbeat, a defibrillator can kill you. I don't know how legitimate this story is, but if it was a working defibrillator and it actually shocked him, they should be held accountable. It's risky for a little-known actor to sue (especially if the claim is determined to be false), but we'll see what happens.

That being said, I agree with Quinn: Brando should be happy he's not another Brandon Lee. I've lived in Wilmington my whole life and have worked for different Screen Gems productions on and off over the years...I remember that incident very clearly. What a terrible, tragic accident. This guy should be grateful it wasn't something much worse.

1446 days ago


Im a medic in Los Angeles. This guy (Im assuming) got shocked with a MANUAL defib, the one with the paddles NOT an AED. AEDs are very safe and would not shock him. Most movie companies want to use the manual because of the "paddles". We really dont use them anymore, everything is now hands free, but is not dramatic enough. Yes this guy is lucky to be alive. Im glad he is OK. This guy must have had a spiritual experience even at the lowest setting. WOW , im glad he is ok.

1446 days ago


C'mon guys! Clearly you can see from that face that he got shocked. His muscles haven't even relaxed yet. Poor, stupid putz.

1446 days ago


If this is true, he has a real case for negligence via the prop company. A prop does not have to be functional, after all, to make a good prop. I hope he gives them a black eye!

Although I do hope they got it on video... can't beat a realistic reaction like that, eh?

1446 days ago

Paramedic Instructor in Michigan    

Let's try and clear up some confusion...
An AED is an AUTOMATED External Defibrillator- and it uses an internal computer to look for a specific heart rhythm that needs to be shocked (it does not check for a pulse... it checks for a rhythm).
A standard DEFIBRILLATOR (notice there is no letter U in this word... lol) is operated by a medical professional, and is MANUALLY triggered... push the shock button or buttons, and it delivers a shock... it does not rely on any input other than the user pushing the buttons....
I will gladly expand on the nuances of these devices if there are more questions...
THEREFORE- someone, anyone or anything can be shocked by a functioning manual defibrillator regardless of victim condition.

1446 days ago


What a frickin' 'modar detects a pole smoker.

1446 days ago


What a *****!

1445 days ago
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