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Polygamy Family Gets Really Good Lawyer

10/6/2010 7:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kody Brown and wives have a powerful new legal force behind them -- TMZ has learned ... constitutional law guru Jonathan Turley is now representing the "Sister Wives" family in the polygamy investigation, and he's willing to fight it all the way.

1006_jonathan_turly_sister_wives_EX3Turley -- a professor at The George Washington University Law School -- tells TMZ he is ready, willing and able to sit down with the Utah County Attorney and make a case why his clients should not be prosecuted.

Turley says absent some proof that the family is engaged in child abuse or other crimes, Utah prosecutors almost never prosecute for polygamy.  Turley is quick to note there is absolutely no evidence of child abuse or other crimes in the Brown family.

Turley points out ... although Utah prosecutors have a lot of discretion in deciding when to prosecute someone, people can't be hauled into the criminal justice system simply because they've gone on TV and become high profile.  In legalese, it's called "selective prosecution" ... and it's illegal.

Turley says his goal is to convince prosecutors to leave the Brown family alone. But he says if his clients are prosecuted, he'll fight it hard. Turley would not say outright that he'll make this a test case and push it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, but he made it clear ... he will do everything it takes to clear his clients if they're prosecuted.


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I have a wife and more girlfriends and F-buddies than he has kids. Prosecute me biatchs. Whether your chicks live with you or around town, it's not the states business who you bang and how many babies mommas you have. Just ask a black guy.

1480 days ago


Who is the US Government to try to tell people how to run their lives??? It is the suppression of this religion that has caused so much abuse to young women.

1480 days ago

Lynn M    

Polygamy serves no purpose other than to satisfy a narsasstic man's low self-esteem. He's so unbelieveably full of himself and I can't believe these dumb women who have created a monster by buying into his crap. The guy wants to rule a kingdom of women - who all have his children and then he gets to look at a hundred faces that look just like HIM.


Have you ever thought that at the time of the institution of this practice in the beginnings of the new church, that there may have been a huge imbalance of males to females and this was a way that women could marry in the faith? That these men of faith prayed on it and this was the solution that "came" (or was revealed) to them? Just food for thought. Face it, most marriages are less about sex and more about relationship.

In other words, the practice was born of necessity. I've yet to read anything that takes a look at that angle. It's always the 'dirty, old men angle".

1480 days ago


so what if he has a wife and 3 girlfriends? how is that a crime? they arent hurting anyone.who cares how many women he having all that cocaine in her purse is a crime, and they let her off? sneakin across the border is a crime, drinkin while flat azz drunk is too .. many crimes here to choose who really cares about this guy with his holmely women. meh.

1480 days ago

KATHY =( ^-^ )=    

Just a random thought. If they ever legalize "GAY MARRIAGE",then I think anything goes. At least the sex is matched with what God intended.I think the Lawyer should argue that. It is more normal in "normal" nature. This is what happens when you open a whole can of worms. I would disagree with the other,then this case.

1480 days ago

Lynn M    

Polygamy is only illegal if there are legal marriage do***ents that bind the "husband" with all of his "wives". Legally, he is only married to one of these women. If his wives are okay sharing then what does it matter to us. Yes, they have gone on television, but again, if you don't agree with their lifestyle, change the channel and don't read any articles about it. Seems pretty simple to me.

Posted at 4:28 PM on Oct 6, 2010 by Marie

Apparently, Utah bigamy laws, are written in a way to prevent this type of cir***vention of the laws. Those who sought statehood in Utah were forced to put this into law in order to achieve statehood. I'm sure that those practicing polygamy tried to cir***vent the system at the time of statehood, thus forcing the law to include such a scenario.

1480 days ago


What lawyer doesn't see a benefit in supporting this case, just look at the OJ case. It's not like they have to win, it's just good PR.

Sounds like these women have all drank the Koolade, why would you want to be married to the same man.

The state of Utah is just messed up all together, maybe we should redirect our military in to reclaim the state. It's like Afghanistan in the heart land.

1480 days ago


Turley is right - selective prosecution is NOT permissible; this is coming from another licensed attorney!

He's a brilliant man and they are lucky to have him as a lawyer.

1480 days ago


Polygamy is a crime. They decided to participate in a t.v. show about their life. I suspect that they are not doing the show for free and you cannot profit from a crime.

1480 days ago


WHat I dont understand is a man can have six babies momma's living off the government yet when a man and multiple women want to do it and love one another its wrong...then its time to cut off every mans **** in america who has more than one mother to his children

1480 days ago


I'm a white male, and all I can say is that if this were a minority "Family" there's no way they'd get away with this sh*t!

1480 days ago


Who cares about these people? They are all adults. If you want to investigate someone, investigate the people that "marry" 12 year olds. Utah is full of them.

1480 days ago



1480 days ago


I don't see a crime. Bigamy is when you leagally marry more then one person. He is only legally married to one woman. So him and his wife chose to have other woman live with them and be part of their family, so what. To each his own. The government needs to stop regulating how people choose to love. Its disturbing to me that we live in a free country (supposedly) And gays dont have the right to get married and a man can't live with more then one woman if he chooses that. They are trying to break apart a family that is working and functioning better then most so called normal families. That doesnt make sense to me at all.

1480 days ago

MJ Fan    

Well, although I don't agree with it, it's their business... if there was any kind of deception involved that would be a different story, but they are obviously all on the same page when it comes to their arrangement... - many cultures still do that, even singer Akon has a few wives...

I think its crazy myself, and I think the women obviously have insecurity issues for them to feel they have to share a man rather than have one all to themselves... I guess not much different to the Playboy Mansion really lol

1480 days ago
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