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Naked Cowboy for President

Kill Betty White?

10/6/2010 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Naked Cowboy finally took questions about his candidacy for President of the U.S. during a news conference today -- questions like, "Are you shocked so many people showed up to this nonsense?"

To give you an idea of how ridiculous it was, here are a couple other questions that people asked:

-- "Marry, F, Kill -- the lady on your left, on your right, or Betty White?"
-- "As a man who's never actually been naked in Times Square, do you think you're a dishonest politician?"

It's awesome. Check it out.


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Oh my gosh, several posters on here can't tell the difference between this jerk and Sarah Palin. You poor things.

1457 days ago


Of Course, He does not have a "snowballs chance in hell", but he is actually way smarter than Sara Palin. He has a degree in political science, is extremely well read, and he did make a bundle as "the naked cowboy" He already ran for Mayor of New York, and I guess he just wants this "stunt" under his belt, for when he writes his book, or someone does a do***entary on him down the line.

If Ron Paul, can't make any headway in a campaign.. But lets get real, all presidents are "selected" not "Elected", the powers that be, just want to give people the "illusion" of free will, and free choice. Not to mention the issues with the "electoral college" and the fact of how easily electronic voting, can be hacked, this is a known fact. Local elections, your votes do make a difference, but for the president, its just "a dog and pony show", your vote means nothing, except for a stat, how a certain state "went", ie Republican, Democrat etc. That's just reality.

1457 days ago

Sad sad    

Well, he is smarter than Bush. He might have a a chance.

1457 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Since when do you need to be qualified to run for President? Either you need a rich wife, or a famous father.

1457 days ago


ANYTHING'S better than what we have now!

1457 days ago


He's a prime candidate for the Tea Party.

1457 days ago


**** you TMZ. the press conf was ****ing terrible then it ended and finally got interesting. the new yorker asking the michael jackson impersonator why he was dressed up as a child molester was classic yet you decided to cut it off. the naked cowboy is not, nor will he ever be news (until he dies and he is a foot note on the obit page).

1457 days ago

John Stone    

Did he expect a serious press conference?

1456 days ago

Heath Bowling    

Actually he's a pretty cool cat and he actually lives around Cincinnati not in a box by the Hudson. The funny thing is he is actually intelligent as ****. He also has a bachelor degree in Political Science and also his father is a career politician so you might want to do your research before you go wise cracking on him. Will he beat Obama probably not but he is good humor with all the seriousness going on in America. In other words he's a phenomenal stress reliever.

1450 days ago
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