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Octomom Can Wash Foreclosure Right Outta Her Hair

10/7/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom's in luck -- she's been offered another get-rich-quick opportunity that doesn't involve nudity ... just some bizarre hair washing and a little tickle, tickle ... for a fetish website.

1006_nadya_suleman_doc_launch_EX (the same site that offered LiLo $50,000 to pop some balloons) just sent Nadya Suleman a letter -- obtained by TMZ -- offering her $20,000 ... and all she has to do is wash her hair on camera and put up with a little tickle torture.

The $20,000 can easily cover Octo's $7,500 in back mortgage payments -- and we're told that might just buy her extra time to come up with the $450,000 she owes on top of that.



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jim smith    

this is a porn site. what kind of clips do u think they selling? there's a connection with this company to devon james too. don't the writers research this stuff?

1446 days ago


Ok, after she pays the amount she owes, what is she going to use to pay for the next couple of months? She is getting what she deserves. That old hag thought by having all those babies, the public was going to reach out and help her....Not the case, she is only getting low level sponsors...STANK HEFFER!!!!

1446 days ago


Any modi*** of respect for this woman flew out the door when she decided to have more babies when she couldn't even support what she had. I guess we'll be seeing her face every few months when she's broke again. Poor little babies.

1446 days ago


Wow first Vivid offered over 400k to do a porno, then offered her 1k a day to do just production, and then this offer. She has to give in at some point. Grabbing popcorn and waiting.

1446 days ago


I told you this is all just another scam. Just watch. On Saturday, the landlord will give her another extension.

1446 days ago


She should have given up most of her children for adoption a long time ago, I still think she should

1446 days ago

So What    

Please get this loser of a person off this world and bring piece to the BS news seen.

1446 days ago


Number 1: Could care less about this nut case and Number 2: Don't even want to hear her name. She is disgusting and obviously and little off balance. Where is her father, who said in an interview, that he was getting her a house. I guess he is like her and just wanted his face on camera.

1446 days ago


Why doesn't she just sue whoever did her lips? She could get a lot of money for that botched mess.

1446 days ago


Great, she is getting all these job offers so she can go away now and stop expecting the public to take care of her.

1446 days ago


She needs to do the job and take the money because frankly I don't want her and all those kids on welfare that I have to pay for

1446 days ago


F*ck her. She has several very lucrative offers on a table at a time when the economy is the worst it's been in 30+ years. If she isn't willing to do whatever she has to do o make things work then f*ck her. I look forward to her loosing the house just like the rest of us would. If she can't support the kids then it's time for child protective services to start taking her children away until she can support the ones who are left with her.

And whatever happened to the fertility doctor who got this single mother train wreck, who was never able to support her other children properly, pregnant with 8 more kids?

He's the irresponsible son of a b*tch that should be paying through the nose for eight of those kids.

1446 days ago

Dina Lohan    

WTF, I love how Nadya is pretending to be users on here and posting comments like "Team Nadya". Hey looney bitch get off of here and take care of your children.

1446 days ago


This scuzbucket wants to stand there sporting a camel-toe with her tits hangin out and feign like she`s too virtuous to accept these job offers. What a joke. Hey, Nadya? There`s a REASON you`re only getting offers from the adult entertainment industry. You`ve spent alot of money trying to look like a porn star. Maybe you shoulda used that money to pay for the house you`re squatting in? You know, for the sake of the children?

1446 days ago


Why can't deserving people WHO MAKE AN HONEST LIVING get offered hundred of thousands to pay off their houses when in debt?

1446 days ago
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