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Octomom Can Wash Foreclosure Right Outta Her Hair

10/7/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom's in luck -- she's been offered another get-rich-quick opportunity that doesn't involve nudity ... just some bizarre hair washing and a little tickle, tickle ... for a fetish website.

1006_nadya_suleman_doc_launch_EX (the same site that offered LiLo $50,000 to pop some balloons) just sent Nadya Suleman a letter -- obtained by TMZ -- offering her $20,000 ... and all she has to do is wash her hair on camera and put up with a little tickle torture.

The $20,000 can easily cover Octo's $7,500 in back mortgage payments -- and we're told that might just buy her extra time to come up with the $450,000 she owes on top of that.



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"Just because Nadya had 14 kids does not make her a sex attic"
Posted at 4:58 AM on Oct 7, 2010 by Kimba10

Who's having sex in the attic? LOL- the laughs I get from the grammar of the octominions is worth slogging through their idiotic arguments.

1475 days ago


Pickles.....Madya stated that she would have enough money ,based upon a loan,to support her family for one week, but that did not preclude her spending donation, begfest money...and any other... [?] undeclared, invisible financial order to satisfy her personal greeds...err.....needs....

1475 days ago


Nadya is Satan. There are no other words for someone that puts themselves ahead of their children like her. She needs an exorcism. Team Satan.

1475 days ago


Hold the press...Kimba 10..." sexus atticus".........Are you saying that you are privy to Madya's sexual predelictions...?

1475 days ago


There are 195 million starving children in the world? Explain to me again why people should donate to this self-serving woman?

1475 days ago


as i one million dollar bill is still up for grabs!! :D

1475 days ago


don't 14 children on welfare almost add up to like $450,000??! a month?!!! i swear i read that somewhere in a welfare paper...

1475 days ago

Snow White    

Oh goody- maybe she'll do it and finally wash that stringy hair of hers.

I don't get the tickling though- why would anyone want to hear that rabid hyena laugh of hers? **shrugs** I guess it must be for those with an animal fetish.

1475 days ago


The CA taxpayers would pay her the $20,000 just to wash our hair of her and for her to move to another state and drain their budget. No nudity required just be sure to take your used granny drawers with you. By the way, an extra $20,000 to take your deadbeat king and queen of foreclosures mom and dad with you also. Only deal breaker is you cant ever come back here. Best offer you have gotten so far....

1475 days ago

ben macken    

never knew washing someones hair on camera could make you money

1475 days ago


Who she can't handle it then why should she be handed a job? GEEZ, should I pop out 14 kids? Will everyone give me a great paying job?? I hope she loses it maybe she will realize that things shouldn't be handed to people but worked for.

1475 days ago


That's ashame. Once again she gets bailed out of a situation. I actually was looking forward to seeing her home foreclosed and her bankrupt.It would have served as a good wakeup call. Instead of living her life with a sense of entitlement.

1475 days ago


This entire situation has an overriding fetid stench. Stress, worry, view of her implied destitution....having to resort to a loan, that would support her fourteen children for one week only..... Her demeanor did not project a dire situation. Neither did her physical appearance.
I give no creedence to her destitution claim.Her overt lifestyle does not support it. And I would question that which is covert...As an obvious.....I would direct my attention to her retained lawyer..Czechbook, Hormoney...err.Harmoney Enterprises.
I also am suspicious of Haddadin ....Frankly, I highly doubt that she has been in any real danger of eviction....Instead, she has garnered publicity ....which equates in her case with Money....
and 'little opportunities'....
Kimba 10,Aileen...and other 'christian' people of that ilk......take your saintly selves to your respective banks..and transfer your own funds to support her lifestyle...
And Kimba yourself a bar of soap,a brush, and scrub your potty mouth.

Well said Maxcat...she has longsince lost her sense of shame, dignity,self-respect.and I shall add....credibility.......
It is time for her to stop utilizing her children to carry the weight of what she should be a 'real' mother...not a 'mother in name' only ......

1475 days ago


Lucifer, so eloquently said. You have correctly interpreted the strange theatrics as just a ploy for extra spending money. You know Target, Disneyland, plastic surgery for Mommy (however not the baby with a cleft palate), mani pedis, brazilian blow outs, etc. She is committing fraud.

1475 days ago


Well said Lucifer. The drama is all about getting someone else to take on the big ticket items like the house so she doesn't have to touch her capital. Considering this, it makes her sale of her childrens' toys as part of her theatrics all the more reprehensible.

1475 days ago
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