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Octomom Can Wash Foreclosure Right Outta Her Hair

10/7/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom's in luck -- she's been offered another get-rich-quick opportunity that doesn't involve nudity ... just some bizarre hair washing and a little tickle, tickle ... for a fetish website.

1006_nadya_suleman_doc_launch_EX (the same site that offered LiLo $50,000 to pop some balloons) just sent Nadya Suleman a letter -- obtained by TMZ -- offering her $20,000 ... and all she has to do is wash her hair on camera and put up with a little tickle torture.

The $20,000 can easily cover Octo's $7,500 in back mortgage payments -- and we're told that might just buy her extra time to come up with the $450,000 she owes on top of that.



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You got it Pickles. This biotch would sell her own mother into white slavery and then spend the money on botox, lip plumpers, plastic surgery and Starbucks. Instead of spending thousands on plastic surgery, this POS should have sought out the best shrink and gotten some mental help as she is clearly deranged.

If she she is getting welfare and food stamps she should have to disclose her assests. How can she receive welfare and own that house? How can she receive food stamps and own any stocks? I hope the IRS investigates her crap company "Harmony Enterprises" and also that shyster Jeff Czeck. Hopefully BOTH of these scammers will get what is coming to them.

1424 days ago


I'll do it for 20k. I'd do some of it for 10k ;)

1424 days ago


Ha ha ha

Looks like Nadya is announcing she will do it it. kimba10 is Nayda Suleman's TMZ ID . And that pychotic sow is making approval grunts in that direction. Comparing herself to Tony Braxton, no less. That's like comparing a hemmeroid to a nightingale.

Guess that will pay for her next booobjob.

My suggestion to whatever poor soul gets stuck with having to tickle that sewerbottom. Wear hazmat gloves and use a poison ivy branch.

1424 days ago


I STILL don't think Nadya deserves all the critisism she constantly receives. How many of you know a nice person who used to receive public assistance at one time or another. Even Whoopie Goldberg admits to having received it when she was much younger before her career took off--and most of these individuals don't even have close to the education that Nadya has. Yes, she did exercise bad judgment--we all do at some time in our lifetime--so what? She is NOT a bad person. She loves her kids and deserves some respect for a change. Obviously there is no one with money who agrees with me because not even one good soul has offered to help her to the extent she needs it--and it's really a shame. That man is so full of it that she is hiding money--she has had NO SUPPORT this whole time--nobody has been paying her large amounts of money the way that bitch Gosselin has done. He is delusional.

1424 days ago

vin dizzle     

so if i dont pay my rent will anyone send me a letter for video of me washing me toes .c;mon this is ridiculous . these people are LAME .

1424 days ago


I don't want to give this lady or her to many kids a dime. They will be getting my money soon enough when the slut goes on welfare

1424 days ago


Diane, if you still think she is a "nice" person and doesn't deserve the criticism, you clearly do not know the truth about her. Her attorney defends her because that's what he's paid to do, anyone else is just misinformed or stupid.

1424 days ago


NADYA please don't do porn please, some how some way things will work out for you, PLEASE DON'T LOWER YOURSELF TO PORN PLEASE.
don't let people get you to do the wrong things,

1424 days ago


This story is about oxsana gonna do porn, right?

1424 days ago


How is it porn? If she is in a swim suit in shower with one other person filming her non nude washing her hair? It is a process that we all do millions of times in our life's, we walk around the beach in swim suits they are proper attire in our would are they not? We all go to the beach we all go out to clubs we all eat out none of us knowing that there may be someone at the beach who is looking at your feet in the sand then masturbating to it. Or someone who just goes to the club to take pictures of girls armpits while dancing to masturbate to it. Everything is a fetish and who knows even you could of been the vision in some persons vision.

1424 days ago

Peanut Santiago    

"Just because Nadya had 14 kids does not make her a sex attic"
Posted at 4:58 AM on Oct 7, 2010 by Kimba10

I agree Kimba10. Nadya Suleman is clearly more of the sex "basement" kind of woman.

Posted on Oct 7, 2010 by PicklesLaRue

Thanks for my belly laugh of the day.
Nasty has a choice at present.....porno or welfare.

And most of the public really does not give a darn which she chooses.

A slut actually getting a JOB doing porn.....or a slut NOT getting a job and being supported on welfare.

Whatever she chooses is fine by me.

1424 days ago


She acts so offended by the porn offers. Apparently her mirror lies to her about her looks. She looks like she is auditioning for a part in a porn flick. She has DSL, and titays always on display along with her camel toe.

Do the porn octoslut, you know you want to. This is the only way you will achieve stardumb.

1423 days ago


Posted at 1:53 PM on Oct 7, 2010 by Diane
I totally agree with you. I hope someone who can afford to help Nadya and her kids does so with kind heart asking nothing distasteful and disgusting in return.

Posted at 9:27 PM on Oct 7, 2010 by Peanut Santiago
What makes Nadya a slut? There's no proof she sleeps around, no proof she ever cheated in her marriage. And she doesn't dress slutty or trashy. I wish you would define "slut" where Nadya is concern, peanut? So we'll all know what it means by your definition.

Posted at 1:19 PM on Oct 7, 2010 by dondonedone
Half the time I don't even know what you're talking about. I'm not even sure if you know what you are talking about? Listen, if Nadya does take this job offer, which I know you desperately want her to do, freak! Will you get off her back? Does this mean she really is lacking funds and desperately need the money to pay Amer? Or will this give you clowns more ammunitions to call Nadya a slut, tramp and other derogatory names? I'm personally not at all worried about Oct. 9 tho, because I know whatever Nadya decide to do would be right and benefit her family well being and will be thinking to hell with haters who aren't giving her crap. :)

Posted at 1:07 PM on Oct 7, 2010 by Sammy
Where is it written you can't own a home and receive welfare, social security or disability payments? And how many times does Nadya have to tell you people, that she haven't receive any assistance, any kind of benefits in nearly two years? Has anyone secretly reported Nadya's lying about that? TMZ and ROL with all their "Allege" resources has never said they were told she receive benefits. And even if she did, who gives a flying rat. It's what you haters wanted all along. For her to go back on welfare and continue being a burden on taxpayers and now you're complaining? Strange! FYI-- you can own a home, car, boat, life insurance, credit cards, student loans and have a bank account with six hundred dollars saving and still receive benefits. Just so long as you report your assets. For crying out loud, ask TMZ Harvey, he's a lawyer. Or you can just do as I did and google it at

Posted at 12:15 PM on Oct 7, 2010 by Edward
How Nadya spends her own money is her own business, not yours. Would you like someone telling you how to spend your disability checks and counting every penny spent? If you all spent less time hating on Nadya and more time with your own personal lives. You may just make someone a half way decent wife, husband, gf/bf and parent. Gees from the way you all talk. Y'all act like you never known anyone on welfare, social security or disability. People in the real world don't live in y'all make believe perfect world. Everybody have problems, even you. It's just ashamed you don't realize it.

1423 days ago

Bobby Hill    

That is hilarious.

Hope she does it.

1423 days ago


They think people would pay to hear Octomom's annoying ass laugh?

1423 days ago
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