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Oksana: I'm Washing My Hands of My Bodyguard

10/6/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva says she was as shocked as the next guy after learning that her key confidante and bodyguard was a twice over felon with a history of impersonating a cop with guns ... this according to her interview with People.


Oksana told the reporter this about Kristian Otto Herzog: "He was somebody that was supportive of me.  I didn't know anything about [his record].  I'm withdrawing any communication with him."

TMZ broke the story, Herzog got out of jail several months ago after serving 255 days for impersonating a cop with a loaded gun.

Judge Scott Gordon issued a restraining order against Herzog Monday, prohibiting him from going near Lucia.

As TMZ first reported ... before seeking the restraining order Mel's people contacted Oksana and explained their concerns about Herzog, but she refused to take action.


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In this country we believe in background checks. Heck, we even Google ourselves every few minutes!

1445 days ago


I don't belive a word this money-grubbing ugly bitch says at all anymore. I'm sure she knew.

1445 days ago


You got thrown under the bus Mr. Potato Head. The Violet Kowel threats were what made you a liability.

1445 days ago


I call BULLS*IT!

1445 days ago


Another ho that needs to take responsibility for her actions. Get a bloody fu.cking job you ****!

1445 days ago


This woman shows at the very least, bad judgement. Someone take those kids away from her while they are still alive!

1445 days ago


We don't care Oksana, you're lying cow.

You demand more money from Mel for bodyguards yet Bodyguards claimed they were doing it for you for free. You need help woman, you have mental problem.

1445 days ago


Oksana is just lying, lying, lying.....

1445 days ago


ROFLMAO! LOL! She has to be kidding..LOL

1445 days ago


As TMZ first reported ... before seeking the restraining order Mel's people contacted Oksana and explained their concerns about Herzog, but she refused to take action.

Well, there Oksana goes again, lying her ass off again. It is only lie #465426555 she has told about this scam. Does she think if she lies enough, people will get fed up and give into her? Throw a tantrum and Oksana gets her way? Shakes a baby and throws herself down on the ground, threatens to say Mel did it to her...she will get her way?
Oksana, you are just not believable. If it wasn't for the Gibson money, your ass would have been tossed out of court long ago, you would not have 23 lawyers attached to your name and shame on those lawyers. Today Show, People and Oprah wouldn't be kissing your ass and spinning your lies for you. The public is fed up with all of the above.

1445 days ago


Try again. This lie doesn't hold water and only reinforces Oksana's poor judgment.

* Oksana selects friends/confidantes she knows nothing about. CHECK

* Oksana ignores her child's father's concern for said friend's proximity to infant daughter. CHECK

* Oksana lies when boxed into a corner. CHECK

It is comforting to see some things in this world remain consistent.

Coffee time.

1445 days ago


go Oxy Go
out with Egghead
who is next?

1445 days ago


wait, didn't Mel and his camps told Oksana not to let Herzog near the Lucia and she refused? that's why Mel had to apply restraining order? God this woman like Houdini she knows how lied her way out except she get caught every time.

1445 days ago


We all predicted this was going to happen the other day. Oxy is so predictable. When she feels that she is sticking it to Mel then she will do whatever it takes. But when Mel fights back and does something to stop her and brings to light what she is up to then she comes back with more lies....I DIDN'T KNOW......Bull****.

All I see is her stinking smirk on her face and I want to do what Mel SHOULD of done to her teeth. Pow!!!!!knock that smirk right off her face.

1445 days ago

Just sayn    

Don't you think this woman is a little old to be acting like she is un aware of life around her...she already took one man to the cleaners....who keeps his mouth shut to keep his life from being smeared across the wires. The body gaurd was no doubt paying her for servies. How come we NEVER see this little girl.....ever with her flaky mother. She makes Octo look smart!
I hope this gets over soon most of us are sick of seeing the same ol same ol....from her...she is a player and maybe .. just maybe this time she will lose the game! Send her home!

1445 days ago
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