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Bam Margera

Private Screening of

'Jackass 3D'

10/7/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bam Margera's nearest and dearest just got their first whiff of the latest bone-crushing "Jackass" installment ... thanks to an invite-only screening set up by Bam himself.

Bam held the private screening of "Jackass 3D" on Tuesday night in his hometown of West Chester, PA -- where a theater full of people ... including his mother/co-star April ... showed up to check it out.

Hopefully, someone gave Bam a giant high five for setting it up.


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DEAR S***BAG.............This message is to you!!!! Why dont you reviel your name to me??? If you want to bash Bam's girl. Come say it to me... Because it is my sister. Playing with the wrong family here pal.
Dont got nothing nice to say. Then keep your mouth shut!!

1474 days ago


Rake and I had a great time. For all you sh*t talkers you obvious have nothing better to do and I feel sorry for you! Tammy is awesome and well Missy and him didn't work out big deal. Quite hating and enjoy the movie!

1474 days ago


Missy is so hot and so cool... She kept him grounded... He looks like he's back drinking and whatever again. He'll regret losing his wife if he does. Dude, yeah you, the bad ass behind his computer. Your sister is a hag... Get a life before someone kicks your ass.... Serious...

1474 days ago


WOW - so sad he looks like crap. Bam was doing great there for awhile. Can't believe him and Missy split - she seemed to put a good head on his shoulders now he looks a mess. What is with this fame whore though? Who poses like that? Clearly out for attention. Nasty!

1473 days ago


Oh Wow - Bam's looking more and more like Don Vito these days.

1473 days ago


Hey computer tough guy...... If you dont know me. Then dont say i will get my ass kicked. If you like to try me out... COME ON.
Do yourself a favor. Nobody knows the true story of Bam and Missy. Not even myself. There had to ba a reason they split. Leave there personal life.... PERSONAL.
But If Bam is happy with his life then be happy for him. Bam is smart enough to make his own decisions in life. As you can tell.
Now. Why dont you go try to do the same. Or are you that jelous of him.
There is no reason to exploit his girl. Thats just being a low life. Weather it be my sister or not. I would tell you the same thing if it were a different girl he was with. No reason for it.
Why dont you try giving him props on his success instead of worring about is personal life.
Go see the movie and enjoy it.

1473 days ago


If you look at pictures from Bam's 31st birthday at the very end of September, he and Missy look like they're together.

1473 days ago


Amen Jim!

1473 days ago


Hey "Jim", if Bam wants to keep his personal life so personal then maybe he should think about trying to be more private and discreet with what he does. Plus surrounding himself with better "friends" who dont run their mouths would also help. Getting married on a TV show leaves his love life open to scrutiny. Talking about EVERYTHING on his radio show and letting people post pictures everywhere leaves his 'personal' life open to discussion. People are just naturally curious when it comes to this stuff. Nobody has to dig and invade his privacy because its all already out in the open. This applies to his current S.O. just as much as it does to him. If your sister wants to flaunt her relationship with Bam then her spotty past and all her skeletons are gonna fly out into the open. Unfortunately, thats just how the internet works and you'll be surprised just how 'mean' people can get. Besides, I dont think its really skin off his bones anyway. He WANTS people to talk about this stuff. Why else would he post pictures of himself cavorting around with half naked women while hes supposed to be 'married'? Why else would he post pictures of Missy being at his birthday instead of your sister? Because it gets people talking and he likes the attention. Attention he wouldn't receive otherwise due to his floundering 'career'. So yes, People will go see his movie, but what else does Bam have in the tank? Thats the true question.

1473 days ago


I agree with you about BAM throwing it out there. Thats his doings. If You all fall into the game. Then go for it. Bam throws out there what he ONLY he wants people to know. Do you know the real Bam. And what he is really like or what he enjoys doing off screen. NO.... You only think you know him. He probibly gets a kick out of all you jack asses running your traps. And for the record...How do you know if my sister was there or not there at his birthday. Were you there?? Did you get the invitation with the gold seal?
Then drop it.
Thats all everybody keeps saying is about Him and Missy. Its old past news. Let it be. They moved on. Why dont the rest of you?
AND let me guess. You nor anybody else in the world has got a hidden past. Your all a bunch of angels. Come on. Get real.
Time to grow up.

1473 days ago


And Laura.... Rememebr looks can be very deceiving. keep that in mind

1473 days ago


And maybe, just maybe Bam and Missy have stayed friends even after the separation? I do not know any of them, but am a fan of Bam's and wish he, Tammy and even Missy the best. I do believe Tammy is good for Bam and seems as though they enjoy one another's company. Let's just let these people be and get back to the real purpose for this post..the new movie! Can't wait to see it!

1473 days ago


Lol, You're missing the point. If Bam chooses to put his business out there, however much it may be, he shouldn't be surprised or upset when people scrutinize it. Neither should Tammy. Thats what makes you sitting here arguing with people about it all the more silly.

1473 days ago

Some one special    

Jim writes, "Did you get the invitation with the gold seal?" There was an invitation with a gold seal...hahahaha Jim please. If you were really Tammy's sister, you wouldn't be on here trying to convince everyone that your sister was better off in life with a married man. You'd be trying to help her out of her current situation.

1473 days ago

Some one special    

oops....that should read..Tammy's brother

1473 days ago
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