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Octomom -- Accused of Hiding Tons of Cash

10/7/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who owns Octomom's house claims the mother of 14 has plenty of cash lying around to pay off her debt ... but for some reason, she's purposely "hiding the money" from him.

Octomom money.
Amer Haddadin -- who's given Nadya Suleman until Saturday to pay up -- just showed up to Octo's  lawyer's office in L.A. to collect some of the scratch ... but was turned away after being told the lawyer was "busy" and "had no money today."

Haddadin is ticked -- telling TMZ his credit is taking a hit for Octo's shortcomings ... and that he's ready to "sue all of them."


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I can't figure this sick person out. We have 6 kids 3 of which she was getting disability for. I watched the youtube video "octomom on autistic son" OMG! Nadya actually said Elijah's school psychologist is denying that he has anything. " Elijah is very very very oppositional and reinterates the same thing over and over and thats OCD" Was she trying to collect for a fourth ? Now we have the 8 new babies and she claims they are all fine. WTF. First off Elijah is probably sick of her and my God the videos and pict. of the babies clearly shows problems. Make the healthy kids sick and the sick kids healthy, this person is out of her fricken mind. BTW did she ever pay her debt? Complete lunatic IMO. God, please keep her away from those children before she has them marked with any and every disorder for not being compliant with her stupid mentality. God bless that school psychologist for being in denial about Elijah. Next she will be telling all her kids that they are HATERS because they don't agree with her insanity. Just SICK!

1471 days ago


She used the word "dilapidated" with her mothers house too. I am sure her mothers house would not have been in ruins if not for her and her first six kids. Her car looks like it is in pretty good shape to me. It isn't even in her name. She is such a worthless ungrateful piece of s***.

1471 days ago


just let her be.

with extra pressures from sticky beakers makes her life so much more complicated

u know, while everyone is screwing her, her stress levels/attention is away from her kids.

ultimately, her kids will bear the burdens of your hateful comments and spite.

they are innocent little kids

1470 days ago


Nadya's poverty claims in the face of obvious evidence to the contrary is fraud in my opinion. If you agree, please register
a complaint with the Attorney General of California.

Here is an explanation of why I believe Nadya Suleman is committing charity fraud, even though she is not a 501(c3), what most people think of when one says "charity".

It is not essential to form a nonprofit corporation, a trust or other legal entity to create a charity. In California, any individual or organization who solicits funds and represents that such funds will be used for charitable purposes may be held to be a “trustee for charitable purpose” and accountable for such funds. In addition, the failure of a public benefit corporation or trust to qualify for exemption from income tax does not necessarily free the organization and its responsible directors, officers or trustees from accountability as a charity.

Any individual or group of persons who operates as a charitable organization, but does not create a nonprofit corporation or a trust, may be treated under California law as an “unincorporated association.” Under this classification, the individuals may be exposed to substantial risk of personal liability if the organization is sued.

Again - Nadya Suleman is committing charity fraud in my opinion, per California law. Please use the following form to file a complaint with the Attorney General of California if you agree.

Please feel free to disseminate this information.
I am not an attorney, or pretending to give legal advice. This is purely my opinion and my interpretation of the law as a citizen. I believe many others feel the same way so that is why the information is being given.

1467 days ago


I don't think Kimba10/ Mssarcia is Nadya.
Sounds more like ghetto trash from the hood working at McDonalds to me.

1467 days ago
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