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Sheriff Gets Legal Eagles In Oksana Extortion Probe

10/7/2010 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. County Sheriff's Department is consulting law professors and attorneys to determine if Oksana Grigorieva was trying to extort Mel Gibson, or if it was just good, old-fashioned negotiating.

Oksana extortion.
We're told Sheriff's investigators want experts to weigh in on Oksana's role in the mediation -- specifically, whether she was a participant in a legal negotiation with Mel, or whether she crossed the line and simply demanded money in return for not ruining the actor with the inflammatory tapes.

Investigators are still conducting forensic tests on certain evidence, including Oksana's iPhone, which she used to secretly record Mel.

And Sheriff's investigators are approximately two weeks away from turning the extortion case over to the L.A. County District Attorney ... this according to Sheriff's spokesperson Steve Whitmore.

Whitmore tells TMZ ... Oksana is the sole focus of the extortion investigation.


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It's starting sound more than a little bizarre that Mel's
Vigilantes are begging a gossip sight to release info,
Wow Harvey must really enjoy being such a legal eagle.
Now who would give Harvey such letter?

1475 days ago


The DV case is finished -- by her own big mouth. If the above story is true, it sounds like everyone in the case is trying to avoid having to prosecute Oks. I don't think the authorities will want to charge Oks if they can't charge Mel. I know what I say sounds stupid, but everything to date has been a circus, a joke - yes, even the authorities and the courts and the judge in the child custody case. That's US taxpayer dollars hard at work !

Posted at 2:27 PM on Oct 7, 2010 by Just Saying

You're right!! Hollywood is controlled by Jews who hate Mel and there would be a real problem for them if the Oksana was charged and Mel wasn't. The powers that be don't care if Mel hit Oksana or not or even if she extorted him, they care about FINALLY getting the guy who made the movie that depicted jews as the killers of Jesus Christ. I think if Oksana had kept her mouth shut, they would've charged Mel to satisfy the Mel haters, but since she didn't, they're in a pickle. I believe the same decision will be made on BOTH cases because prosecuting only one is a recipe for disaster.

1475 days ago


Ya know, personally, I despise Mel Gibson. The guy is an ******* from the word go. BUT, on single look into this woman's eyes show me nothing less than pure evil. She is a money grubbing gold digger, and used Gibson as well as she did Dalton. The difference? Dalton was a ***** that caved in, where Gibson is not taking her crap. I say take the kids away and send this c**t right back to the Ukraine. Oh wait. That may be too easy on her kind... Send the Demon straight to the south pole and chain her to a post.

1475 days ago


fuddy, i would imagine it is taking them time to match up all the many phone records and it could be that she not only used her iphone but her sisters cell phone and or other phones she may have used as well as e-mail sent from other locations than her or Daltons sons laptop. getting all that material may be taking a while ...

1475 days ago


I missed the very first part of TMZ Live. Someone asked a question regarding the extortion. I think the question was whether or not they thought Oxy would be charged. (I could be mistaken) Charles was getting ready to answer and then cut himself off and said keep watching the website. Did anyone catch what the exact question was?

1475 days ago


What letter?

1475 days ago


I am not familiar with the fine legal points of what constitutes extortion. Perhaps some of you are. Whether she is charged with extortion or not, she has shown her true colors and they are not pretty.

Her behaviors indicate she is a liar, unethical, immoral, grifter, suspect parent, and a gold digger. That is not an admirable resume. Even if she is not charged with and found guilty of extortion, she still has to live with the reputation she has made for herself.

1475 days ago



1475 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    


I'm hitting refresh every few minutes watching for the TMZ Live today episodes.

Damn, they're taking their sweet time about geting them up....:|

1475 days ago


I'm starting to believe that Harvey doesn't have any kind of letter or email that implicates Oxymoron was Extorting Mel. First off, if he had that kind of incriminating evidence why post it on the site and not send it over to the Sherriff's office? Secondly, if he was holding an ace like that the D.A. would already have this case in hand. I think Harvey just dropped that in with Horkhisbitz as a joke to keep everyone on here.

I'm actually starting to lose faith that charges of any kind are going to be brought against anyone on either side. We keep hearing snippets like this out of the Sherriff's office and it's always it "SHOULD" be going to the D.A. in a few weeks. For Pete sakes, we've been hearing this for almost two months now.

1475 days ago


Why is this taking soooooo long?

1475 days ago

little aussie reader    

Morning team :o) Oh look what's happened overnight....battered wife...bahahahahaha! And since when is "pay me money or I will release the tapes and publicly humiliate you" good, old-fashioned negotiating? Oh puh-leeeez!

1475 days ago



He read the question as, "Do you think Oksana would be charged with extortion." That was how I heard it.

1475 days ago


After the forensics likely prove that all of those recorded conversations did not take place in one day and that the tapes were edited - for negotiation/extortion purposes - Ox has the small problem of her history of doing this to other men. I suspect a few will have the courage to come forward and a few will not. But you don't need more than a few.

She is -- as Sweets likes to say - barbecue.

1475 days ago


Harvey can't release the letter it's part of the evidence. He does not want to ruin it for Mel's case or mess it up for the Mel/TMZ team. Patience people.

1475 days ago
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