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'Sister Wives' Bigamy Case -- The Stats Don't Lie

10/8/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kody Brown better not have any skeletons in his many closets ... because a TMZ review of Utah bigamy cases reveals no one -- at least no one we could find -- has ever been prosecuted for bigamy in recent times ... unless the perp was suspected of a collateral crime such as child endangerment.

Sister Wives
Law enforcement sources tell us there are so many polygamous families in Utah, that officials simply don't have the resources to go after all of them ... unless they're made aware of a more serious crime ... such as a the taking of a child bride, false imprisonment or anything violent.

As we previously reported, the Brown family -- featured on the TLC show "Sister Wives" -- is currently at the center of a bigamy investigation ... and could face up to 5 years in prison if convicted.

The case is currently in the hands of the Utah County Attorney's office -- and the guy in charge, Jeff Buhman, tells us, "In my experience ... there has never been a traditional polygamist family charged with the sole crime of bigamy." 


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Grow up people to each his own! The Mormans can't decided about there own version of polygamy. We as a country are trying to force our legal thoughts on everyone. Just think what the world would be like if everyone was happy.

1444 days ago


I find it amazing that people judge this family for living an open, honest and loving life when so many men cheat on their wives, have lovers and other children out of wedlock without being responsible. This man is responsible, open and honest and people get upset. There's something wrong with that picture!

Attention all you judgmental Christians out there who are not FLDS, there are plenty of non-Mormon Christians who are living this lifestyle undercover. Polygyny is permitted and promoted by the God of the Christian Bible. But you tell Christians that and they deny it. They forget about Abraham, David and the patriarchs who were practicing polygynists. Even God Himself said He was a husband to THEM. Do your homework - go to and visit the forum There are lots of Christians brave enough to live this lifestyle and love large!

1443 days ago


Apparently Kody finds the idea of any of his wives being with another man absolutely disgusting as he told Meri during their anniversary dinner when she asked him how he'd feel in order to explain her jealousy issues with this new marriage.

So this sect is all about the man having the ability to have more than one sexual partner, but the women aren't allowed the same freedom.

Remember all except Wife #2, they were all raised in this type of family so this was nothing out of the ordinary to them. Also Robyn's former husband is also involved in this culture if you listened to her talking about their marriage although they hadn't yet brought in another wife before they decided to call it quits, so it's probably not that big a deal to him, his kids growing up like this.

As far as I'm concerned, jail is for hardened criminals.

Yes, it's true he only has one valid marriage licence, but if no one is witnessing these other ceremonies, do they actually know if the "splinter sect" church they attend actually considers these to be legal marriages?

I know the law states that it's still considered bigamy even if only one marriage is legal as the rest would be considered common law and it's not legal to have both. Read up on Utah state laws regarding what constitutes polygamy. I've read it in about 4 different articles so far and what he's doing is considered polygamy.

1443 days ago


The institution of Marriage will be meaningless in the next 25 years or so. The point of marriage is to legitimize the sexual relationship (consummation) between one man and one woman, anything else is not marriage. Why the need to legitimize the sex? Legitimate legal offspring for one. Also, the oldest profession for two. If you aren't married, then the dude has to pay up, but the woman gets labeled something other than wife, right? Also, if she's not wife or paid, then that leaves it a crime. Either it was forced or adultery, and both have punishment. This has been the black and white of it for thousands of years and only recently have shotgun weddings gone out of fashion and "baby daddies/mommies" joined our language.

Marriage is more about who gets excluded than who gets included! First of all, sex includes the sexual reproductive organs of both individuals otherwise it is just simulation/fake sex and really no different than masterba----- or foreplay. You do not lose your virginity to fake sex and no one ever got pregnant from fake sex. Marriages that are not consummated are null and void or annulled, right, and because one man can have sex with only one woman at a time and it be really sex and not fake (ex. "oral" or "?" sex) then only 2 people are eligible for marriage. Group marriage cannot be consummated because someone would always be cheating, same goes for polygamy! Same-sex marriage is impossible because no 2 people of same sex can combine their sexual organs together to have sex without using some sort of man made prop and no sex=no consummation=no marriage. Also, can't marry yourself despite your multiple personalities because you can't consummate with yourself. So Simple. 2 children cannot marry and children cannot marry adults because consummation cannot occur with immature sex organs and to do this would be wrong, dangerous, and abusive. Thus we set age limits so we can be sure that people are physically (and emotionally) ready for consummation, which can, but does not always have to lead to procreation. Now, no test has to be done to see if someone can consummate a relationship so that the marriage can exist. We just go with the common sense approach that has existed for thousands of years. Are you from the same species? Are you opposite sexes (at the genetic level) so you can have sexual intercourse which always involves sexual reproductive systems (not excretory and digestive systems which are not part of you but actually a tube that merely goes through your body, unlike a cavity that is truly a part of your body)? Are you both adults (meaning post pubescent)? Are there 2 people and not more or less- because only 2 can do it with each other, a third person really cannot consummate with the couple while the act is going on and can only do it with only one after and being after makes it adultery? Are both adults alive, functioning, and cognizant of the decision to marry/consummate? You can't marry a dead guy, or someone while in a coma or someone with diminished capacity, etc...and this makes sense from a consummation point of view too. Also, because consummation often leads to procreation, there is a special restriction on people who are closely related (siblings, parents, aunts/uncles, etc...) so that offspring is viable and the gene pool stays strong. These simple questions are the basis for our definition of marriage and this is why "gay marriage" is null, polygamy is really just adultery, group marriage is just a mix of null "gay marriage" and adulterous polygamy, marrying children and coma patients is oppressive, marrying yourself is absurd, and marrying outside your species is akin to marrying a family member-- it is just gross and potentially too dangerous for the gene pool. When one of these rules gets thrown out arbitrarily because of someone's feelings of unfairness, then all will get thrown out and marriage will be meaningless! Marriage is not about LOVE, because all the ones excluded can know love, even 13 year olds and other species. The main issue is sex, not love, and if your lifestyle is important to you and works for you then realize that hey, no big deal, you just aren't cut out for marriage--but don't try to change marriage to fit into your world whether it be same-sex, group, one guy and 4 women (because in reality he has loads of illegitimate kids and is a gross adulterer), child brides, human and non-human, brother and sister, you and a "vegetable", etc... If it is unequal that married couples get special privileges that unmarrieds cannot get, then sue to reduce the privileges, but also accept the downsides to marriage like the PENALTY TAX, and the fact that it requires you both to attend the time-share presentations and things like that!

The definition of marriage makes total scientific, logical sense and marriage as an institution must have value otherwise, why are all these excludeds trying to get included? What happens to the value when it is altered? What happens to the value when it is gone? If the institution is altered to accommodate the excluded of one group then they will have to be altered to accommodate all groups because they've all been excluded for the same essential reason--Lack of Consummation, due to genetic, physical limitations (either wrong sex organs or immature sex organs, or the number of sex organs). The second group really has more of an argument because they can consummate but the consequences or genetic limitations are disastrous and will harm the gene pool, plus . If we change Marriage, then marriage becomes meaningless and eventually the institution will be hurt to the point it no longer exists. If all things are marriage, then how can it be beneficial, because not all things are beneficial!

1443 days ago


Utah is beautiful...gorgeous people....beautiful scenic views......we're glad if you don't agree. Keep less people moving into our state! It's getting to crowded as it is :) Oh and pull your heads out america! People all over the country...all I hear is UTAH? Are you a mormom? Do you have more than one husband? Questions are getting really old....

1437 days ago



1436 days ago


i don't agree with their life style but if they are to be put to trial couldn't they just claim its a violation of the first amendment??

1435 days ago


I really find the whole thing strange but if he is really only married to one of them then i don't see what is illegal about it. Many people have children by different women and he just happens to live with them all. Just because people don't understand someone or their actions is no reason to judge. Whether or no people can see the good in these people, i think they truly did want to show that they are pretty much normal people who just happen to live a plural lifestyle.

1430 days ago


I know a lot of traditional families that should be prosecuted for dysfunction. This family seems happy, healthy and financially responsible. Leave them alone. Sending the dad of 16 kids to jail for living an open lifestyle would be a crime!

1426 days ago

Ms. J    

I am trying to figure out how their ratings were high enough to get a second season. SMH!!! No more watching TLC for me.

1416 days ago



i dont see what the prob is if there happy with there life style who are we to judge..... there not hurting no one they just want ppl to see that not every thing u here about there life style is bad... i mean yah its not a life for some ppl but its interesting to no how others live some times..... i mean come on its been a life style of some ppl for a life time and ppl think that u can just give it up its like telling a gay person they cant be gay cuz its the law or they cant be black cuz it the law i mean come on its what they are and how they where raised u cant at and u are wrong for trying to...... there are lots of things i noticed in the show #1 there not forcing there kids to have the same life style there leaving it up to them on how the want to live there life #2 no one is out on what changes are made to the family #3 the all no that in the long run there kids will all was be cared for and loved if any thing ever happened to one of them..... every one can see that those kids are feed clothed and make there own chose to what kind for life the want to live..... i mean yah its not normal to most ppl but than again what is normal... its there life if there happy and the kids are happy who are we to judge.

1406 days ago


The Mormon church is completely a cult. As are Jehovah's Witnesses. I don't mean they're hanging out in South America drinking cyanide, but the fact remains they ARE a cult.
Polygamy is a disgusting mockery of marriage and damaging to the women and children involved in it. Tolerance is overrated. I don't care what any of his wives say, the pain in their eyes is obvious to me. They made this choice, but I can't help but feel for them. These young girls and boys being taught these warped ideas about love are being damaged. They may not be beaten or molested or starved, but believe me, they are being abused and these parents will answer to God one day for it.

1403 days ago


While I realize it's their decision to do as they please, I still think Kody is manipulative and hypocritical. They don't appear to be all that happy but it's their lives. This show is addictive AND sad. I really feel bad for these women, they just don't seem very happy. It seems like they are constantly trying to convince themselves that this is a great way to live. Anyways, I don't think anyone is going to end up in jail. There doesn't seem to be any abuse. I guess, if they tried, they could argue something about mental/emotional abuse towards the women and children. Anyways, really sad. I hope that these women find true happiness and peace.

1290 days ago


While I realize it's their decision to do as they please, I still think Kody is manipulative and hypocritical. They don't appear to be all that happy but it's their lives. This show is addictive AND sad. I really feel bad for these women, they just don't seem very happy. It seems like they are constantly trying to convince themselves that this is a great way to live. Anyways, I don't think anyone is going to end up in jail. There doesn't seem to be any abuse. I guess, if they tried, they could argue something about mental/emotional abuse towards the women and children. Anyways, really sad. I hope that these women find true happiness and peace.

1290 days ago


suggested reading (at least I found it helpful) and available just about free thru & :

Out of Mormonism: A Woman's True Story
Author: Judy Robertson
ISBN-13: 97807642260......45, ISBN-10: 07642260......45

1277 days ago
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