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'Sister Wives' -- Backlash in Polygamy Community

10/7/2010 6:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kody Brown, his three wives, fiancée and 13 kids have created a house divided in his fundamentalist Mormon church.

Sister Wives

We're told before Brown decided to do "Sister Wives," he went to his Utah church for its blessing, but the main man -- called the "community leader" -- would not give Kody the thumbs up, because the law squarely outlaws bigamy and the church didn't want the heat. The community leader told Kody to make the decision himself ... and Kody chose to be a TV star. 

As for members of the church, we're told they're all down with polygamy but split on one of its families flaunting their lifestyle on TV.  Some church members feel it's too risky -- the old waving-the-red-flag-in front-of-the-bull thing. 

But despite the split, Kody and crew are still welcome at their house of worship.


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At first I thought this was going to be like what we have seen on polygamy before. Where the females are forced to marry older men and there is abuse of the women & children. But that is not the case here these women chose freely to marry him knowing that there would be other wife’s. And the kids are more normal than some that I know that come from a two parent household. This way of life would not be my choice but who are we to judge as long as there is no abuse and the kids are happy more power to them.

1442 days ago


How desperate does a network have to be to put CRAP like this on!?!?! Not a chance in heaven or hell I would consider watching something like this. But I'm just one Nielsen household.

1442 days ago


LOL! White people are a trip. No........I take that back..... They are a trip and a half.

1442 days ago



You're ignorant. Polygamy was outlawed because it involved more than 2 people in a union. You are confusing basic civil rights for gays with the polygamy issue and that's ignorant and disgusting. You're a bigot. Change your name from Judy to "bigot" because that's what ignorant people like yourself are. Your personal religious bigotry is repulsive. It is because of people like YOU that 5 gay youths committed suicide in the month of September. What a ignorant disgrace this country has turned into.

1442 days ago


"But despite the split, Kody and crew are still welcome at their house of worship." long as they continue to give the 'church' 10% of all their incomes, whether it comes from government assistance or not. My taxes are going to this farce of a religion? Pisses me off.

1442 days ago


We know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Days Saints is not approving this.
This 4 woman are so wrong to leave life like this.
This kind behavior was good 200 years ago.
Now we have Laws that this kind life style are not right.
And Laws can’t be broke.
Excommunicate member do this do destroy the Church and the Gospel.
But like ever think else people don’t care anymore about God or his Commandments are only about being famous and have money.
I call this people fake.
Fake what they believe and who they want to be.
I know in my heart God is not happy they way people have made his Church become something so evil.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

God save as all for are behavior.


1442 days ago


I despise the Mormon church and it's band of self empowered male pigs. This religion is just disgusting. It's all about males and their superiority to females.

1442 days ago


Poster No 10:
hese people most definitely ARE MORMONS. The are still members of the church the comment on.

1442 days ago


He needed the money to help feed those bovines he married.

1442 days ago


This is making me ill... Church of LDS is for morans.

1442 days ago


Wow! BJL411, that was very eye-opening and I don't doubt you for a moment! There sure is alot of weird stuff going on in this world, but I can think of much worse! While I personally don't agree with this lifestyle, meaning I wouldn't choose it,to each his (or her) own. I do however, have a problem with them collecting public assistance and the child bride crap is just wrong and dispicable. Why can they be allowed to do this and a happy (normal)same-sex couple can't be married? My believe is 2 person to every marriage strait or gay! I know a lot of people won't agree with me, but I don't care, it's how I feel. After all who is to say what is right and what is wrong?

1442 days ago



Please take this show out of the Air.
This is not right people have right to believe what they want to believe.
However the Bible does not say this behavior is right.
Take the show out of the Air.
This will hurt lots of teenager and kids around the country.
They will think this behavior is right.
They will think that is how people suppose to go to the Kingdom of Heavenly Father.
This is not the way. I can tell this.
Please take the show out of the Air.
However, if you decide to keep this show in the air nothing will go well to HBO.
The Views will droop watch HBO again.
And that is fact.




1442 days ago


There is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ("LDS"). It is sometimes called the "Mormon" church because of its members' belief in a volume of scripture called the Book of Mormon. LDS church members also believe the Bible.

These polygamists in the TV show are neither Mormons nor members of the LDS church--they are excommunicated apostates living a criminal, adulterous lifestyle that is NOT sanctioned--officially or unofficially--by the LDS church. These criminals/polygamists sometimes call themselves members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ("FLDS"), but this is NOT the Mormon church. It is offensive for TMZ to refer to the polygamists as Fundamentalist Mormons--that is incorrect and defamatory of the actual LDS church.

1442 days ago


BLJ11, loved your comment and you're right, we just don't know what goes on in Utah. Never watched this show, NEVER will. It'd be funny if they actually got charged with something.

1442 days ago

Kris Carr    

Oh, Kody! Pick me, pick me. Please, please, please, pick me to be your next wife.... I'm sort of chubby, extremely desperate, self loathing, 19, and would love to have as many kids with you as possible, so we can live off the Gov. If you're interested please let me know. I'll be waiting!!!....

1442 days ago
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