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Judge to Tila Tequila:

C'mon ...

You Love Sex Tapes

10/7/2010 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tila Tequila's love of publicity ... and possibly sex tapes ... just bit her in the butt in court.

Tila Tequila sextape.
Tila's lawyer, Alan Gutman, just asked an L.A. County Superior Court judge for an injunction, prohibiting the release of one of her sex tapes.  Gutman argued the tape -- shot more than 7 years ago during a trip with her boyfriend -- was an invasion of privacy and a misappropriation of her image.

But the judge scoffed, saying privacy, schmivacy: "Tila exploits her sexuality."

In the end, the judge said Tila's lawyer hadn't made enough of a case to warrant a restraining order.

UPDATE: Tila tells TMZ, "This doesn't mean that the battle is over. I can still take this to federal court."


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Bill F. Murray    

She's got a right to privacy, like everyone else. BUT, let's be real- the only reason she'd bitching is because she's not getting paid, or paid enough in her eyes. The minute the restraining order was granted, she'd be on the phone selling it to the highest bidder.

1423 days ago


Lucky for Tila she can ditch Alan Gutman and have one of her other 11 "power attornies" take up the case. I thought she said Gutman was a "pitbull"?

I was thinking that this whole thing was a publicity stunt. I guess it still could be. It's not a big deal for her and an ex to conspire that he will 'leak' a sex tape, and then for her to go after him in court to stop the release. Of course, he doesn't have a sex tape. She has a porn tape that will soon be released by Vivid, that is just that, a porn. Everyone know right now 'sex tapes' are selling for way more $$$$ than traditional porn. It makes sense to hint at a sex tape, and then when your fans are let down because it can't be released, you simply do the ol' bait and switch and voila, you sell your porn instead.

It does suck that a California judge would rule that she has no rights in this. I'm sure if this is real, then Tila can get another judge to easily over-turn that ruling. Of course, she won't. She'll say she was forced by a judge, against her will and her army will support her, never questioning that if she has 12 lawyers on retainer at any time, she easily has enough $$$$ to fight this to resolution.

1423 days ago


Tila is nothing but a dirty little Asian WH0RE!!She love YOU ``` long time!!

1423 days ago


At last, some realism in the reality shows! Kick that nasty girl's butt, Judge! Yes, if you parade yourself around, people may choose to reject you based on your behavior. You take the risk, chickie.

1423 days ago

Elekktric Blue    

"Tila tells TMZ, "This doesn't mean that the battle is over. I can still take this to federal court."


Doesn't this dumb bitch understand that it cost money to issue LOLsuits?

Doesn't she realise that SHE "leaked" her so called porno videos 2 months ago? How is it now she's going around threatening to sue every one under the sun about a "leaked" tape? Does she not understand the difference between a sex tape and a porn video?

Thien, if your exploitations consititutes as having a director, make up artist, key and dolly grips and camera crews AND being paid for your so called exploitative travesty, YOU ARE A PORN ACTOR! WHICH IS THE ONLY TALENT YOU SEEM TO HAVE. EMBRACE IT!!

1422 days ago


Why do I always feel the need to take an acid bath, followed by a scrub down in hot water and bleach after reading anything about her? I think my eyes just got cooties....

1422 days ago


We dont want to see porn with Gremlin with fake tits.

1422 days ago



"an invasion of privacy and a misappropriation of her image"

fo reals?

1422 days ago


Actually i saw this sex tape way back in the day. It's obviously a 10min porn. The angles etc show that someone was obviously filming while this was done. Tila stfu seriously....

1422 days ago


OMG...this made my day! Thanks to the Judge who showed some common sense for once! lOL...wish I could have seen the look on her face when she heard that. This woman is not a celebrity, she is nothing. So let's treat her as such huh TMZ? Same with Speidi too. I could care less how much traffic they bring in....STOP POSTING STORIES ABOUT THESE IDIOTS!

1422 days ago


Got to be a publicity stunt. Who in his right mind would ever admit to having sex with her? But if it's not, yeah, I agree: she's pissed because somebody else stands to make some money. But who would even pay to see something like that if it was released? Hell, all you have to do is throw a can of Faygo at her and she'll start pulling her clothes off. If you can stand to look at the skank, grab a camera and take all the pix you want. Free.

1422 days ago


The judge just wants to watch the video like the rest of you hypocrits. You jealous women just need to work on your personalities since you can't compete with Tila's looks.

1422 days ago


Good for you, judge! She can't keep flaunting her sorry azz out there, then say that a sex tape is too personal. She's put her entire life out there for everyone to see. How is this any different? Because she's not the one cashing in? Make a deal for a cut, slut!

1422 days ago


She's the perfect example of another talentless loser that shouldn't be getting any sort of media attention, yet she is. Why? WHY?!?!?!?

1422 days ago


Good she is only doing this to stay in the limelight or in her case the drablight.

1422 days ago
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