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Toni Braxton -- Bankrupt Again, May Owe $50 Mil

10/7/2010 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Toni Braxton has filed for bankruptcy again -- claiming she owes somewhere between $10 million and $50 million in unpaid debts all over the country ... including DMVs in TWO different states. 


Braxton -- who sold more than 40 million albums in her career -- just filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in California ... and in the docs, the singer claims she's only worth somewhere between $1 mil and $10 mil ... but she could have up to $50 mil in debts.

In the docs, 43-year-old Braxton lists a ton of creditors to whom she thinks she may owe money... including:

-- AT&T
-- The Four Seasons Hotels
-- Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
-- Various medical bills
-- DirecTV
-- Neiman Marcus
-- The William Morris Agency
-- Tiffany & Co.
-- Orkin Pest Control
-- The Internal Revenue Service

-- BMW Financial Services
-- ADT Security
-- American Express
-- Flamingo Las Vegas
-- Mesa Air Conditioning
-- Nevada Power Company
-- Screen Actors Guild
-- The Westin
-- Wells Fargo Bank

Braxton also claims she may owe money to the City of L.A. Parking Violations Bureau -- and the DMV in both California and Nevada.

Braxton has a storied history of financial problems -- she filed for bankruptcy back in 1998 ... and earlier this year, the IRS filed a lien against her for $396k. 

A close relative of Toni Braxton tells TMZ ... the singer's financial undoing can be traced back to her show in Las Vegas.

The relative tells us Toni took out "show insurance" through Lloyds of London for her act at the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino back in 2007. 

When Toni was diagnosed with a heart condition -- in the middle of the show's run -- she had to pull the plug, but she was still on the hook to the Hotel for big bucks.  Toni expected Lloyds to cover the loss but Lloyds didn't, arguing Toni had a undisclosed, preexisting medical condition, rendering the policy void.

In the end, Toni had to absorb a huge loss, which the relative claims sent her on a downward financial spiral.

Toni Braxton showed up to the Dolphins game in Miami on Monday ... wearing some blinged out jewelry, a snakeskin bag and a pair of Louboutin heels which retail for over $800.


Simon Cowell's Birthday Surprise

Birthday boy Simon Cowell had a little surprise waiting for him today when he showed for work -- emphasis on the little.

When the now 51-year-old former "American Idol" judge pulled up to the "X Factor" set in the UK this morning, a band of singing little people greeted him.

They were all wearing shirts reading "Happy Birthday, Love Cheryl" -- as in "X Factor" judge Cheryl Cole.

What else do you get the guy who has everything?!

Tom Cruise's Body -- A Closer Look!

Tom Cruise proved he's still in top form yesterday in Prague, where he was filming some shirtless scenes for "Mission: Impossible 4" -- and now, we can get a closer look at that six-pack!

Click the photo to zoom in on the 48-year-old's impressive physique.

Justin Bieber -- He's a Kippah!

Justin Bieber threw on his finest yarmulke and went to the wedding of his musical director in Toronto over the weekend.

Justin Bieber
Oy, he looks so skinny. He should really eat something.

100110_bieber_video4UPDATE: Bieber also joined forces with the groom (who played guitar) to rock "Baby" for crowd ... it's definitely worth a watch.

Ashley Tisdale -- The Vegas Bikini

It was 96 degrees in Vegas this weekend -- and Ashley Tisdale adapted to the heat by throwing on the tiniest bikini she owns.

Ashley Tisdale bikini

Our friends at caught the "Hellcats" star takin' a dip at Wet Republic at the MGM Grand ... right around the time Avril Levigne was celebrating her 26th birthday.

FYI -- Avril was sans her kinda-sorta-maybe boyfriend Brody Jenner.

Johnny Depp Gets Jack'd Up

Johnny Depp was back on set today to resume filming on "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stanger Tides" in London -- where we got a closer look what it takes to get him to look like Captain Jack Sparrow.

Depp arrived on set with his hair down, wearing jeans, a t-shirt and a plaid shirt -- but then re-emerged with his hair in braids ... which were then covered up with a wig.

Check out Depp's crazy transformation -- plus zoom in on some secret set shots!

What's the Big Frigin' Difference?!

Scrounge up your spectacles and see if you can find the hidden differences in the following photos!

**HINT -- There are THREE differences in the above picture!**

Celebrity Scramble!

Can you guess whose handsome man mug got a nasty celebrity scramblin'?



No Avatar


it's all bs anyway she will get bailed out because she will most likely pull the I am a poor black person thing and my ansesters were slaves so there for I should be able to live like the queen of sheeba and not have to pay my bills. Besides Obama will make sure theres money to bail her dead beat ass out.

1480 days ago


Did the BMW cause her heart trouble too according to relatives? What about the bill at Tiffany's? Was that heart related? $800 shoes. Seems to be she's got beer pockets and buying champagne. Some people just don't know how to manage money and she's one.

1480 days ago


i totally agree how is it normal ctizens gotta payback and own nothing like she has she should give up money and learn to be responsible better yet go back to school

1480 days ago


Another vote for Obama here. The insurance companies will no longer be able to deny coverage on undisclosed or pre-existing ailments. Some of this mess lies, however, with Ms. Braxton. We'll see those jewels on E-Bay.

1480 days ago


something is wrong with this lady. Seriously Toni? Apparently she didn't learn from the last time. Whatever happens this time around she deserves.

1480 days ago


what the heck do these people DO with the money they earn while they're hot? Do they burn it for kindling?

1480 days ago


oh boo hoo!! i dont feel bad for her 1 bit. she's got louboutins on and expensive designer purse and we are supposed to feel sorry that girl can't afford the stuff she's buying.PLEASE!!

1480 days ago


“Don't blame Toni? She paid for her insurance? No, she committed insurance fraud by not disclosing her heart condition something she had to know might prevent her from completing her commitment...”

The problem is with insurance in the first place, that's the reason for the reform efforts on both sides. How fare is it to deny someone insurance when obviously it's needed. So she was working, just like the responsible of us, trying to make money (albeit more than the average Joe). She was sick, and like so many people out there ended up SOL due to the clause that states most insurance companies won't even take you if you have certain pre-existing conditions. Now is that really fair? If you're born with a whole in your heart are you doomed to be in medical debt for the rest of your life???

1480 days ago


Why is this newsworthy? Learn how to live within your means and stop looking for a bailout

1480 days ago


It is funny how people that don't know a personally can condone them and not even know the truth and the whole truth. Rich or poor people have financial problems. Not only does she have a heart problem she has a child with autism. I believe that people should stop criticizing others and worry about their own problems. She is not the only person that filed bankruptcy once, twice, nor three times and believe me she want be the last...but society wants to judge her because she has to. Do either of you live with her, do either of you balance her bills, do either of you know her personally...all I can say is NO you don't and you need to get a life.

1480 days ago

linda Nikonchuk    

First of all, Yes, I think she is very talented. Great Voice. Its unfortunate and disappointing.
Yet, I have no sympathy for her. She went bankrupt once...thats enough!
IT IS All About HER! It is disgraceful that she did not take responsibility.
Being in the entertainment business for 30 years...there are many talented people that
could have bought there way to success. THis is disgusting. I find it interesting that
she just uses the government and tax payers. How about selling off belongings...
THis is why our country is in debt. No excuses. I guess you could call responsible people fools.
I know many hard working ...(would take a job beneath them) than take government money or unemployment.. just to be responsible and considerate. Unfortunate as they may be they make sacrifices for others, the real people who stand for integrity ,to help others that are in need.
They are the silent hero's of this country. No applause, not on TV, but are the foundation of USA

1480 days ago


Hey! If Toni Braxton wants to move in with me, I'll be happy to start making payments on her debt immediately.

1480 days ago


guess who will flip the bills toni owes we the freaking taxpayers!!!!!!!!!!! or conscience consummers I am sick of this sh@#!!!!!!!!!! hollywoood or any sports star who made millions blows it then files bankrupotcy

1480 days ago


Donald Trump filed for bankruptcy at least once. I wonder if those so quick to criticize Toni Braxton were as quick to attack Trump. Or maybe a prominent African-American woman is just an easier target?

1480 days ago


She is no better than a common thief as this is outright stealing. I don't see how the white/black collar criminals only get a hand slap instead of time like the poor person who goes to jail for a petty crime.

1480 days ago
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