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'Two and a Half Men'

Kid Scores

MASSIVE Contract

10/8/2010 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While most 16-year-olds are scrounging around for minimum wage jobs ... the kid from "Two and a Half Men" just locked up a brand new contract worth $300,000 per episode ... TMZ has learned.

Angus T. Jones -- who plays Charlie Sheen's nephew Jake Harper on the show -- signed a minumum 26 episode deal on May 12, 2010 ... which means dude will make $7.8 mil over the next two seasons ... plus a $500,000 signing bonus. 

That's just the minumium he's guaranteed. The reality is ... CBS has guaranteed 48 episodes over the next two seasons, which means Angus would pocket $14.4 mil total, plus that $500,000 signing bonus.

Right around the time Jones inked his deal ... Charlie Sheen signed a contract worth $2 mil an episode ... which translates to $52 mil over the next two seasons.

With bonuses and whatnot, Charlie will pull in more than $98 million.

Because Jones is a minor, his contract had to be approved by an L.A. County Superior Court judge ... who makes less in a year than Jones makes in a week.

By the way -- today is ATJ's 17th birthday ... he should probably go buy himself something nice.


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The show is great and fantastic Actors,but that amount of money is insane!

1439 days ago

Angie R    

Although it is crazy he makes more than a judge, he deserves every penny of it and more. Love the show! Everyone is great but he definately makes the show. Good luck to him and Happy Birthday.

1439 days ago


this kid is funny as hell, he deserves every penny.......good luck to him ,have great success

1439 days ago


we are a sick group of human beings to pay people this kind of money to act like pigs when there are children suffering from all kinds of adversity while the rich just get richer and never want to help...just saying...

1439 days ago


As a big fan of the show, congrats on your payday kid. Invest it wisely and when you turn 18, buy a Lamborghini, a mansion, and follow your uncle Charlies lead and hire some high priced hookers.

1439 days ago


This kid is BRILLIANT. Just brilliant. WATCH THE SHOW. It is hilarious! Every one in it, but this kid is BRILLIANT. Congratulations to him. He deserves every penny he makes PLUS MORE! I am so happy for him. CONGRATULATIONS!

Posted at 1:05 AM on Oct 8, 2010 by camaguey
maybe he was when the show started. He is so awkward now. All he does is every now and then walk on set, grunt something then walk off. Horrible actor. Invest your money kid, 'cause when this gig ends your phone will not be ringing.

1439 days ago


He was making $250k per episode on his old contract

1439 days ago


Seriously, that is THE WORST SHOW............EVER. I don't get it. It simply is not funny. Even South Park made fun of it the other night (as does Family Guy). It's LAME.

1439 days ago


Crock of ****tttttt for a fat kid. Good score kid!

1439 days ago

Kristin Adams Fan 414 YRS!     

Wait a moment. so, the unemployment rate is over 12% and this makes something I will never get in a lifetime? I FAUCKING HATE RICH PEOPLE!

1439 days ago


Ok, move on, let's refresh with a new story, shall we, TMZ?
I'm bored.

1439 days ago

Kristin Adams Fan 414 YRS!     

unemployment rate is over 12% and he's making this much? I HATE RICH PEOPLE

1439 days ago


OMG, so this is the answer to " Where's the beef" ( get it Angus) Ok. not so funny in print. LOL.. But I love this show, it is brilliant, I saw Angus in a movie not too long ago he was maybe 7 or 8 and even then he stole the show. Watching him grow up on this show has been fun. He will have his own show one day. Look forward to that too. Just think,in a few years he can go on dancing with the stars. Put him, Charlie and John Cryer on at the same time,maybe even get Bertha to play along. now that would be a show.. LOL..

1439 days ago


This has to be a joke, I may be a hater but the show sucks! They should take his paycheck and pay for food for less fortunate people!! Entertainment industry is overrated! Overpriced and Unfortunate!!

1439 days ago


Why aren't the same people who freak cuz some Executive who works his butt off 24/7 earns a few million in bonus flipping out because of the salaries in Hollywood? Or GE? Or GM (Govt motors who, btw, after the Nov. elections will be SOLD to China or some other foreign investor and isn't it funny your precious Obama isn't announcing that until after the elections? Something about selling an American Icon out from under us.)? Why is profit only bad when you are an oil company who supplies us will all that gas you guys use? So why are we sending Billions to Brazil so they can develop deep water off shore drilling when Obama has effectively shut everything down here? Doesn't the environment matter down in Brazil? And another thing, where the hell ddo you think the electricity comes from to charge your stupid electric cars you can go a whole 40 miles in?!? Start thinking!

1439 days ago
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