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'Two and a Half Men'

Kid Scores

MASSIVE Contract

10/8/2010 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While most 16-year-olds are scrounging around for minimum wage jobs ... the kid from "Two and a Half Men" just locked up a brand new contract worth $300,000 per episode ... TMZ has learned.

Angus T. Jones -- who plays Charlie Sheen's nephew Jake Harper on the show -- signed a minumum 26 episode deal on May 12, 2010 ... which means dude will make $7.8 mil over the next two seasons ... plus a $500,000 signing bonus. 

That's just the minumium he's guaranteed. The reality is ... CBS has guaranteed 48 episodes over the next two seasons, which means Angus would pocket $14.4 mil total, plus that $500,000 signing bonus.

Right around the time Jones inked his deal ... Charlie Sheen signed a contract worth $2 mil an episode ... which translates to $52 mil over the next two seasons.

With bonuses and whatnot, Charlie will pull in more than $98 million.

Because Jones is a minor, his contract had to be approved by an L.A. County Superior Court judge ... who makes less in a year than Jones makes in a week.

By the way -- today is ATJ's 17th birthday ... he should probably go buy himself something nice.


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I get why some people are hating on him. But he is the show. He deserves it. Charlie Sheen and and Jon Cryer are playing themselves. This kid has a talent. Regardless I am so happy for him. F you if you can't take a joke!!!

1477 days ago

LaLo b.D.b    

wtf!!!!! man that lil sucker is lucky

1477 days ago


What about the great acting that John Cryor does. Nobody mentions anything about him.

1477 days ago


I just love Angus T Jones.. He should get his own show cause he makes me laugh every time.. ! Ask for more Angus cause your worth more..!

1477 days ago

o rly    

That show is terrible, but it's a great show for idiots and simpletons.

1477 days ago


The amount of money these actors make is ridiculous. So many starving people in this world and teenagers are getting paid millions. How sad our world has become. Where are our priorities people?

1477 days ago


First of all the show sucks.....

Second of all....2&1/2 Men? Maybe when the show first started...but as of now the kid's a little F-uck.

1477 days ago


Let's hope his parents don't squander the money before he turns 21.

1477 days ago

Dave Ledford    

Jon Cryor has as much parts in that show as Charlie Sheen does.Whats his cut out of all these major money contracts?

1477 days ago

Michael Loyster    

good for Angus, the show would not be as funny without him. The show wil not run forever & his paychecks will set him for life, if it is handle right by his manager. Keep it funny Angus!!!!

1477 days ago



1477 days ago


After federal/state taxes, manager, publicist, attorneys, agents, etc all get their piece he's lucky to actually pocket 40% of that, or $120k an episode...not bad for one week of work.

Forget about Downey Jr and his comeback, what about Sheen? $98 million in 2 years is a killing, even after everyone gets their slice (taxes, etc) he'll still walk away with approx. $45 million+ That's more then his brother Emilio Estevez (who is probably bitterly jealous) has made in his entire life in just two years. I remember just 10 years ago Charlie Sheen (who was going by Charles Sheen to try to revamp his image) was doing straight to DVD (if he was lucky), so he's turned his entire life around and for that he deserves recognition.

Good for them. Yeah, the shows not saving the world and the money they're making could go to a lot better causes, but this is why America is the land of opportunity. Nobody would bitch if it was them on the receiving end.

1477 days ago


What a joke. The kid is hardly ever on the show....for a good reason. He has totally outgrown his use on the show. They have no plot for him. Also, the chicks he dates on the show are out of his league...yeah really believeable.
Hey whats been up with Charlie the last 2 episodes?
Was he drunk or heavily medicated? He could barely talk, which is why they gave him hardly any lines to say.

1477 days ago

A. Rex Shun    

I thought Charlie Sheen would be in jail by now. His father did a get job raising Charlie. Charlie treats women on the show and in real life as rubbish. Where's are all the feminists? Oh, I forgot, Martin Sheen is a do gooder liberal so his son Charlie gets a pass, again.

1477 days ago


i love this show. even though Charlie Sheen is crazy he's does really great on this show. And WTF he should make more money at Least 1mil.

1477 days ago
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