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Jealous Woman

Attacks Kim Kardashian

10/8/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian got drenched by a drink and Khloe almost lost her big fat wedding ring last night ... after a jealous woman went nuts in NYC.

Kim Kardashian attacked video.
The Kardashian clan was at Juliet last night, when a male fan asked for a pic with Kim.  His girlfriend flew off the handle and threw a drink at Kim. 

Scott Disick and Khloe jumped into the fracas and in the scuffle, Khloe's ring flew off and skidded across the floor. Our spies inside the club say Khloe literally dove across the floor to retrieve it ... which she eventually did.

Our video shows the Kardashians leaving the club, covering their faces, as they beat a hasty retreat.

One caution: They're in NYC filming their show, so take it for what you will.


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JuSt CaUsE    

So fake! Judging by all the stuff that goes down in the show, this was staged. Especially knowing they had a camera crew there. That show thrives off of their fake drama. It was nice though seeing Kim K soaking wet!

1446 days ago

Throwback kid    

Everyone has to remember that Kim Kardashian has no talent, she can't sing, dance or act. Yet it is her goal to stay relevent and keep the ratings up for her pathetic show. What better way to stir something up than to have someone throw a drink on her then act like it was the Kennedy assasination, the Kardashians love drama and attention, hopfully their 15 minutes are almost up.

1446 days ago


Khloe - get your ring sized girl! This is the second time I've heard it came off your finger. The last thing the public needs to hear if your "annoying" (there's a term your family knows all too well) baby voice whining and crying because you lost it.

1446 days ago


You cares? You suck, TMZ!!!

1446 days ago


Who says the Girl was jealous..Kim is a naughty lady with a very popular bottom back and front..What Man will take her home to Mom?? Some day Miss Kim will be sorry she let all her personal stuff be shared with so many..Its called being a LADY-Self Respect-Morals blah blah..She is very attractive as Her job is to be that way,,ALL her time is spent on looking good and making money..There is another way..Not all women are jealous of her..How many men has she had sex with that I know of..Rayray guy, First husband, Football guy, 3 Plus ..Not good 4 business

1446 days ago


Of course is staged for their new Meet the Kartrashian episode

1446 days ago

Biggest Losers    

Exactly, it sounds staged. It'll be on the next season.

1446 days ago


It was all staged for the show...I'm so sure they would jump in a fight before the bodyguards would...whatever

1446 days ago


So sad that even though most of the Kardashians can't stand Scott D he's willing to defend Kim's lame and fake ass.

1446 days ago


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1446 days ago

tina moore    

I so agree with no 4s comments, haters will be haters. If you trolls had the opportunity to do all that the Kardashians do, you'd be doin it too! They are beautiful women, so back off, otherwise Scott will attack you too! LoL!

1446 days ago


All of you freekN haters sit ya a** down & shut the hell up !!! You all must not have what the Kardashians Have. Don't have the balls to do what you need to do - Who give a hot dam how or what they had to do to get where they are now...I bet if ya a** had a little $$ you wouldnt say what you said but hey do you thats why you are stuck in drama or don't have a life, or your a@@@ is dead broke, aint got a job or leaching off your mama...LOL you idiots - As for that jealous stank who cant keep her composure when her boyfriend is JUST TAKING A PHOTO....B**CH relax....Kim was nice to even stop to take a photo w/ your dude who obviously didn't want you in the picture...All HATERS should know by now that FAVOR is never shined upon you....continue to HATE and you will never know what LIFE is or what LIFE should be like.....continue to be miserable or digging the hole your LIFE is in...LOL.....

1446 days ago


Don't believe any of it. This is the Kardashian clan we're talking about; their whole so-called lives are scripted - probably right down to their toilet breaks.
I also like how any female who dislikes Kim Kardashian and her freakishly Frankenstein-created face is immediately labelled 'jealous' or a 'hater'. No, they're not either - maybe they're p*ssed off about the fact that this airhead and her trashy family are constantly focused on when they contribute absolutely nothing to society.

1446 days ago


I don't understand all the hate either. Their love for each other is NO act. With my whole heart, I wish I had even 1 sister I could be close to the way they are. I don't understand all the comments that Kim has had multiple plastic surgeries. I think she is gorgeous beautiful. How can anyone make those claims without knowing for a FACT there had been plastic surgery. WHY does everyone say such horrible, terrible things about Khloe? What has she done? Khloe, you are beautiful.

Kris. What a piece of work THAT is. She seriously needs to act her age. She needs to stop being her daughter's "fun friend." I saw the episode where Kim had been offered the Playboy shoot and she absolutely did NOT want to do it, in light of the tape of Ray J and she but Kris almost forced her to do it! The Playboy shoot did turn out well for Kim but that was a freak of fate. Kris needs to stop living vicariously through her daughters. Well, wait, she doesn't even live vicariously through them; she actually acts as though she thinks she is their age and their sister or friend instead of their MOTHER. She gives the definition of "stage parent" an entire frightening new aspect. No more plastic surgery on your face, Kris. It's going to slide off. In an episode last year, the girls were looking for Kris' vibrator and couldn't find it but they had seen it before and described it as a "black" penis shaped vibrator. Again, wanting what your daughter's have??

1446 days ago


STAGED. And total trash, Can't you give us something besides hoes? It's disgusting the way you make celebs out of skags and hoes like Uchitel and Oksana -- it's what these women do it for. You're TRAINING a whole generation of young girls that this is the way to behave -- that if they do, they'll be "famous." SHAME ON YOU!

1446 days ago
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