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Oksana on Mel: 'He Could Have Killed Us All'

10/8/2010 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva says Mel Gibson was screaming in her face so much during their alleged domestic violence incident, she was covered in saliva ... this in an interview with PEOPLE ... in what she characterizes as a life-threatening attack.

For the first time on video, Oksana describes the alleged confrontation that took place on January 6. She says at one point, "He says, 'Get the eff out' and then he pulls a gun out ... He wants to kill us all."

The D.A. is investigating Oksana's claims of domestic violence ... as well as Mel's claims Oksana tried to extort him for $15 million.


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Pure poetry, Shell!

I can't see the video but that pic looks like she should have a butcher knife in her hand...REEEE! REEEE! REEEE! REEEE! (my best translation of scary movie music.)

Posted at 6:42 AM on Oct 8, 2010 by Jeffro11

I can't take credit for it, Jeffro. It was created by user Fan. She did a wonderful job!

1476 days ago


Exactly, she lost her place while she was telling that story. You don't lose your place if you're recalling a memory.

1476 days ago


Good morning Everyone,

If you read body language one of the ways that you can tell if a person is lying is by watching their eyes. A person who is lying will blink a lot, they also tend to look down to the left also. Watch Oxy's eyes in the video, as she tells more and more lies her eyes REALLY start blinking. It's almost comical if it wasn't so pathetic.

1476 days ago


Finally, the "almost" real her.

1476 days ago


She looks like a demonic chipmunk trying to push out a doodie bubble in that picture.

1476 days ago


In this interview Oksana states "if it was 2 centimeters to the left or the right
we would have been dead right now". She's talking about Mel waving the gun
and threatening to blow his brains out.

She just stated Mel fired the bullet, but it missed them by 2 cm (less then 1")


Where is the bullet hole? Who repaired the wall? Where is the forensic
evidence? Did Oksana repair the wall herself. Does the bullet match the gun.
Is there evidence of a newly repaired wall?

Ridiculous !!!

She just stated Mel fired a bullet! Get on top of this easy to disprove new

1476 days ago

very disappointed    

She's auditioning for the role of Chuckie's Whore!!

1476 days ago


Jus-saying Mel hasn't said a word. Educate yourself if you are going to post pretty please

1476 days ago

Oh please    

I have been a fan for ever but when I heard he had hooked up with tramp and having a baby with her I was discusted by it. Then when all this came out I thought this is what he gets for being stupid. I don't know if I really believed her but didn't really care. Now, If she would have kept her mouth shout and let the legal system do what it's supposed to do then she would probably still have a lot of support behind her but she just keeps opening her mouth and discrediting herself. I am now feeling really bad for Mel, Lucia and Sasha. I think she is playing the system and making everyone involved in this case look like fools. I think the most discusting thing besides what she is doing to Mel and her kids is the fact that the legas system is allowing this to continue and not putting a stop to it. The sad thing is that she will probably not be charged and walk away from this a rich skank. I also can not believe that the legal system would allow someone to charge another person to bring someone down with lies and extortion and make the person being attack have to cover the legal expenses of the other.

Justice in this case would be for Mel to get full custody of Lucia and make the scussbucket have to pay him child support. JMHO

1476 days ago


I knew she was constipated. She didn't even look like that when she gave birth. Love the picture TMZ! It suits her.

1476 days ago


That's her "rear" love face.....

1476 days ago


A gun? 2 cm to the left or right???

He fired the gun???? I have heard it all now.

1476 days ago


53 very disappointed

LMAO ROTFL LOL!!!!! Hilarious!

1476 days ago


lol guys read the comment on "People" sites whom interviewed Oksana.,,20432215,00.html#facebook_comment

97% in there doesn't believed her.

1476 days ago


you know I keep thinking since this broke. He was frothing she said. I had salvia all over me. I have been around so very pissed off men. Pissed off enough that they could have pounded someone in the ground and pulled a gun. I have never ever seen them froth. A couple of spits might have sprung but not enough to get wet.

ugggg, too early in the morning for that visual of spit and foam over her.

Let me tell you a story on myself. I was in college and in an animal science class. We had to learn artifical insemination of cattle. I was duly volunteered to be the first one to collect the semen. I go in the corral area and they have a cow that was ready (she was in heat) in a metal shoot. They had the bull in another shoot behind her so he get a whiff of her readiness. I had to go "milk" the bull. When doing this you have to have good timing to get the best sperm. The first of the sperm isnt as good so you try for midstream. Well this bull was excited and it lunged and broke the shoot and the guys ran for the outter corral fence and jumped it. I was running around and around this shoot trying to stay away from this bull who was looking at me with glazed eyes and froth coming from his mouth and shaking his head, froth going everywhere. I ran to shoot with the cow in it trying to get the bull to pay attention to her and not me. This was a 2000 lb bull. big sucker! He had lust in his eyes and the foaming mouth I'd ever seen. Fortunately the cow smell detered him and I ran as fast as I could and sumersaulted over the fence to safety. The guys and the instructor were of no help during this, as they couldn't even stand up from laughing so hard.

And me, decided I didn't need to know how to inseminate and never got the specimen.

Mel frothing huh?

1476 days ago
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